Monday, May 23, 2011

And yet another spin-off...

I started writing for Metal Inquisition about two years ago, back when posts were a little more frequent, but no less hilarious and revealing. I penned a couple posts about ‘When Weed And Metal Goes Wrong’, gave some insight about Century Media Records a couple of times, and latent homo-eroticisms in metal cover art and more…

Like Sgt D.’s infamous “Stuff You Will Hate” and also Cycling Inquisition from Klaus, there’s a new outlet to drain your time to: Cryogenic Husk - A site that explores the art of the “mixtape”. That is, songs, when compiled, organized and grouped together as a whole, take on a new (art)form in and of itself. Mixes featured here cover a wide variety of genres, themes, moods and topics – all aimed at the discovery, escapism, education/documentation, and creation of grouped music and features many musicians, bloggers and industry "experts" unique mixes.

New mixes are posted weekly, so check back often, or better yet, bookmark us or add us to your RSS feed (or just tune in via twitter ( and Facebook ( if that's easier)

Anyway, Sgt. D has made his love for Easycore outspoken in the past and went so far as to lend his time to provide a mix that serves as a gateway for the standard metalhead to check out. Read it here, it's a killer entry point for those into metal and something I'm sure Metal Inquisition readers will dig.

There's also a recent Napalm Death mix that's focused on "Suffer The Children". Feel free to browse around, comment and whatnot. Thanks and Cheers!

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Air drumming, a true story.

Several years ago, fellow blogger (and Metal Inquisition founder) Mr. Gene Hoglan's Balls ended up living in the very same city that I call home. He asked me to help him move, and I happily obliged. As I was helping him move some boxes and recent Ikea purchases into his new abode, I noticed a pair of drumsticks. Since I play drums, I commented,

"Wait, I didn't know you played the drums!"

It was then that he answered in a way that only he could. He answered with a phrase that is still ringing in my head after all these years. Without any sense of irony, or seeing how this was insanely funny for an adult to be saying, he simply stated,

"I don't play, I just have those so I can air drum."

Here was an adult, a grown man, telling me that he would air drum to entire records, and did so sitting on the edge of his bed, and with drumsticks. My mind was blown. It's with that story in mind that I offer you this video.