Friday, February 20, 2009

Metal Inquisition Investigative Report: Metal Real Estate (Part 4)

As I've stated before, one unfortunate aspect of metal is the lack of information about the earnings of metal musicians. In sports, for example, this type of information is often public. Why not in metal? I have long asked for complete transparency in the realm of metal...but my calls to Steamhammer records have gone unanswered, so too have my faxes to Wild Rags. It's for this reason that we here at Metal Inquisition have decided to roll up our sleeves and once again check into these matters the only way we know how. Real estate.

It just so happened that as we were starting this investigation, a fantastic email from a reader who lives in the same town as Manowar came into our mailbox. The email featured all kinds of fantastic insight as to what it's like to be at ground zero of the Manowar epidemic. Notice that I use the term "ground zero", which is often used in the context of 9-11...because in a way, Manowar itself is a good bit like a musical 9-11.

Manowar...pioneers in homoerotic attire since 1980.

As with all information we publish, we had to be thorough in checking out just how factual the reader's information was. As it turns out, it all checked out in multiple ways...and thank god for that. As a result of his email, our readers will now have a more thorough picture of what it's really like to be in and around Manowar. Prepare are moments away from reading about how the KINGS OF METAL really live their lives. It's gonna' be a bumpy ride. Get ready.

FACT #1:
Joey DeMaio lives in the basement of his parents' house in Auburn NY

I know, it's not hard to believe at all. Actually, it's barely shocking...but knowing that it's actually true is simply fantastic. It's a bit like when the gay community found out that Rosie O'Donnell was actually a lesbian. They already knew about it...but having it out in the open gave them all the ability to finally move on.

This is the house Joey lives in. It's worth $190,000. As before, our non-American readers can convert this amount, and other amounts in this article, into their own currency here. Yes, it's out of the basement of this house that Joey runs his musical empire. Maybe when his parents move away or retire in Boca, he'll inherit the house. Could that be his sweet Ford Probe out front? Nothing says "metal" like a fifteen year old American coupe with four cylinders that puts out a "meh" inducing 110 horse power. By the way, look at all the weeds growing in and around the driveway...Joey's mom is going to be pissed! Joey better get out there and do some weeding...pronto! I can hear her saying "Joey, I don't care if you are the King Of Metal. You better be the King Of Weeding, go out there and take care of that driveway!"

Who's that sexy Italian beast wearing the karate uniform? And what about that Casio watch and platform shoes? It's the one and only king of metal of course! He probably keeps this amazing outfit in a closet at his mom's house. Mom threatens to throw it out during every spring cleaning...and Joey flips out each and every time.

As much of a pain as it probably is to have a leech like Joey living in your basement, he also happens to be a nice Catholic boy. Oh yes indeed. Joey is a member of the Knights Of Malta, a catholic order of some kind with a very confusing history. Check out Joey wearing some sweet robes. He looks like an aging, upstate New York, Italian dracula:

Can you imagine being Joey's mom, and seeing him in his dracula robe, or his furry armor sneaking fat 19 year old girls down into the basement? The woman is a saint.

Here we see Joey with his parents, who no doubt cry themselves to sleep over what a joke their pathetic son has turned out to be. See the microwave oven in the back? That's where Joey's mom has tried to put her head during numerous suicide attempts.

Regarding Joey, our reader states:

I have the great misfortune being from the same shithole town as Manowar. One of the perks of living here, though, is that I can get close looks at Joey DeMaio's thinning, dyed hair as he shops for broccoli at the local grocery store. You see dudes wearing Manowar shirts around town all the time. Guys of that age probably went to high school with them, and knew them before they were 'rock stars'. I can imagine how things were in the early 80's when all the local scumbags were into metal. Now, things have changed all of their illegitimate children are a bunch of wiggers. I don't know what's worse.

FACT #2: Karl Logan wears a fanny pack, and gives guitar lessons to 11 year olds.

I know, I know...these are not exactly revelations, but aren't you grateful to know these things are actually true? Our reader also filled us in on the fact that Karl lives in this house (see below), which he rents. Since he rents, I wont bother giving you the price...but looking at the picture, I think you'll agree that you could probably trade a bag of potatoes for it.

The building where Karl Logan lives, which was previously Manowar's practice space. What did you expect...a castle with torches and a mote?

Our reader tells us more:
Karl Logan is the local guitar teacher and lives in some shitty old building that Manowar used to rehearse in. He drives a beat up pickup with "9/11 was a lie" bumper stickers on it. Did I mention he wears a fanny pack everywhere? Living here, I get to see Karl pulling cash out of the fanny pack he wears everywhere to pay for his coffee (dude kinda reminds me of Mantas in that laugh-out-loud funny looking kinda way).

FACT #3: Eric Adams works construction to make ends meet

I know, I probably figured that this was the case. I wish I lived in Auburn so I could have Eric Adams come and do the drywall in my basement. I would blast Manowar upstairs as he huffed and puffed carrying sheets of drywall down the steps. Can you imagine? It would be amazing. Mr. Adams lives in a modest home. A VERY modest home that costs $69,000.

Look above the door, at least the guy has satellite TV. Good for him. I guess you could call this "the house that being the King of Metal built", or "the house that singing at children's parties built". Either will do.

As pointed out by one of our readers, Eric also teaches archery classes at the local Bass Pro Shop. You can read about his hunting abilities in the local news sources here. Eric also seems to perform music at children's festivals. But don't judge him, I'm sure he performs a catalog that is very high in metal content.

Much like a dead bird's feathers which loose their luster after the years, Eric's hair appears to loose both its pizzazz and its hair dye when he's not on the road. What the hell kind of hair color has his plumage faded down to? Is he trying to blend into the surroundings as part of his camouflage? I can't believe he gets away with hunting when he lives so close to Syracuse. If Karl Crisis hears about this, there's gonna' be trouble.

Our reporter on the street tells us:

I get to eavesdrop on Eric Adams' (real name Lou Marullo, his stage name is a combination of his kids' names) tales of glory at recent European festivals, while watching high school football games. Eric lives in a small house, right next door to a metal foundry on some depressing little street. Perhaps that's where they get their swords made. He does construction work on his off time from the band, which probably equates to 11 months a year. One of his kids is in a joke cover band called Motley Crouton that plays the shithole bars around here.

Sweet 'stache go do my drywall!

If you want to go further into the world of all things Manowar, check out Eric's son's MySpace page here. You can also check out his band's page here.

In closing:
Do any readers have any input about other metal demi-stars, their monetary earnings or real estate holdings? Let us know.

Also, if the reader who sent us this email, or any other resident of Auburn can send in pictures of Eric carrying drywall, or Joey buying'll get many, many thanks from us, and the entire world. The only guy who won't thank you will be this 17 year old who just got inked. Imagine his surprise when he figures out that he makes more money bagging groceries part-time than Joey does. Ouch.

In the past, postings about Machine Head and Rob Flynn's Disease (RFD for short) got us an insane number of page views, mostly from angry fans. Our posts also initiated heated, angry diatribes in Machine Head boards. Let's see what this post does to Manowar fans. I can't wait.


  1. Hugely surprising that the Manowar guys seem to live so modestly. I'd have thought they would have been among the most wealthy metal bands! (outside of the superstars like Metallica etc)

  2. Do you mean to tell me that being big in Germany gets you a $69,000 home WITH a side gig? Are you trying to crush my dreams?

  3. Googling Lou Marullo reveals that he also plays childrens' carnivals, writes for hunting mags and teaches archery classes. Are they these guys each paying child support for a dozen jr. metal warriors?

  4. Goddamn, man, if you've got to live in fucking Auburn you should at least be able to afford to live WELL, you know?

  5. Like Demogorgo, I wonder what happened with the money of those €70 ticket, sold out arena shows in Germany. Did they invest it all in Lehman Brothers stock or something? Is their manager very rich? ("Sorry guys, we hardly made it any profit. It's $2,000 for each of you. Now I got to go, my first class flight to the Bahamas is leaving in an hour.")

