Friday, December 2, 2011

Are you or a loved one drifting toward satanism?

Seriously, you better watch your use of new vocabulary.


  1. I think this site sucks total ass
    because who the hell are we to say
    whats right from wrong. The way I
    see it is that it's religion as a
    wholes cause for all the self-rightiousness and hate we find on this earth today. God made us all
    withg our own views and opinions he
    sees us all as equal in his eyes and the ones that bring all the evil to this world are the ones who
    think they know what's best for others and try to change others through thier so called love and
    compassion. These are the true bringers of evil because when we try to change others to are own
    preceptions of who and what they are to be it is an insult to God
    because he made us all with our own
    views of reality for a reason,and he dont make junk. This is just spitting in the face of God because
    it's like saying we dont trust his
    perfection of us all and we are born with his love inside us all. I'm just wondering how long will it
    take for this world to see that whenever we worship a God of fear of his judgements and self-rightiousness and put others on this road are the true bringers of
    evil on this earth. We sould learn
    that the one and only true God is
    one of love and acceptance for us all and everyone should be proud of
    who they are and that it's a sin to
    be proud of who you are is just another lie. Once we can see ev eryone as our equals we will see an
    end come to all leaders, churches and greed that rules us all today.We will all learn to share the world as one and not do things for greed or betterment of our image. We will all do things because we want to and find the true meaning of the brotherhood of
    man. When we learn to see this Christ's lies for what they are and
    learn to accept everyone as our equals, we will then see an end come to hunger and suffering,mental
    illness and drug and alcohol abuse
    dissipear because there will be nothing left to fear. I pray that
    someday this world will wake the fuck up and stop living this life of self-rightiousness,fear,and greed,and then we can begin to live
    life the way it was meant to be from the start on earth as it is in heaven.

  2. I worshiped Satan in Al Capone's vault.

  3. Eggman, by the left-over paragraph returns, I'm assuming you simply copied and pasted this from an existing document. Rock on brother, rock on.

  4. Klaus; no these are all my own words because I truly are the eggman. Through my life I have searched for the spiritul thuth
    through hulutionagents and was in
    and out of mental institutions for
    over 20 years before I finally found the truth I know about religion I know today. As long as
    we have and believe in any religion
    from Christian to Satanist and everything in between our hart will
    alwas be filled with judgements and
    hate for othewrs. How long will it
    take for us all to see this evil
    massaha for what he truly is. If we cant have a God of love and acceptance for everyone it just might mean the end for us all then
    we truly will be slaves to the divine for eternity and I sure as
    hell I'm no slave to any man or beast.

  5. Seriously Klaus check out my deadjesus blogs for more information on why this worl is the way it is today. P.S. I am
    coming out with a new book called the Eggman Comith through bookstand
    publishing and it's only 13.95 buy
    my book and tell all your friends to check it out also.

  6. @Deadjesus/eggman - Your story is very interesting. Please, tell us more.

  7. There's at least 400 contradictions in your first message eggman. God made us with our own views, but the problem is that people don't realize that there's only one way to see things for the whole world to be happy. Anyway...
    I don't want to be disrespectful, but I think your problem is drugs mixed with a mental illness. You sound like the typical schizo that played too much with drugs and sees and talks with Jesus, and was reveled what the meaning of life is.

  8. Nick; I am 19 years sober today
    and if you would really like to talk about controdiction you must
    see youself still as unworthy of
    God's love and are still in confusion because you have not yet
    found in your heart. As we grow older we get more conformed to this
    society every day and others may
    tell you all differnt ways of the
    truth through thier oppinions, but
    the only truth is the one that lies
    within your own heart with no judgement of others and Games of
    society. Just like the rest you found it very easy to place a label
    apon me. I really pitty people like
    you with such a small and closed
    mind. I will pray that someday you
    may find the truth and no longer feel the need to judge others to
    make yourself fell better. Hell you dont even know me in the first

  9. What's happened to this site? I never thought I'd say this, but I even miss that guy who always commented about Hatebreed and his balls...

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