Monday, March 20, 2017

Colombia: The True Cradle of Black Metal?

Yours truly in front of a Mayhem backdrop in the basement of Helvete (now Neseblod) in Oslo.

As we all know the world of Black Metal is filled with tall tales, rumors, gossip, and folklore, so take this post with a grain of salt the size of Oslo. I'm not an expert in Black Metal history, so some of this may be common knowledge or totally wrong. This account was compiled from conversations that I had with randoms, whose credibility should definitely be questioned. I didn't question it 'cuz their stories were awesome.

Monday, March 13, 2017


Emerging from the same unapologetically irreverent tone of the Metal Inquisition Blog, we introduce The Metal Inquisition Podcast. Arguably the best podcast ever. You WILL download this shit. You WILL listen to this shit. You WILL enjoy this shit and you WILL tell your friends to stay away, because it's so brutal, therefore making your friends want to listen.

Will we keep doing the blog? Yes. Do we think that Left Hand Path is an amazing record? Yes. Will we eventually discuss battle vests in the podcast? Yes. Can you call into the podcast to talk about poser bands? No.

SkullKrusher, Gene Hoglan's Balls and ChristButcher will be your hosts in this fucked-up 1 hour journey.

Download, listen on iTunes, or acast or wherever you listen to other shitfuck podcasts. Here's some links and a fucking player so you don't have to do shit, except click play. Lucky fuckers.

Listen on iTunes here
Download episode here