  6. Actually, I'm quite shocked to read that... Of course, Manowar are class A douchebags playing hilarious music (not in the good way!), but I expected them to be way more wealthy since you can see semi-retards wearing Manowar shirts all around any town here in Germany, find their CDs in every music store, see their faces on metal mailorder catalogues, magazines, german TV... I guess you get the point.

    On the other hand, everything posted here about them makes kind of sense for me and completes my picture of them: just a bunch of complete losers.

  7. Aaaw, man! I was happy with the impression that Manowar lived their lives according to METAL! I had the idea that they lived in castles and rode around the countryside on horses siring offspring to the local village wenches. Now you tell me Joey DeMaio is living the dream in his parent's basement.

    What next? Are you going to tell Norway ISN'T full of people running around in Corpse Paint burning Churches?

  8. Why the hell don´t they just pack up and move to Poland? I´m sure there´d be a red carpet reception and they´d probably get given the keys to Warsaw and a state pension.
    Every mulleted Polish 19 year old would give their last potato to these warrior poets.

  9. Demogorgo, I'm not TRYING to crush your dreams...but the truth must be told.

    Thanks for the tip on his hunting and singing. I failed to look further into things and have updated the post accordingly.

  10. alex, it's funny you bring up the fact that Norway is NOT all people in corpse paint...because I suspect it isn't. Having said that, I remember reading a letter in Metal Maniacs in 1992 where a reader of the mag said that Metal Maniacs should give away a trip to Florida as a grand prize. I guess he thought Florida, Tampa in particular, was this big, metal capital. At the time I lived in Miami...surrounded by gangs and old retired ladies with liver spots. what a metal state to live in.

  11. lucho, you've done it again! can't say i'm surprised by any of your findings, but excellent investigative work nonetheless! it's sad to have your metal illusions shattered like this, but i'd rather know the truth than look at the world through rose colored glasses. i can't wait to see the commotion this highly controversial post causes amongst the manowar army!

  12. A++++++++ post!! amazing work! i love this shit!

  13. If this is how Manowar lives, can you imagine how the guys from Fates Warning are doing?

  14. "I have long asked for complete transparency in the realm of metal"

    Not me! There's a certain mystery in metal that needs to remain there which helps fuel the mystique.

    Don't you remember years ago not knowing ANYTHING about bands other than what could be extrapolated from a thanks list? Or hushed whispers in the smoking section at school or the cutting class section at the river?
    Stuff like "King Diamond lives in a house with everything painted black!" " "I heard Malmsteen has to wear that cross/pendant/etc because he made a pact with the devil!" etc etc.
    Look, I see the dudes from Testament at shows all the time and I don't want to know what sort of drywall installers they are in their spare time.
    So the kings of metal are living modest lives in this economic downturn, I don't care!

    They are American metal and proud believers in the POWER of metal.

    Other bands play, Manowar KILLS!

  15. I never liked Manowar. I thought their music was stupid, and they were even more stupid than their music. But I have to say that, even though the post was great, I've got depressed. I also thought they could have more money, given how popular they are!

  16. Some weeks ago I was compiling a CD for my car stereo, and remembering my youth, I downloaded Manowar´s "Mountains" as well. What can i say? I LOVE that song! I know it is about as cheesy as metal can get, but it kills. Manowar rule.

  17. I was in Os, Norway this summer and a local informed me that Abbath from Immortal is babysitter and runs an in-home daycare service for the locals.

  18. Ah, one more thing that really called my attention: that thing about the sticker that said: "9/11 was a lie". I'd have never thought a member of Manowar could think like that. Not at all! Maybe that Americans are fighting in Irak to free them from Evil forces, yes, of course, but not that.

  19. Luchos, yeah I was going to mention that I was also under the impression that everyone in Tampa was a in a Death Metal band and/or corpse molestation. This is like all my dreams are being shattered one by one, then...

    Abbath from Immortal is a Babysitter!!

    Oh, this just gets worse!! Next thing I know, you'll be telling me Gaahl is Gay!!

  20. Misfits, i think the 9-11 sticker is a reference to the whole conspiracy theory. many nutty super-patriotic people have multiple ideas about what "really happened". they range from kinda nutty to insane, to just plain nuts. who knows which one he believes in.

    Jose, like you I very much bought into the whole thing when i was a kid. perhaps its for that reason that i have this sick infatuation finding such things out. by the way, when i lived in miami, i saw Yngwie malmsteen's house...and that place is no joke. he has a super nice place in Key Biscayne. Where he got that kind of money? I couldn't even begin to tell you.

  21. Mind = decimated. This is incredible. I'm quite certain some "fan comments" are to come...

  22. No mention to Scott Columbus: I'm pretty sure He shares a room with Rick Rozz, somewhere on the east coast.

  23. the reader who wrote us stated that scott columbus lives in Pennsylvania somewhere. doing some research, perhaps we will unearth him and his situation soon.

  24. I've never liked Manowar, and considered them (like many others) a joke. That said, even I find the schadenfreude a little much. They apparently suffer their own hell in mediocrity, and seem best left there.

  25. I always think it's weird when people think pseudo-rock stars make tons of money.

    I mean, Manowar may get to play some sweet fests in Europe every now and then, but it's not going to net them enough cash to live in mansions, especially when they're playing at Holiday Inns in their home country.

    Having said that, if you haven't seen Manowar's Live on Earth, or whatever it's called, DVD, you really should. It's like 300 10 second clips of them playing in like, every city on earth, with voice-overs by the band, several of which are about how great they are in bed, but they say it in that Gene Simmons/Paul Stanley kind of way, where they describe their explicit sexual conquests in this monotonous, almost robotic voice, making it sound super creepy and toucher-esque.

  26. I'll bet Joey's not even allowed in the upstairs part of his folk's
    place...maybe sometimes he creeps up to see what he can forage for when he's hungry...only to be caught in the hallway by dad who always gets a kick out of bellowing "Joey, you poser! leave the hall!"

  27. The "Anvil" effect

  28. Being from that area originally and in the real estate investment biz, I feel I must comment and defend their case (I can assure this is pro-bono work). The Manowar guys are the stuff of local legend, with stories of their everyday lives and rumors of their humbling side-jobs the subject of many a tree-house adolescent conversation (see also: Stand By Me"). The original post seems to be dead on with most everything I've heard thus far, but let's be honest: you couldn't make this up.

    My one comment is in regards to the considerable fortune that seems to have been squandered amid shady business practices and failed investments. I urge you to look beyond the surface. Perhaps in a moment of clarity that combined market genius with their world-renowned metal intuition, they kept their cash out of real estate during the boom period of 2002-2007, preferring more fundamentally-driven asset classes. I'm talking about gold, silver and platinum. You know, the heavy metals.

    Now here we are in 2009. Your average homeowner in Phoenix, AZ is sitting underwater with a $800,000 mortgage and a house that won't sell for more $300,000. Meanwhile, Manowar's riches are reaching heights daily. Is the joke really on us?

  29. i never thought they'd be rich, as they are barely "stars"...but did i think they'd make a bit more money and maybe have decent homes? yes. i can manage a Walgreens and have a nicer home than that. that's all i'm saying.

  30. My very very first band (so very first that we never got around to naming it) featured Eric Marullo on guitar for a very limited amount of time. Here's the lowdown on that.

    I barely knew how to play a power chord but wanted to start a band. I gathered up a "bass player" (Cheez) who played a sandy pink Fender, idolized Steve Harris and could barely bend his finger hard enough to even make a note and a prepubescent drummer (Josh) whose voice was still so high pitched he could have stood in for one of Alvin's chipmunks. We tried (key word, tried) to cover Misfits "20 Eyes" and tried even harder to write something original to no avail.

