Wednesday, February 23, 2011

***NEWS FLASH*** Exodus and Kreator are, in fact, the same band!

I'm almost ashamed to admit to this, but in all my extensive years listening to Exodus and Kreator (two of my favorite 80's thrash bands), I never realized that they were, in fact, the same band. I know how crazy that sounds. Some may say, "Dude, one is from California, the other from Germany!" or "I saw them live together in '88!", but I have proof that they are in fact the same band. OK, OK, maybe they just ripped each other off a lot... the proof? Exodus' Strike of the Beast and Kreator's Total Death are the same song. Don't believe me? Hit play at the same time, and be amazed, especially when Exodus get to the chorus. Go ahead, YOU be the judge.