Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Rick Ta Life begins his hip hop career

OK, so this isn't technically metal, but it's close enough. And more importantly, if we didn't share this with the world, we'd be committing a crime against humanity so atrocious it would make Slobodan Milosevic and Darfur look like a McDonald's bounce castle... Ladies and gentlemen, we present to you legendary New York hardcore figure Rick Ta Life's rap debut!

I love hip hop. Before I was ever into punk, metal, and hardcore, I worshipped Special Ed, Gangstarr, Kool G Rap, Rakim, Slick Rick, Eazy-E, and all the other stars of Yo MTV Raps. I also love both shitty rap-metal (Limp Bizkit, Downset) and shitty metal-rap (Necro, Ill Bill, Goretex), but I have to draw the line here. This is below even Rick Ta Life's abyssmally low standards. He wouldn't even bootleg this on Back Ta Basics. I honestly think this is even worse than Insane Clown Posse! I never, ever dreamed that I would type that sentence, but I also never dreamed that Rick Ta Life would become an MC. Although I suppose after his stint as a jockey, nothing should be surprising.

In case you're not familiar with Rick, he has some background information that should be, uh, informative:
About NYHC King RTL
I am not sure if he suffered severe head trauma at some point in life or if he was born this way but I'm honestly suspicious that he is functionally illiterate. There is only one way to find out: if any of our readers in New Jersey have some spare time, please follow him to McDonald's and see if he orders from the picture menu. His seemingly arbitrary use of superfluous commas and dashes reminds me of a note you would find in the park that some crazy guy scrawled on the back of an Arby's bag. And who is "BOBBY BIOHAZARD-CHUMLEY"? Did he get married to some Mr. Chumley and hyphenate his last name because he didn't want to lose his identity? And "NO DRINK NO SMOKE"? Wow...

This is the hardcore version of Robb Flynn's Disease... so, so depressing. Oof.

As for his music, unfortunately we can't embed the song from his MySpace on here. Instead, we will demonstrate his vocal ability with this live performance clip:

I destroyed my 25 Ta Life records years ago, so I can't verify this right now, but I remember their songs having lyrics that were different than what he is singing above, which sounds to be "YUB YUB YUB!"

Anyhow, if you'd like to learn more about Rick, listen to what Ezec has to say about him in the legendary and incredibly awesome NYHC documentary. In the mean time, let's just hope that Rick can hook up with Dipset or Neptunes and get his hip hop career on the right track. At this point, even Swisha House would be a step in the right direction (by the way, swishahouse.biz is maybe the best domain ever registered!).


  1. Rick, buddy, you aren't allowed to say "nigga" in your songs. Unless you're putting this out on Resistance or something.

  2. Didnt the guy from resistance say something along the lines of introducing rap to white kids would be an abomination in time magazine, whilst resistance itself is an abomination if this is the result he makes a pretty good point.

  3. the guy from e-town concrete was also mighty comfortable dropping the n-bomb. i get it, they're so damn urban and cool they can do it...right, right.

    reminds me of seeing cro-mags at cbgbs years ago, it turned out to be just harley with a bunch of other dudes. he kept dropping the n-bomb, and the bass player Darryl who is black and was in the Bad Brains kept rolling his eyes and shaking his head each time. finally, he stepped up to a mic and said "how about we cut down the use of the n-word just a bit...maybe you can say 'ninja' instead". harley looked all freaked out, and from that moment on he kept saying stuff like "yo, i've been down with these hardcore ninjas foreva'"

  4. "The New York hardcore king ain't dead."

    We'd be better off if he was though.

    I had the displeasure of seeing 25 ta Life play about 3 or 4 years ago in Oakland, CA. Or maybe it was just Rick ta Life playing their songs with a backing band. My friend wanted to go because I guess 25 ta Life was some early straight edge shit he used to listen to, so I went along with him. It was pretty much the most pathetic thing I've ever seen in my life. People had danced like crazy for the opening local band, but the place cleared out and only a few of us were there to see Rick. No one danced. No one cared. He was desperately trying to get people to get into it, and kept saying, "Come on now, dance," and "you better step up to keep your rep up!" Goddamn it was sad.

  5. actually, i believe Rick's signature muffled yelp is technically spelled "blech, blech."

  6. @lucho: Hilarious. I remember a Harley's war show, a few months after 9/11, in which he declared that we need to bomb all the sand niggers off the planet. He also said "yo, who here is from manhattan?" and a couple people cheered.

    Harley's response: "Yuppie scum faggots!"

    In fact, if you've has heard Harley's rapcore song about being the NYHC OG, you might think that he and rick should consider doing a collabo.

  7. What a bunch of morons. Anyway, didn't cro-mags started as a skin band? I remembered reading in a magazine when I was like 14 and cared about hardcore that cro-mags was a skinhead band, at least in the beginnings.
    What about the: "No drink,, No Smoke"? I'd say Rick looks pretty smoked in all the clips.
    Also, a documentary about NYHC without Agnostic Front on it? WTF! Glen Danzig could be an egocentric idiot, but if I have to choose a hardcore-punk band, I stick to The Misfits.

  8. i saw the cro-mags back in 2000 in seattle when harley was singing for them. if you have been to seattle, you know it's a very liberal town and we don't take kindly to things like homophobia and racism.

    anyway, after a couple of horrible songs from the cro-mags, a few people walked out. harley said from the stage, "those people are trying to leave- let's get those faggots!!" there was an awkward pause in which he waited for cheers that never came, then someone said in a deadpan voice, "yeah. get those faggots." harley was like, "wtf?!" then they played more horrible songs.