    At some point, Eric's name was mentioned to join as 2nd guitarist. It was pretty fucking obvious he was gonna be in. I mean, he's the son of a fucking viking! A viking in training, if you will. He was deemed as the sickest guitar player (of our age) in town, of course he was in. He came over for practice one afternoon to Cheez's garage. We farted around and accomplished absolutely nothing — big shocker. When we parted ways, with his impressive ability to play, we asked him to deliver some hits the next practice. He obliged and we eagerly awaited our next meeting of the minds.

    The day came, he said he had some shit to show us.

    We set up, plug in and focus on Eric. He starts playing. Flawless. Great guitar playing for a kid who probably had a stash of High Society's under his mattress and bottle of Lubriderm in his sock drawer for his "dry elbows".

    He finishes playing. I ask him to play it again. He continues and comes to an end again.

    "Eric. Dude. You didn't write that. That's Hotel California. The Eagles".

    That was the end of the road for Eric ... the beginning for me.

  31. anonymous, the idea that these guys sold-high in 2007 is the only scrap of hope that I can see here. I get a lot more optimisim from that comment than I do from their last album (barf)

  32. You guys destroyed another band I like. Well done!
    I totelly agree that the truth must prevail over bullshit. I still like some of their records, but I also can't believe how modest those guys are after all this years. god.... Joey has a glass-eye?? Someone told me this years ago, but I coldn't believe...until now!
    Again: well done! Bravo!

  33. We could make fun of them as much as we like BUT we're the ones posting on a metal blog.

    Maybe the joke's on us?

    OK, maybe not.

  34. Thank you, MI, this post made my whole week. Despite having a shitty, useless job & living on a street filled with white-trash douchelords, I nonetheless have a FAR nicer house & car than a pseudo-noteworthy international recording artist like Joey Demaio. Knowing this almost makes life worth living again.

  35. So did all 43 record labels they've signed deals with over the years rip them off? Or did Ross the Boss get the millions he deserved for writing anything close to decent the band ever recorded?

  36. perhaps that's what happened. maybe ross the boss is rolling in a Maybach or a Rolls Royce Phantom, while Karl Logan drives his busted up pick up truck.

  37. Oh and Buske, thank you so much for that story! I love the inside information!

  38. I forgot to mention that Karl is a semi-pro motocross rider, so at least he has a dirt bike if the beater truck breaks down.

  39. Maybe this is a warning. Maybe they were ripped off by their manager at some point, as Martijn speculates...

    "We used to have managers, we used to have agents that said they believed in the band, the record execs said they believed in the band, but all they really cared about was their gold card so they could take someone out to dinner. I'll be honest with you, it's been a learning experience, but we produce our own records now, we're involved in our own artwork, we decide what goes on the t-shirts, we decide what goes on the albums, what the order of songs is, etc. That way we know we're not getting ripped off."

    Another tragic rock and roll tale? I mean do you really chart at #2 in Germany and sell 8 million records worldwide and have a sidejob?

    Maybe you have a huge retirement fund and live modestly and work construction during downtime because you don't like being idle and...

  40. This deserves a Pulitzer.

  41. Meanwhile Blackie Lawless sells house for $1.7 as he's "moving to a larger property he owns"

    fucking tragic, this has really bummed me out, I think I'll jack in all this metal shit and become a poser after all...

  42. most of your stuff is clever and funny, but kicking people who are clearly in a weakened state while they try to make it through life is not clever or funny. it's what high school bullies do.

    i am not a fan of the band in any way, but this post was not cool.

  43. One of your best posts, ever. C'mon, Adams, put that door frame together! LET THE SIGN OF THE HAMMER BE YOUR GUIDE

  44. wait...what!? how the FUCK does blackie lawless own a home in malibu worth 1.7 million dollars!!??

  45. I have one of Karl Logans business cards for guitar lessons. I called him one day, and needless to say he was pissed.

    "This number is for serious guitar students ONLY"

  46. I'm a big Manowar fan. I'm a little shocked at what this page had to say. But the fact that Manowar have day jobs doesn't exactly surprise me. So Joey has thinning hair and shops for broccoli, who cares?

  47. who cares? I care. i'm surprised he buys brocoli...i always pegged him as a culiflower kind of guy.

  48. most of your stuff is clever and funny, but kicking people who are clearly in a weakened state while they try to make it through life is not clever or funny.

    see that's where we disagree.

    that said, feel free to make fun of me for getting left by my girlfriend and having my heart broken again and again by 24 year old hipster girls. i have also sunk as low as selling dirty socks to creeps on ebay to make rent (this is true, did it in 2001 i think?). i also shit on the floor once by accident in 2003 and pissed the bed as recently as 2006. i'm 30 years old and still live like a teenager, especially compared to the other MI writers who made much better life choices than i did.

    kicking people when they're down is ALWAYS funny, even if it's me.

  49. i agree. it's very funny. i, for example, often make fun of the sarge. i particularly love the story about how he pooped himself and the poop fell onto the floor. he also makes fun of me for things that are so embarrassing i'd rather not bring up in such a public forum. see, he's braver than i i'd like to keep my shameful past private. if you think joey demaio is a loser, so should see what WE are like. ooofahh.

  50. I think this blog is great: there is a balance of making fun of metal musicians that have "made it" i.e. Metallica shopping at Prada versus those who have "made it" i.e. Manowar. At least Manowar seem to be doing something that they love and are suffering for their art. And our amusement. Why else would they continue to plod along? I mean, could they really dress in furs and oil themselves up for adoring Germans without being in a band? OK, maybe they could, but having a guitar makes it not gay, at least not overtly gay. I think.

  51. haha this is priceless & insightful, I wish I had an iota of an idea where you guys get your mojo! Coincidentally (I swear) I just did an expose on metal bandmembers moonlighting as hollywood actors to pay the bills. Robin Leach FTW!

  52. oops sorry that's
    it's not spam I promise, it's very METAL!!

  53. "The Order (of the Knights of Malta) has a large number of local priories and associations around the world but there also exist a number of organizations with similar-sounding names that are unrelated, including numerous fraudulent (self-styled) orders seeking to capitalize on the name"

    I'll bet it's one these that Joey DeMaio is a member of!

  54. Anything involving Manowar is, by definition, funny. Mean-spirited though it may be, this post nonetheless contains a powerful & relevant message. That message is: never trust anyone when money is involved. These guys have been in the music business for nearly 30 years & live no better than any other average schmuck with a regular job. They maybe should have spent less time storming castles & plundering wenches & more time going over the books & checking receipts. They were either ripped off royally, are not too bright, or (most likely) a combination of the two.

    My father used to belong to pretty much every fraternal organization & they're all basically an excuse for old married guys to get out of the house, dress up in bizarre costumes once a month & drink themselves stupid while bitching about various ethnic minorities. they do a bit of charity stuff here & there to justify the whole thing. Plus some of them use ornate swords & shields which was probably a big selling point for a dude like Joey.

  55. i think the Simpsons had it right, fraternal orders are basically an excuse for married dudes to play like they have a treehouse...they get to eat chicken wings and play ping pong.

  56. Excellent article!

    Having known quite a few semi-famous metal musicians, I'm not surprised that the Kings of Metal aren't exactly rich. I never really understood why so many bands try to hide the fact that they have day jobs and really want their fans to believe that they're "full time metal". To me, it's more dedicated to keep playing and touring despite the fact that you need to try to get time off from your post office work than if you had everything served on a silver plate.

    I also heard the Joey DeMaio glass eye story, from several different people including crew members of bands touring with Manowar. Doesn't mean that it has to be true, just chipping my 5 cents in.

  57. to clairify: my life may be marginally better than the sarge's, but i'm still miserable, jaded, and bitter. we all are here at MI, to varying degrees. so much so that one of the few ways we can make ourselves feel better is by making fun of others. the worse the beating, the better we feel. our emotional maturity is that of a middle-schooler. why do you think we keep our identities hidden? because we know we're just as worthy of ridicule as karl logan.

