Tuesday, March 23, 2010

My favorite venue

As a world-renowned blogger, people ask me questions all the time in order to get my opinion about important topics in the world of metal. The one I'm asked most often is:

"What is the best venue that you've ever seen a show at?"

While I'm tempted to talk about that one strip club in Fort Lauderdale where I saw Exhorder, or the Eagle's Ballroom in Milwaukee where I saw Testament, Overkill, Downset and Body Count all in one day...I always come back to the same answer:

The loading dock at my uncle's lumber business. The acoustics were so good there that no band ever had to use amps taller than their knees. It was also cool because you could park on stage with the band, as you'll see in the second video. Yes, it was there, at the loading dock that I saw some of the sweetest shows in metal history. Luckily, these days EVERYTHING is on YouTube. Thank god for the internets.


  1. Be funny in the next post please.


  3. Be funny in your next comment please.

    wait, hatebreed rule now? I'm so mixed up.

  4. You saw Exhorder? Major props, Exhorder's been one of my favorite bands since I was 16!

  5. I love the effects of the video. It looks like the guy that did it was way into editing videos of 15 year old girls' parties (quinceaneras) at the time.

    PS: Nice to see you around Lucho!


  7. I am legitimately loving these videos. I often forget the whole vibe of the more workaday bands like Gothic Slam and MX Machine and shit where it definitely seemed like groups of dudes just getting off the job delivering meat or cleaning carpets and not even working too hard to make their music sound evil or anything... just spending all their freetime getting really good at muted 16th notes except for the lead guitarist who has plenty of time to watch Shrapnel records VHS tapes because he still lives with his mom.

  8. Lucho,
    I hate to have to correct you my friend, but the venue that you witnessed the mighty Exhorder at in Florida was Club Spectrum in Coral Springs! I was at the show, I do believe it was originally scheduled for Summers On The Beach, the best venue in South Florida history that I witness some classic shows at!
    Summers closed about a month before and they went out with a bang with the infamous Murphy's Law show that ended in a riot!

    Anyways, Entombed were the headliner, Dead Horse were on the bill early and I am missed em, boy was I fucking pissed! Deicide were scheduled but cancelled early on, Malevolent Creation also played along with Lobotomy from West Palm Beach!
    I do believe it was Sunday April 16th, Easter Sunday, I know this well as I had to take a fucking beating from my pop in order to see the show since it was Greek Easter! It was worth it nonetheless, lol!
    And Entombed only played 6 songs as they went on super late and the cops decided to shut the show down!
    I have the flier somewhere!?

  9. And by the way, Exhorder were fucking amazing, and it became painfully obvious where Anselmo got much of his persona from!
    THE LAW is a classic! They only played about 25-30 minutes though!
    Ah...Memories of when I was a metal geek! HA HA!

  10. Holy shit! Some left my message before I could even say it! Fuck it. I'm here so: HATEBREED FUCKING SUCK BALLS!

  11. Whoever said "Be funny in the next post please" is obviously missing the point

  12. blood of chris

    yes! that was the place! that show was amazing...it wasn't a strip club? i looked like on. i remember loving exhorder that night. they were so great. i drove up from miami with my brother and his friend eric for that one. eric had a tiny mustache and looked like a fat molestor.

    i actually sent a self addressed self envelope to exhorder for the lyrics that one song that was awful and about rape or something. ughhhh. awful.

  13. just getting off the job delivering meat
    Great example of one of my favorite humor devices, "horrible jobs that ppl in shitty metal bands probably have". A+++!

  14. Lucho,
    This is long overdue, but on the subject of that great Entombed show we both attended back in 91' here is the show flier!
    I knew I had it somewhere in my collection of memorabilia, and I found it Friday and scanned it just to post here...
    Great show, but funny, Ripping Corpse & Hexx were listed and neither played... Anyways, heres the URL for the image! Enjoy! -LEE


  15. They actually don't give a fuck they're like if it's really loud, we will fucking play it

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