Thursday, March 20, 2008

Everything you need to know about WIGGER SLAM METAL

We talk about wigger slam metal a lot here on Metal Inquisition, but there is still a lot of confusion as to what exactly the genre means. In this post, I will attempt to explain the basics. Unlike a lot of what we write about on here, I take wigger slam metal very seriously and I honestly love this stuff.

What's wigger slam?
Slam metal is just death metal that focuses on the mosh parts instead of the thrash parts. It's very straightforward. They key elements are a very ringy snare, guttural cricket vocals, and of course tons of slam riffs. Wigger slam metal is simple slam metal played by wiggers. And there is no shortage of this stuff, as you will see.

The early years: Long Island guido slam metal
In the beginning, there was Internal Bleeding. And before that, there was Pyrexia and Suffocation. But it wasn't until Internal Bleeding that the guido and wigger elements crept into the slam sound. They had lots of slam riffs and acted like tough guys. It makes a lot of sense when you think about how stupid people from Long Island are.

Waking The Cadaver: Jersey Shore slamming sickness!!

Then you had bands like Repudilation and Entorturement that took it to the next level of wiggerdom by actually rapping over slam riffs. It was equal parts totally ridiculous and totally fucking awesome. I still listen to the Repudilation demo all the time. Rounding out this scene were bands like Dehumanized and Disfigured that slammed like crazy but lacked the wigger overtones. They're still worth listening to, though, even though you'll miss the wig.

The next generation: Devourment and Texas slam metal
However, it was really Devourment that created the genre we know today as wigger slam metal (although they were mostly Mexicans... but whatever). They introduced some of the common elements such as TR-808 bass drops, gravity blasts, and post-Internal Bleeding cricket vocals. I mean Frank Rini had some deep-ass vocals but in a totally different way from Devourment. Most wigger slam bands these days are essentially just refining the Devourment formula, ever so slightly improving on it every time. It's almost as though Devourment was put through the Toyota kaizen process a thousand times, getting a little more refined each time. I think Jack Welch would be proud. Other notable bands of this generation include Sect of Execration, Prophecy (keepin' it fuckin sick!), and a zillion other bands I can't think of right now. Viral Load or something I guess.

Japanese wigger slam metallers Vomit Remnants

The new wave: Wigger slam goes international
New school wigger slam metal just might be my favorite kind of music in the whole world. These days most of the wigger slam metal happens in places like Russia, Japan, and Scandanavia. I think this is because their malformed third world minds don't quite understand how absurd and uniquely American it is to wear camo shorts, basketball jerseys and play slam riffs with cricket vocals. But whatever, because those Japanese really know how to fuckin slam, I'll tell you what. The Russians are developing a really distinctive style as well. But the Americans are still holding it down. You definitely need to check out Cephalotripsy- they sound just like Voracious Contempt but with even more machine-like slams, an even ringier snare sound, and even deeper vocals.

Yes, they even have wiggers in Sweden

Cephalotripsy (probably the very best wigger slam band ever)
Guttural Secrete
Waking The Cadaver

Vomit Remnants
Rest In Gore

Check out the cornrows on the left and how the bassist is playing like Fieldy from Korn (this is Rest In Gore)

Russia & Scandanavia
Abominable Putridity
Soils of Fate

Here is a song by Rest In Gore that's maybe the very best example of the latest wigger slam stylings from Japan.

And here is a video by the Japanese wigger slam metal band Glossectomy. Please note the MC Hammer-like beanies and wiggerish arm movements.

Budget Wigger Slam
There is a small but important sub-genre of combines the lo-fi production and sloppiness of grindcore with the traditional wigger slam style. We call this budget wigger slam, and it is typically found in the wilds of MySpace. There are zillions of these bands, and like noisecore, you either like all of them or none of them. I like lots of these bands, with Artery Eruption and Grymer being excellent examples. But fucking Malignant Rupture are the kings of budget wigger slam! They're like 15 years old and slam like there is no tomorrow. I hope they put out a demo or something, I can't stop listening to their MySpace song.

I wish I could slam like this slam wiglet from Malignant Rupture when I was in 10th grade

Big Chocolate
This 17 year old kid, who goes by Big Chocolate on the interweb, really deserves his own entry in the annals of slam history. In my opinion he is the finest wigger slam metal musician in the history of the genre, and I'm not even fucking kidding a tiny bit. I'm totally on this kid's balls. He is in the bands Disfiguring the Goddess and Malodorous. Please note his Wu-Tang shirt.


  1. The most comprehensive article on wigger slam metal ever!

    I must divulge some of my ignorance/poserliness though with the following question: What the hell is a gravity blast?

  2. Jump, jump, jump around.
    Shake that booty, get down

  3. @ waking the cadaver: is that the new jag in the background?

    i'd be all over this stuff if it wasn't for the pig/cricket vocals (eg. the rest in gore song). sounds like the dude is singing about brie. "brie-brie-brie-brie-brie".

  4. chris- the "gravity blast" is just a blast with a one-handed roll on the snare. look it up on youtube, there are tons of examples.

    as for your second point, i don't like "bree" vocals at all. not even a little bit. i'm more into straight up gurgles like Cephalotripsy. the "bree" thing really bugs me. check out the Big Chocolate video at the bottom for an example of truly superlative wigger slam vocals. er, "vokills" i mean.