  58. About Norwegians day jobs: as far as I remember Abbath has a scaffolding business. He does look like a construction worker.
    The one working with children is Nocturno Culto. Here is picture of him giving music lessons. It looks more fun than sorting mail. ;)

  59. what a pathetic bunch of losers gathered here!! Only thing that matters is music! And manowar's music kicks your sorry housewives pathetic approach asses every time!

  60. what a pathetic bunch of losers gathered here!! Only thing that matters is music! And manowar's music kicks your sorry housewives pathetic approach asses every time

  61. Its the harshness of reality....Gods in Europe...Regular joes in the states.

    Buy yeah..there should have saved some $$$ over the years.

  62. Regular Joes? Excluding Italians from New Jersey, most men move out of their parents basement before they turn fifty.

    Am I the only one who is disappointed with the lack of Manowar fans complaining here?

  63. "I can't believe he gets away with hunting when he lives so close to Syracuse. If Karl Crisis hears about this, there's gonna' be trouble"

    I nearly pissed myself laughing, and i work in a fucking academic library (i know most metal job ever) that image will keep me warm till spring!

  64. im quit shocked by that....considering Manowar have apparently sold over 10 million records and get paid sometimes 200 000euro for a big German festival show. Last album must have sold 4/5 000 000 worldwide. I know it went gold in Germany. Maybe they are just stingy bastards !!! not willing to spend a penny o)

  65. So a group of metal musicians have day jobs and live in modest houses. No surprise there. Most musicians don't make much money at all. Even a hugely successful pop groups like TLC don't necessarily make much. They had a debut album that sold like 5,000,000 copies in the US and only made like $30,000 each from it (most of their wealth probably came from their NFL player boyfriends). I'm not a Manowar fan, but reading this article doesn't make me think any less of them. In fact, if anything it gives me a little bit of respect for them. I may not like their music, but I can respect a band who are playing because they love playing and not for financial motive, even if it means they have slave away in a plebeian job.

  66. My theory is that the major part of Manowar's earnings have been wasted on ridiculous amounts of overpowered sound equipment. "Blow your speakers..."

  67. I mean... so fucking what?

    Oh, someone forgot to mention: in 2007 Manowar released an album in metal and real leather casing for only 20 euros/each in Europe (I doubt they made much money with that!). They are also putting together huge festivals in Germany since that year, at very low prices and lots of free shit, just for the fans to enjoy.
    Maybe they do prefer to spend/invest the money in all this - stuff for the band, stuff for the fans - and not in flashy cars and big mansions, 'cos I'm sure if they had flashy cars and big mansions like rappers you'd be critizising them too...

  68. Suddenly I don't feel like such a loser. Thanks, Lucho!!

  69. I think the problem is that even if Manowar make some good cash doing festivals and shows, they still have a huge team of people on the road with them that they have to pay, plus all the expenses that come with touring. I doubt record sales give them much, so all that's left is merchandise to give them some extra cash.

    Funny article though! I loved the part about Karl wearing a fanny-pack (sorry man, but there's no excuse for that in the year 2009), and Joey DeMaio living in his parent's basement. If that's true...that's a little pathetic. But living on your own, even in a small or older house, I can't fault a guy for.

  70. Let me quote the man himself:

    "I don't like to save, its more fun to spend!"

    Truly, these men live by their words and lyrics.

  71. Does Joey's mom yell down the stairs "turn that down!" when he's practising the bass and writing for his new Viking Battle Song?

  72. Maybe it is not all that bad to take away some of the mysteries surrounding Heavy Metal and particularly Manowar. Be that as it was, was it really necessary to drag Lou Marullo's / Eric Adams' son into the whole thing? Seriously, why did you include his MySpace account in your article???

  73. if anyone wonders where manowar money goes... fireworks

  74. I'm not sure if this has been mentioned but Ross the Boss owns a Batting cage in Queens, NY.

  75. omg! Joey eats broccoli! omg! they're normal human beings! omg! they don't have houses as seen on MTV!
    wow! terrible terrible sins. They should be dispossessed of all their gold and platinum records. What a shame for the "showbiz industry"! Regular blokes filling festivals in Europe year after year! :P

  76. Manowar fans sure are thin-skinned. I mean come on, they've always been a joke band, from day 1. Watch that "Gloves Of Metal" video & tell me they're serious.

  77. Well, well, well...

    Seems alot of little children with too much time on their hands got together for a little Manowar bash-fest - chock full of lies, speculation and assumptions, from what I'm reading. While I could give a rat's ass what kind of homes these guys live in - even if these are authentic photos - it would only be further testimony to ME that their devotion is to their music and not to filling their lives with a bunch of meaningless bullshit.

    We don't KNOW what an average day is like for ANY of these men, and this mean-spirited little punk from Auburn deserves to have his ass kicked for spewing his brace of bullshit for all the world to read and be mis-lead by. If you find any kind of smug satisfation by discovering that the members of Manowar are living by standards that you deem lowly, then that is only testimony to how shallow a person YOU are.

    A home does not make a person - quite the other way around, and the people who occupy these homes, however humble, do so with love. Joey DeMaio's father passed away in 2007 and I find it absolutely reprehensible that some of you will stoop to making snide comments about the possible relationship between Joey and his parents. Many families, especially Italian families, actually take care of their elder members and all live in one home for a multitude of traditional and practical reasons. Let me ask you this: How many of YOU are out there taking care of YOUR aging parents? I see it as a pretty damned noble gesture, myself.

    Who the hell are ANY of you to judge how ANY of these guys live, for that matter? What have any of YOU, who so easily bash on Manowar, done lately that was deserving of world-record note? That's what I thought - NOT A DAMN THING. And I'm sure it'd be quite interesting to see how many of YOU are posting from YOUR parents basements. Man, judge not lest ye be judged, oh my brothers...

    These guys may not be for everyone, I'll be the first to acknowledge that, but I'll also tell you from experience that you'll not find a more dedicated band in the industry. From their devotion to their fans to their face-melting live shows, NO ONE delivers like Manowar. Any stab at them is only a revealing look at he who weilds the knife.

  78. See what I mean? Thin-skinned to the point of being delicate.

  79. Joey Demaio Always said, every dollar/euro earned, goes to their fans...

    I don't believe that this is true, but even if it was... But is funny to see that when you bunch of as***** don't have nothing to say about the TRUE KINGS OF METAL, you start talking bad about anything you could :) ... why not get a life...

    How many other bands have great house, mansions, with their fans money, and this is be cool?!?? AHAHAHAH my God!!! everthing is usefull to atlk bad about Manowar?!?? I bet Joey Demaio hava a cat!!!! oh God!!! oh... he is so poser... or is a PitBUll... oH God Joey Demaio is so BAD!!!

    By the way as you may notice, I'm a Manowar Fan :P you can Find me ate th official Forum of the Manowar Fans, my name there is BEWOLF!!!

  80. "See what I mean? Thin-skinned to the point of being delicate."

    You dismiss the writer of the first properly written and meaningful post (who by the way did not resort to shouting out "death to false metal!" and other selected Manowar slogans) defending the band as 'thin-skinned'? Your argumentation is exemplary.

  81. Honestly, I found this post pretty pathetic. Doesn't living modestly shows those guys make music simply because they love doing it? Does their lack of money makes them worse musicians? Or worse people?

    Manowar is a poser band, I mean, look at what they wear in their shows, look at the lyrics. But I like the music anyway, because it's fun, because it's unique in a certain way. I can perfectly see why someone wouldn't like it, though.

    But just because you don't like the music doesn't mean you need to make fun of their lifestyle, their wealthness. If you do that, you're just being an asshole.