  9. I think it´s awsome that Rick decided to pull this stunt, I mean the dude just keeps getting funnier. I hope he moves to electronic music or some shit like that after this, cause more people need to know what a fucking colwn rick ta life is.

    We played a fest in cinci about 6 years ago and the main act was supposed to be 25 ta life, but rick never showed because I think they weren´t going to pay them enough to play. I was really bummed out.

    chato melendez.

  10. Does anyone else remember the awesome Rick on a Horse site?


  11. ereerererererereARRRRRRRRRGH!

    I remember seeing the "Cro Mags" with Harley and nobody else. First of all, Harley was dressed up like a complete wigger, complete with football jersey and do-rag. Second of all, the shit they were playing sounded more like No Use For A Name than the Cro Mags. At one point some drunk dude hopped up on stage and played air guitar next to Harley for a solid minute and refused to get down even after Harley got this exasperated look on his face of "C'mon man, go away already!" Probably the most unintentional comedy I've ever witnessed at a show.

  12. I went to high school in NJ with Rick's cousin Nick (as I think about it now, nobody ever called him Nick Ta Life, go figure), he always said that Rick was retarded. The rapping may be terrible, but in 25 ta Life he sounded like my neighbors dog that they leave chained to a tree for weeks on end (just barking for attention).

  13. Apparently dude got jumped really bad recently.

    He went kinda mental and cut his dreads off and tried to sell them for $125.

    This is no joke, so when you are talking about brain damage you could be right.


  14. Christ, SXE horecore is from the mid to late 80's. It was Minor Threat and 7 Seconds. It was go when it was fresh out of the oven, but it got old really fast. It got to be very narrow minded and almost fascist in their attitude. I remember GG Allin ranting about SXE in his songs. I surprised it is still going on. Really sad.

  15. sXe my ass. He looks fried as balls in that interview. But then again, maybe he's just retarded.

    I was secretly hoping to like this shit, as I adore Boxcutter and ETC, and was gonna bust Sarge's balls about liking Crazytown, but not this. But then I checked out that song on myspace. Sweet Mary mother of god! That is some whackest whiteboy rapping and lamest beats I've ever heard.

    Check it out, yo! Check it out, yo!

    Talk about delusions of relevance.

  16. lunxicon is correct. the patented rick ta life ululation is spelled "blech".

    having played in a mosh HC band alongside a bunch of wiggers, i am quite familiar with the doings of rick ta life.

  17. Rick was jumped a few months ago after a Negative Approach re-union show in Brooklyn. not like he didn't have writing/typing issues before (let's be real here, i doubt he graduated from HS) but that attack really REALLY fucked him up. big time.

    He 'found god', cut his hair (and tried/is trying to sell it to help cover his hospital bills), got horrible face tattoos and is trying to follow Ezac aka Danny Diablo's footsteps in becoming a rapper/MC. It also appears that he started his own clothing line as well if you lurk around his Myspace pages.

    Finally, he's selling off some really good records to raise money for his label (obviously not for his bills, HC Lives Niggaz!) to release 11 LPs of bands no one either heard of or could care about.

    I don't know, seeing as i hung out with him and knew him a little bit back in the 90's, this shit is definitely amusing but I also feel like it's karma for all the sketchy shit he was up to (in terms of ripping off bands and bootlegging their demos, etc).

    You should mosey on over to the Bridge 9 Records forum where he had some choice words for H2O and some other HC/punk bands for turning their back to him with his new found depression.

    FINALLY... because of his recent attack, he's making it a requirement that he has a full security detail (i shit you not) at any/all future shows 25 ta Life plays.

  18. I feel bad for the dude what with his recent turmoil, but this is definitely, well... you know.

    The "s/t" EP and "Keepin' it Real" are still fucking awesome, though. Dude never should have abandoned the vocal style he used in the earliest days of the band. He sounded way better trying to mimic Roger Miret than he did once he went the "blech-blech" route and stopped enunciating.

  19. Rick put on a sketchy show we played back in Summer 1996 in Newark, NJ with 25 ta Life, Bulldoze, Comin Correct and Krutch. I remember the crowd looking like extras from Oz and that impossible to read, tagged logo sign for the Pipeline. My fondest recollection of this gig was Bulldoze shaking Rick down for $50 or so when it became clear nobody was getting paid. The Rick I saw came across as more of bumbling, stuttering fool than even his current condition might lead one to believe. Good times.

  20. I lasted 90 seconds into that "song"... man that's 90 seconds I'll never get back. What a train wreck of a career.

  21. That shit is utter garbage! Rick is Johnny-come-lately, pseudo hardcore anyway, so why shouldn't his rap song suck too? If he wasn't such a ball-hugger, no one would even know who he is. Go away Rick...far, far away!

  22. downset = not shitty!

  23. why is rap relevant at all? take a couple of months to detox and the haze of stupidity should clear up and you'll realize rap & hiphop is a total back track on the evolution of the species. You're not cool for being 'tight' with the brothers and the 'times'. Sgt D, I don't know if you're trying really hard to be satirical or you're just a plain plumb dumb wigger with horrible taste, why do you hang out with this douche Lucho?

  24. around 4:13 in the rap song he yells "SHIT SMELLER!"

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