Tuesday, July 24, 2012

My retarded metal scrapbook, part 2

Here we have further proof of my self-important delusions of grandeur, circa 1992. Archived for your pleasure, numerous receipts of my musical purchases around that time, which I thoroughly believed would be displayed int he Smithsonian at one point.

Sacred Rich "Question", Rightouts Pigs "Stress Related", Brujeria 7", Misifts "Evilive", Death Kennedys "Give me Convenience"
Believer "Extraction", Broken Bones and Tankard cassettes, Slayer "Decade of Aggression", DRI "Crossover", Wehrmacht LP and Metallica "One" 45-single, Slayer cassette, and DOA cassette, Sacred Reich "Surf Nicaragua"


  1. Ha ha Righteous Pigs. I have printed emails I sent and received from Joe Caper on myspace to get his Greatest Hits CD. Best part he sent it for free.

  2. Wow, three posts in a month! Does this mean that you will bring this site back to it's old greatness? I hope so because for me it was an endless source of fun and wisdom, although you are guilty of the sacrilege of making fun of mordred! Honestly, this site brought me a lot of good times although I am just a moronic European. So finish your merger with universal music or whatever else kept you busy and give the world what it really needs: Desperate old man and their memories and insights, the best metal site in the interweb with the best comments you can find, except this one..

  3. I agree! Thank you for coming back to life.

  4. Hatebreed still sucks balls!

  5. A new metal band for you to discover : Edrooseo


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