  82. These guys have my respect. They spend their time and money living their dream in their own way. Why do such people always attract such slander as this?

  83. Yeah dude, a pretty weak post, and that's coming from someone who's pretty "meh" about Manowar. So I’m just going to lay out some facts and then ask again, what is your point.

    So they live in a small town. So they have humble homes. So they have to work extra to make ends meet. Your point? Manowar lives exactly as their attitude suggests. Listen to what the band says they're about, and look at how they live; seems to match up for me. Or would you rather they had mansions in LA? How does the fact that they’re not rolling in dough make them any better or worse as musicians? Joey has an attitude? Much less so than the guys in Metallica. And the other guys in Manowar are pretty down-to-earth and cool actually.

    Like their music or not, Manowar treats their fans well, which is more than what you could say for a lot of bands. Sure they are silly, but much less so than any top 40 band and all the stupid image crap that goes into mainstream music. The only reason you can't make fun of rappers or pop stars is because they're loaded with cash and limousines, but that says what exactly? Europeans dig Manowar and guess what, Europe is a bigger market than the US so why should Manowar be popular over here where everyone is listening to rap?

    Year after year, Manowar gets to go onstage in front of thousands of screaming fans and play their music. Manowar has toured all over three continents. That's the dream of any aspiring musician. For those months of the year and those hours each night on stage, these guys are living their dream, and that's more than most of us will ever be able to say. They aren’t in it for the money? Bravo, I say.

    Manowar has a crapload of musical talent. Their songwriting has not been the best, but for my taste they did write one genius album, the Triumph of Steel. Their drummer Rhino for a couple years was 10 times better than Lars Ulrich and 99% of most other metal drummers. Joey Demaio is a pretty sick bass player and many top bass players in metal today cite him as an influence. Eric Adams has an incredible voice. The guy is in his 50s, wasn’t even classically trained like so many pampered stars, and look how he can still belt it out for 5 hours on stage. I’d like to see Hetfield try to sing an Italian opera, or the guys from Slipknot and Disturbed give it a go. Sorry but the guy straight up owns. If it was him in Metallica or some other big band, everyone would be raving about him, and he’d have his LA mansion, and you wouldn’t have anything to write about. Karl Logan is no Petrucci or Romeo; he’s your standard metal shred guitarist, but even so the man can play guitar pretty damn well. So what if he gives lessons in a small town. I’m sure Karl is a pretty happy guy, because he has the things he wants in life: his guitar, his music, his bikes. Eric has his hobbies, and Joey manages a record label. It’s not that I’m even defending them. I just find no sense in your post, because the guys aren’t doing so badly actually. They are doing about what I would expect. All musicians except the very very top earners have to teach or work. I’m sure many of your favorite bands had to struggle economically like Manowar did, unless you listen only to top 40, in which case it should be us laughing at you.

    The thing is, you were looking for some angry reactions from Manowar fans, or some more pointing and laughing from others, but I'd say that it's Manowar that has the last laugh on you. They made a big enough splash in metal, they sold millions of albums, they sell out huge concert venues. You’re writing your blog post, while they’re gearing up for their next album or tour. So, there’s really no point to the post. Sorry I didn’t give you what you wanted, but you get a big fat “meh” from this reader.

  84. You know I was going to post a huge comment about how this article is bias and rather sad but the above poster has put it rather well already.

    Manowar have written some Metal classics over the years (Battle Hymn, Hail and Kill, The Power and Mountains to name a few personal favourites). I could't care less if they have to work a little on the side as long as it means they can continue to produce the music they obviously love.

  85. Joey lives in his parents' basement, Eric does construction, and Karl gives lessons....

    My question is SO?

    When they play, it sells out... especially in Europe. So what if they don't have mansions? That's none of our business. It seems like the subject of the whole post is "What a shithole Auburn, NY is"... well, fucking MOVE dumbass. And what, exactly, did the guys in Manowar do to you for you to be so bitter? Did they fuck your mom?

  86. It's great to see that the band lives modest real lives. Contrary to what the author of this article things: Supporting your aged parents, working a side job to feed your kids, not needing a flashy home, etc...IS the true metal lifestyle.

  87. Glass eye??! Perhaps Adams poked it out by mistake with his archery equipment, while chasing a wild that would be sooo epic!

  88. Joey does not have a glass eye, that particular rumour is false. One eye for single drink of mead just doesn't make good financial sense (see Odin). However, if Neil Gaiman reads this post he will surely find inspiration for a sequel to 'American Gods' ..

  89. What have we learned from this article?

    Well, we learned that the author went completely out of his way to try to make light out of the band members of Manowar.

    These guys have seen more, done more, fucked more women than you play the 5-knuckle shuffle on your piss pump.

    Chastising someone's kid for being in a band that YOU don't like just makes you look ENTIRELY dumber than the what you make the band members to be.

    This entire article reeks of nothing more than jealousy. You won't admit it, and all these little death-metal cum-guzzling 15 year olds here won't get it, but true Manowar fans are smart enough to read between the lines.

    Does it matter how much a musician makes and where he lives? What's the fucking point in it?

    The point is is that you're unhappy with your own life, and will do anything to make another person feel inferior so you can feel superior. It's called a Napoleon complex.

    You don't like Manowar? Fine! Don't fucking listen to them, turn the channel, and then get fucked. Don't go out of your way for these little 15 year old faggoty emo cocks that agree with your shit in order to make your ego bigger.

  90. hahaha the comments by the fans are like the icing on the cake of this hilarious post. Keep fanning the flames of these posing renassaince festival dork- metal guidos. What's the point of this post they ask? to laugh at one of the most embarrasing pimple scars in metal history. Manowar might have drawn d&d trolls and gullible female fans drawn to the loin cloths more than anything, but they're nothing worth getting upset about, the music is stale, the image is a joke, like I said they would be perfect for one of those Renaissance restaurants/festivals like in CABLE GUY. God Manowar SUCKS!!

  91. "God Manowar SUCKS!!

    But you swallow their load.



    ..dang! my head just exploded..

  93. "What's the point of this post they ask? to laugh at one of the most embarrasing pimple scars in metal history. Manowar might have drawn d&d trolls and gullible female fans drawn to the loin cloths more than anything, but they're nothing worth getting upset about, the music is stale, the image is a joke, like I said they would be perfect for one of those Renaissance restaurants/festivals like in CABLE GUY. God Manowar SUCKS!!"

    I agree the image is silly and the music is stale--except for one album back in 1992 when they had an incredibly talented drummer who could play faster and more complicated songs and a guitarist who had a bit more of a metal sensibility. Before this and after it they were more of a hokey rock band. You could ask any metal fan and I guarantee you there would be many sections of the Triumph of Steel where they would get into it.

    Both of the guys that made that album special are not in the band anymore, and not in the original attack write-up, so I don’t really care either way. But honestly, the post didn’t make me angry, it didn’t make me laugh…it’s making fun of musicians who had nothing handed to them, stuck to their style and message, and have three decades of touring experience and millions of album sales to show for it. I don’t care what style of music it is, anyone who does that has my respect. In fact, the only reason you are making fun of them is BECAUSE they had had that success. So from a purely logical standpoint, there’s no point to the post. Manowar has success to the point that you notice them ----> you then make fun of them for not having quite enough success and being middle-class. Huh? No logic there. Their message is not about being rich so there’s no punch-line in saying that they live the way they do.

    Manowar didn’t brainwash anyone into liking them. So it’s not your place to tell people who to like or not. The next time anyone laughs at you for listening to metal instead of giving you respect, what are you going to say? You trashed a bunch of competent musicians in Manowar, so prepare to be trashed yourself.

    Let’s be serious here: there’s no MTV or radio stations playing Manowar all the time; people like it because they like it, not because it’s trendy. Go make fun of rappers, there’s a lot more to laugh at in that image, and they are cherry-picked by record companies and spammed all over the country to gullible teens who eat it up. You have a lot more in common with Manowar than that corporate apparatus, so focus your energies elsewhere.