  5. gravity blast is really an old drum technique that even the likes of Buddy Rich used. By applying pressure in the correct fashion the drumstick will hit the rim of the snare, and then the head in a teeter-totter fashion.As such, you can usually achieve twice the speed that you could with one hand. The downside to this is that the volume is rather low, since the stick barely moves away from either the snare head or rim. due to this issue, many who use this technique prefer die-cast drum hoops (rather than triple-flanged) since they are louder. still, many people just end up having mics close by...and many youtube examples are use v-drums (electronic drum kits) which output almost the same volume regardless of how hard you hit. and before anyone gives me hell about how higher end drum modules DO differentiate how hard you hit, let me remind you that these are settings you can alter even in the TD-6 module. so there.

  6. Holy shit, you guys fucking rule.

  7. "Wigger slam metal is simple slam metal played by wiggers."

    Fucking classic.

    I pretty much hate this style, but I love reading about it here, ha, ha.

    There needs to be an ultra generic and over the top band called Wigger Slam that embodies everything about the genre perfectly, and in a true Spinal Tap "goes to 11" manner. And Big Chocolate should be involved. But only if he does that little dance sometimes between vocal parts.

  8. yo, sergeant, do you think some of our foreign readers need an explanation of what a "wigger" is, in the first place? i know there's wiggers in europe and japan (in japan it's scary, cuz they STILL wear bulls jerseys), but the term "wigger" may be new to them. just a thought.

    Other than that, thanx for the post. you were the first person i met who actually liked internal bleeding, and the only other person that wrote with him. chris was a nice guy, but when we interviewed him for our video 'zine in '93 he was such a long island "brah" it was almost painful.

    let me assure all our readers: you are getting wigger slam knowledge from THE expert.

    what's up with lucho's boring-ass drum rant? dude, we are all suck fucking nerds!


  9. you know, i always comment w/o reading the post first, which is awesome, of course, because everything i do is awesome, specially on the internet, on which i spend lots and lots of time. that was a run-on sentence, by the way.

    Well, now that i actually went thru the post i have a question: why does glossectomy need 2 vo-kill-ists, if they both sound the same? also, if "glossectomy" means cutting off your tongue, shouldn't there be no singers at all in the band?


  10. no worries, skullcrusher, wiggerism is an international phenomenon. but slant-eyed wiggers? man, that's just grotesque. that's like fat blacks trying to play sumo. or blacks on skis/ice.

    i would love to hear those rap vocals over slam beats, though. gonna check those two bands out.

  11. chris, just go to and i'm sure you can find the entorturement CD for download. it's great! this is a post-entorturement wigger slam band that's pretty sweet too called 420:

  12. So I now have a question I didn't have before reading the post: How is wigger slam metal different from so-called "brutal death metal?" Or are they in fact, two sides of the same hideously untalented, useless, fuck-worthless coin?

  13. it's like the worst of nu metal, mosh metal and death metal all put into a blender and left to fester in yankee trailer parks and shinjuku district. ugh.

  14. brutal death metal is usually lots of fast parts and tremolo riffs. slam metal focus on slam riffs. wigger slam metal is just slam metal played by wiggers.

    deeds of flesh = brutal death metal
    embludgeoned = wigger slam

  15. That better not be you fuckers trying to outbid me on the Entorturement CD on Ebay.

  16. Dripping now that is a great wigger slam band!!!!

  17. actually managed to download "digging up the remains" through soulseek. i was deludedly expecting straight-up rapping, that'd be just "off da hizzle". but i'll take rap patters just the same.

    and i'm only 3/4 ironic in liking it.

  18. well it's close to actual rapping, and they have lots of CB4 samples!

  19. Excellent work, Sergeant! Your research in the area of wigger slam will hopefully do much to bring about understanding of this much maligned and misunderstood subgenre. Take note, Wikipedia Fascists!

  20. by the way, i hope it's clear that i honestly love wigger slam metal. if it doesn't have slam riffs and cricket vocals, i'm not interested.

  21. This is what I love so much about metal in general. No matter how long you've followed it, regardless of how much you think you know about it, there's always something else.

  22. I can't get into this sort of death metal at all but I gotta agree with some of the comments made that reading about it on this site is always always entertaining!


  24. why are they called cricket vocals?

  25. STOP STEREOTYPING PEOPLE BY THE CLOTHES THEY WEAR!! These guys don't look like wiggers...they look like metal heads! (not of the Death/Possession era with tighter clothing) If anything they look like rich hollister models with brutal ass hoodies. What classifies someone as a wigger? Is it a hat? Is it the sideways hat or a beanie? I dunno where you grew up but baggy pants aren't just for blacks and wanna be black caucasians.
    These are wiggers.
    These are metal heads
    (similar, but not even close to the same)


  26. jajajaja stupids, brutal slam is fucking brutal, and the people who plays brutal slam like death metal, idiot.
    You dont know that you said.
    You listen Soils of fate and shut up, fucking gay.

    Slam kid.jajajajaj.
    Wigger your mother.



  28. I'm kinda saddened that this missed The quentessential wigger slam band. Besides on a 16 year old kid's t-shirt, where is the mention of Dying Fetus?!

  29. I think you should have expanded more on SOILS OF FATE. They have pushed the wiggerish boundaries to a level not met by any current wigger slam today. The ultra rapping grunts, mafioso Mobb Deep type lyrics/imagery, and obvious Internal Bleeding/Dying Fetus/Devourment worship. Arguably the ONLY band to out-Dying Fetus, Dying Fetus.


  31. I really like sdm like pathology and skinless


  33. This is very entertaining. I'll keep many of my own entertaining thoughts to myself, but know that those funny shits are there. I will say that the term Wigger offends me, since my old band Artery Eruption is classified. I have many friends of all cultures, and one I particular would destroy anyone using the word "wigger". I only have to mention that there are gross false statements in this original article that are completely false, and fabricated due to historical fact, concerning the matters discussed.

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