  94. Manowar must be really nice down-to-earth guys. And a real professionals. hey have all my support and sympathy although I am not really a fan of their music.

  95. So you're basically making fun of every day Americans with normal every day jobs? No class.

  96. yes, that's the point. the fact that they live with their parents when they pretend to be rock stars. if you don't see the humor in that, i don't suspect you ever will. as far as making of normal americans, why not? we make fun of midgets, fat people...all the low hanging fruit. manowar, as world-class douchebags who play horrible music at an age when they should be retired in boca raton are certainly in the "low hanging fruit" category.

  97. Joey already bought that house from his parents. If you do a little searching you can dig up his signature on it.

    Also, wearing a fanny pack is common for bands on tour, to keep all your stuff in the same place, and it can turn into a habit in real life.

    Just throwing that out there.

  98. To quote an interview with Eric Adams from Manowar:

    Q: I read somewhere that you recorded that album in six days.
    A: Yeah, we did! We had no cash. We were taking the money we made from the first album and did two albums together at that time. Because we spent so much time in Florida rehearsing Battle Hymns, we just had more time to write songs, so when it came time to record the next album, we said, 'Well, let's just do two if we can.' And we were so well-rehearsed with it, we just laid them down. The guy couldn't believe it, but we said, 'Let's do it now, let's get it in the can, ' because we don't have the money to move on any further. We weren't making anything. Those were the years we were stealing to eat, it was tough staying together. But hey, here we are 22 years later.

    Q: Manowar has had a remarkably consistent line-up since day one, weathered all the trends and are more popular than ever. What do you attribute that longevity to? Is it just the shared vision of the band?
    A: That's exactly what I attribute it to, Dan. I think we've always had the policy in the Inner Circle (the four members of the band) that when times are good, times are good for all, and when times are bad, times are bad for all. We all stick together and do what we have to do to make it work. If somebody has a problem and he's got a bill or whatever and he's going to lose his house, we all chip in and help him out. What goes around comes around, it's that kind of thing. That's why our crew members are all the same as well. It's not just a job for them; it's a bunch of friends that got together. When we say it's a band of brothers, that's not bullshit.


  99. First off, all you people are taking it for granted that these homes really ARE their homes, not to mention that this is the first time ever Joey DeMaio's "Homely" situation ever came up. Wouldn't all of this information have come up well before this time? This all comes across as fanciful hors$%&*. Even if it was true, you people think Metal means Kiss Unmasked for F$#@!'s sake. Who listens to you?

  100. I too was in Oslo this summer, and I bought some speed from Nattefrost in a bar. But for the rest it's just people shopping there. I think most Norwegians hate metal.

  101. Ok I like Manowar's music and I didn't find this hilarious.

    They are quite good at making epic sounding metal, and most of their traditional metal is very fun.

    My thoughts are, why are so many people who balk at the thought of fantasy themed music into metal?

    They should stick to their inane and unlistenable political punk.

    I do strongly suspect the writer listens to bad music, or at least has the element of simplicity about him that generally goes with a level of pretence to make it less noticeable whereby he follows every trend.

  102. The guys in the band helped me out when my mom died ... the owner of this blog should be drug out into the street and shot

  103. I've carefully read your report and all I can say is that:
    You are a piece of shit and nothing more. A huge piece of horse shit and that is what you;ll be for the rest of your life. You think that you can delete MANOWAR's history like that, only because you have the privellege of writting in a blog. You are a big NOTHING and you'll always be a LOSER that tries to gain fame, by humiliating others' achievements. Well if I were Joey, I would stick a burning metal sword, right in your ass!! Closing I wish the worst for you and GO FUCK YOURSELF YOU GOATFUCKER. Gamw to Xristo soy Poustara

  104. See how hard it is to be living in greece?

  105. I dont think Manowar ever denied Living a modest life ... lets take a quik peak at a section of lyrics from the song "Return of the Warlord" "Losers try to put us down its just another day, I got no money or big house, just got life, I dont like to save its more fun to spend" ... nothing like floggin a dead horse .. Idiots

  106. So what? Doesn't matter what kind of house you live in, What kind of job you have, money, etc. It's your fuckin' character, and you don't see Manowar talking shit all over the internet about you, do you? Why don't you fuck off and let an actual music fan do your interviews, because you suck.

  107. Manowar ROCKS! This is the most retarded thing I've ever read on the entire internet. Karl Logan is GOD, each and every person that put a negative post on here would be all giddy and girl-like if they ever met even Eric Adam's son. You people make me sick. I'll be surprised if this site even allow this post to go up because they are such duches.

  108. Ok, now that I know this site does not review posts I would like to say one more thing. Who cares how the guys from Manowar live or what they do with thier money. Whens the last time any of you little neophytes played live before 100,000 screaming fans? Please, this entire site reminds me of the a trashy tabloid mag. you see in Wegmans. Manowar Rocks!

  109. Well, I don't believe all of this. Some points may be true, but this is probably just to make the lies mor reliable.

    Imagine... There just has to be someone who doesn't like Manowar (and there are many out there).

    He could write anything he wants, but where are the proofs? I also can take a photo of any cesspit and say that Kirk Hammet or James Hetfield live in there.

    The photo of Eric Adams in this white dress or this of Joey and his parents proof nothing!

  110. And what fan take care of this shit? The Band still play great music, and all other things doesn't matter to us! Nobody is interested in what Joey, Eric & Co. do in their free time. Or did YOU thing they live in castles an shit steel? They are men like us - but they play such great music like nobody else does!

    So this goes to all the whimps and posers out there: FUCK YOU!!!

  111. I like it, because it shows that they are still normal people and not such fuckers like the "mega-celebrety's" that tread other people like shit like paris hilton!

    Manowar got a big bonus now for me!

  112. ""... Whens the last time any of you little neophytes played live before 100,000 screaming fans? ""

    LMFAO...shit, when has that shit-pie joke of a band ever played in front of 100,000? Not that magic circle jerk fest, that's for sure.
    Everytime they come home to America they get to play in front of 20 people laughing their asses off.

  113. That says more about America than about Manowar.

  114. I don't give a damn what do they do in their private lives,as soon as they have published such masterpieces during their carrier!Furthermore "Kings Of Metal" and the whole attitude are a "marketing" issue and I don't find it more rediculous than corpse paint and burning churches etc.
    Hey is this a metal blog or "E!Entertainment"?
    Guys stick to the music,you lose the point!I like their music and I don't care if they live in a garage or in a castle rapping virgins all day!
    and about "Everytime they come home to America they get to play in front of 20 people laughing their asses off." I have to say that your country's fans are after nu metal/hardcore shitty bands,which try to sound like PANTERA and when bands like Manowar-Metallica etc. were performing,they were drinkin' milk from their mother's tit.All the globe knows that America's citizens are like sheep,following every year's new trends,so let's not take your words as a general fact.

  115. hmm...cute polyester suit..anyway...if the tough guy behind this courageous article had any balls, he would front up at the doorstep of Scott Columbus and poke fun at him to his face.

  116. Manowar fans are fags

  117. it comes as a surprise to you guys that also metal musicians shop for groceries, have kids instead of eating them for breakfast and live in...hang on...houses? Wow! Would any of you believe if I told you that some of them actually have a crap and breath as well (not necessarily in that order at all times, though...).

    Get real, you morons! It`s a well known fact that especially in metal very few of the guys actually make a big buck. In my country (Finland - and I bet this goes for the rest of the Europe as well...if not the whole world) most of metal musicians - even the so called "successful ones" have a day job. Whether they want it or not, but it`s quite necessary to have one just to keep a band going in most cases.

    -Playing in children`s parties? So what? A musicians job is to play, for f**ks sake!

    -Hunting? Should come as no surprise to anybody who knows anything about Manowar.

    -Working in construction? Hell, I`d have Eric / Lou fix my house at any given time!

    -Giving guitar lessons to kids? You wouldn`t believe the number of rockstars who actually do this.

    -Living in parents` basement? Where are the news - that`s what most of Italians do anyways.

    Come on, metal is f**king stupid in all its forms - and that`s why we love it! Reading that blog sure was fun, but in no way comes as a surprise. Just makes you wonder what was the launching factor for this local "inside guy" sending in these "shocking" mail? Couldn`t learn a note in Karl`s classes? Couldn`t get to Eric`s son`s band? Almost run over by Joey`s parents, perhaps?

    Right, metalheads! Go to sleep! You have a hard day at your day job tomorrow (if you have one, now, that is...). So do I...

  118. I'm not really a Manowar fan. That being said, this post is mean spirited, elitist & just plain creepy. Digging up dirt on people & mocking them is not right. These guys never did anything to hurt you. What gives? They probably have put a lot of hard work into their act and have perhaps even forfeited families and careers in order to entertain & enhance the life experience of many people across the globe. The world doesn't evolve around you & many people (other than you) apparently enjoy this act. What's wrong with that? Besides, none of the information here is proven. I know there are lots of folks who get off on hating, but slanderous posts like this bring things to a very low level. So feel good about yourself for a few fleeting moments thinking about how you have a better lifestyle than a supposedly famous "rock musician" & get back to your meaningless, boring life of nothingness. Have a nice day.

  119. You kids stick to the net-nerd rock journo thing like the Creem magazine wannabes you are.

    Manowar isn't about greed, it's about scoring chicks, getting wasted and sticking it to the man!

  120. 1982. Battle Hymns. 'nuff said.

  121. ...interesting post though, didn't know this stuff. The tone was a bit too inflammatory imo though, at least not inflammatory enough to camouflage as humour.

  122. Quote: "As with all information we publish, we had to be thorough in checking out just how factual the reader's information was. As it turns out, it all checked out in multiple ways"

    Really? Care to elaborate on the fact checking?

    I think the idea to investigate on how much money there is in music was really cool. Unfortunately, the mean-spirited tone of this bullshit post, the lack of any verifiable facts, just makes the whole thing useless.

    But yes, just in case you douchebags didn't know, there is not much money in metal (and music in general) outside of the top earners.

    That's why on one end you've got guys like K.K. Downing opening up a multi-million dollar golf course next to his mansion and at the other, you've got guys like Chuck Shuldiner not being able to afford a 30k cancer treatment and dying as a result.

    One last thing. One would think you would have figured out the guys from Manowar had other jobs. The band schedule is hardly a secret: they don't tour and are usually active a month or two in the summer. What the fuck did you think was going on the rest of the year?

  123. So, smart boy, are you surprised that they wear watches instead of crowns and armor, that they go shopping instead of chopping their enemies` heads and live in houses and not in castles? Can you tell the difference between entertainment business and real life? Apparently you don`t, so you should call a psychiatrist as soon as possible. Anyway your attempt to discredit some people with your "yellow press" article failed miserably. Manowar earned my respect for living so modestly.

  124. What is the point of this blog 'cause it's toilet humor?
    How big is the salary of the guy who wrote this?
    Did he ever influenced on ANY life?
    Who is he anyway?
    Does blog author have corpse paint and pentagram around his neck?
    Did blog author buy ANY music cd in his life?
    Why blog author even bother to dedicate so much attention to the band which he don't even like?
    Is it anvy?
    Ia it jelausy?
    Or it's just poor kid stupidity?

    It's sad thing that these days people with lousy sense of humor and people with huge
    complexes have internet.

  125. the post is obviously mean spirited and from someone with an axe to grind that said a few things should be cleared up,first of all if you have been to Auburn or know Joey you should know he drives a shiny new black Hummer ,secondly as far as operating Magic Circle from his parents basement this is silly everyone in Auburn knows that Manowar owns several large freestanding buildings one for Magic Circle and a huge recording studio complex with three recording suites and the large one is world class!Meaning it has several million dollars worth of state of the art equiptment.Manowar makes tons of money and hires at least a dozen full time staffers in the US office alone and probably double that in Germany.When they travel to Europe they travel first class and spare no expense.this is a fact
    If any of them want to work its because they want to not because they have to ,Karl the guitarist has a beautiful 20 year old supermodel girlfriend so I would not feel too bad for him,Joey is living with Maria the singer from Holy Hell and Eric and Rhino and Scott can pretty much get any woman they want did you ever look at their websites and see the incredible women writing them declarations of love(not bad for fifty year old guys)also if anyone disbelieves thier ablility to play in front of humongous audience they should check out one of the live dvds that are out there and what they will see is mind boggling
    hundreds of thousands of people heralding them like gods in all the capitols of the world.Maybe Manowar choose to project an image of poverty for tax purposes or modesty or to maintain a "we are all metal brothers image and not I a am a rich rock star so get out of my way like the jerks on MTV cribs show, but they are multi millinaires many times over

  126. The real dirt on Manowar is far more sinister. The so called "Gods" or "Kings" of Metal are engaged in a much more explicit act of deception.

    Follow this link to the Sovereign Order of Saint John of Jerusalem:

    Notice John Pettigrass is listed. Guess who he is? Manowar's manager! Notice their address, it's in Auburn, New York.

    Give me a break. An ancient medieval Catholic order is not based in Auburn, New York and Hungary. It would be based in Rome.

    Joey and John should really rent a Post Office Box or Office Suite in Rome if they want to play the game right. There are more professional ways of bestowing honorific titles upon yourself.

    Besides, how can on one hand you write such dark lyrics or champion biking or vikings but then be a good Catholic leader. The two are mutually exclusive.

    The common thread remains the same, Manowar is obssessed with self-aggrandizement. Whether earned or invented.

    For the record, the real Knights of Malta are located at: - they hold actual diplomatic recognition from real countries.

    What next? Will Manowar invent fake countries to recognize their fake Catholic order? Nahhh they'd probably bribe a few poor Eastern European countries to give them credence.

    Maybe, the real Order of Malta should be aware of their "brothers of metal" in Auburn.

  127. eh, music industry sucks, if you got a label, they suck you dry. if you don't, you'll never get enough PR to do anything decent. bottomline: if you want to live in mansions, get into television.

  128. When you pathetic faggot will get out of that pathetic house of yours and will start see that internet is not really the outside world, maybe you will go to a Manowar concert wearing your shitty clothes. I'll be there to step on your head and tell you that you a faggot cannot accuse a bunch of people who sing and work while you shit your pants in front of the computer. Get a fucking life you asshole instead of criticizing some people that did what you will never be able to.

  129. Well this is great chance to share my experience visiting Manowar. I have been there...this is all true. I have been to the main compound...I do have to say something because I did have to control my laughter a few times during my experience - but I have to say:the people at Manowar Central that I met (including Joey D) were very kind people. While I suspected there was zero money in the "empire" from a profit perspective, they spend what money they do have on things that the fans can see. They probably break even with these euro shows. If they "compromized" they could take fewer people on tour and ship less gear to try to make more profit but they don't. Magic Circle Music does not have a budget feel to it, and I can't say there is a quality problem with anything I've seen from them. The fact that their style of music is dead as a doornail and the image of theirs is straight out of 1983 (I had to hold in the tears at the compound with the pictures of them in their loin cloths...). But they don't relate to my we're even.

    To see my experience from 2004 or 2005 go here:!774C47FC4E1CC740!159.entry

  130. I definitely was entertained by the post; laughed out loud a few times. But a couple of things...

    If Joey's father passed away in 2007, he was obviously there to take care of his parents; something to be lauded, not laughed at.

    Secondly, I have several metal albums out and have recently gotten my foot in the door in the videogame music industry, and I still teach guitar. Granted, I'm not 30 yet, but anyone who is knowledgable about music history knows that Beethoven, Scriabin, etc. all taught in order to earn money. This is the reality. I think Karl Logan is great; maybe I'll drive up there and take some lessons!

    Funny, but we shouldn't believe everything that we read, especially something written to entertain.

  131. Amazing. You've truly outdone yourself.

  132. Amazing. You've truly outdone yourself.

  133. This isn't surprising at all. In America they are barely known, and while it's nice to give a tip of a hat to them, they are pretty treated no different than an average Joe.

    Eric is actually an amazing guy and helped out a TON with local schools, my cousin would often write to me that Manowar was constantly hosting "Drug-Free Talks" at his local school when he was still in high school.

    Ripper Owens himself often frequents Peabody's during the summer in Cleveland and is always a fun, down-to-life guy to talk to. Most of the money they make is ate up by the producers and venue fees, or in Manowar's case, they invest EVERYTHING right back into the band's equipment, like new guitars and louder speakers.

    Thank God there are still some musicians who remember why they started playing metal.

    LOL @ Joey's basement. SO METAL!

  134. you metal inquisition dweebs are worse than the disco crowd & hip-hop buffoons put together.

  135. You misspelled MOAT.

  136. I don't listen to metal at all. I am extremely impressed at creativity of writing in the comments. I have new-found respect for metal fans.

    I grew up in Auburn. There are some lovely homes that can be purchased cheaply, at least as compared to other parts of the country. There are mansions on Owasco Lake. If someone is an international star and chooses to live in Auburn, in that market they can afford a great house.

    Here is what I really don't understand: how come on MTV cribs they often profile some hip hop musician I've NEVER heard of, and the person is living in a mansion with 6 cars outside? This is a serious question. Is it all just credit fronted to them? Certainly a band with the staying power of Manowar has to have greater net worth.

    What's up with Soverign Order of St. John of Jerusalem? I followed the link and perused the site, but what is the purpose? Can anyone explain this?

    On what street is the Magic Circle complex that was mentioned? If you don't want to say, just mention the area of town - I'll go drive around there next time I've got a high school reunion.

  137. The International Bodyguard and Security Services Association (IBSSA) has a whole page of Sovereign Order of Saint John of Jerusalem stuff, including photos and position appointments for DeMaio and Pettigrass:

    What's the connection with IBSSA?

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  139. Ok, so here it is... My name is Dj Seedz and I read this article to find it to be both encouraging and discouraging to say the least. I am a local Dj in the CNY (Central New York) area and have been working with bands and other Dj's for over 15 years now. I have met alot of great people over the years who have influenced me to this day to become who I have in the music industry.

    While what I said above may make no sence to this particular article, really it does.

    About 4 years ago I personally met John Pettigrass who is Manowars promoter/mgr/whatever... He stands behind his band no matter what hard lives they may seem to live. Surely he makes money doing so, but that is his job, to make sure they are playing out and bringing the world music, plain and simple.

    I personally have always thought it would be a privledge to work with Manowar as part of the band I happen to be a part of which is called SMITE . . . you can look us up at . . . Even though our styles may not "match" , it still comes down to one basic theory... Its Rock N Roll!!! Our style is Modern/Metal/Industrial and the band has been on the scene for 9 years now. And ya know what, other than our fans (which we thank alot) we dont have much except for our music.

    Being a musician is one of the toughest things I have ever had to face, but its something I love and believe in and hopefully someday will pay off. But in the great words of our drummer, "I will die knowing that I didnt give up!"

    SMITE has been touring the country with the help of our great fans and other bands and we live off what they give us because we believe in what we are doing, and thats what keeps us doing it (quoted partially from our lead singer at a show in CNY) We have to live modestly because living this life has been debt taking to say the least.

    If Manowar chooses to live a modest lifestyle, than that is cool by me, cause I am sure they are happy in doing so as would I. If I had the opportunity to play in Germany or elsewhere in the world to millions of people and walk away with my pride knowing I made a difference as they have done, then that would be just fine.

    They believe in their music so much and so does their mgt team that in getting to know John, he sent me CD's, DVD's, and a Mouse Pad, which I am using right now that says Manowar!!!

    I am done rambling but in conclusion, if you would like to contact me for further thoughts, my web page is

    Dj Seedz

  140. sad, sad, sad writer of the above.
    I like Manowar for the music, and by accident I came across your article. It sounds like you are the real frustrated person. A lot of people like Manowar for their music, I don't care how they live.
    Maybe some people are indeed interested in those facts , but what's the point of the silly comments and the really bad photo adjustments with the not-all-too-funny comic remarks???

    I wonder... don't bother about me, but I just wonder how you really feel...

  141. Wow! It’s amazing on how the biggest geeks and nerds in high school can leave a comment on a blog, put people down and basically make fun of other people’s misfortunes and feel better about them selves doing it. You were a loser growing up and im sure that you still are. Laughing at someone’s misfortunes or the way their life is going will never change the fact that you’re a loser; you never made an album, made a video, played any major shows etc... And let’s not forget we don’t even know your name or who you guys are, Oh wait I do.. NOBODY!

    As far as MANOWAR goes I will admit I am a MANOWAR fan of their music, lyrics, and all around musicianship. Eric Adams hitting notes that 99% of other singers dream they could sing and can't!, Joey basically invented a hole way of playing bass that no one has ever done, Scott is a great great drummer, and Ross the Boss's licks are very original. Look all of you talent less fucks 99.9% all of you don’t even know how to play an instrument. Oh im sure im going to hear back from you no name lames... But who are you? what band do you play with?, ya lol lol lol exactly nobody! All and I do mean all of you are no name, geeks, nerds, talent less, internet warriors that in person would get the shit slapped out of you!

    I don’t know them as people. I will tell you that I met all of the members of MANOWAR several times back stage at shows and they were always and I do mean always gentlemen and very courteous. I see how somebody could see Joey on TV and in interviews and think he is a blow hard, but have you ever heard of showmanship and acting? If I had to base it solely on my meetings with him and the other band members in person they were very very cool.

    BTW just because you’re a great musician does that mean you’re a great business man? It’s too bad that there are people in every business that scam and burn people for the hard earned money that they earned. That’s my opinion and I know it matters about as much as yours does, well actually more I think because im not a hateful lowlife that never made any money, has no girls, cars, house, was beat up growing up! None of that shit matters. What matters is we should be there for people instead of kicking them while they are down you lames.

  142. This "article" can't blame MANOWAR for living a simple life. If you want to blame some bands, blame them for giving nothing but full of shit music made for industry and nothing more. The Kings of Metal are kings because they never fooled their fans, they never fucked up the fans and that is the only truth that must be said. All people that say bad things about them are nothing more than idiots that can't understand that this band means something more for its fans than the usual bands. That is how, at the end, have metal fans that like MANOWAR and metal fans that don't like MANOWAR fight for nothing. If you don't like 'em it's your decision, don't bother us with your shit, we like this music and we won't stop like it.


  143. Well, I can only say how surprised I am by the reactions of the so called "metal heads" on this blog who are laughing at the people that are famous all over the world for being normal people, being modest, trying to teach someone else to understand music, or even play it...

    I happen to be from Croatia, and yes, I also happen to be a fan of Manowar. I am also a fan of Motorhead, Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, but in the same way I listen to and respect the genre of music this bands represent, I can also listen to Johnny Cash, Eric Burdon, Bruce Springsteen and much more great musicians, and enjoy their music as well. I'm also no stranger to punk, reggae, ska, blues and jazz.

    My point is: There are so many genres of music in the world, so many bands, so many different styles... 'cause we're all different people, and therefore we can't all love the same things in life. There is no reason to make fun of some band because you don't like it. Someone else doesn't like your favorite band either, but they don't go around laughing at them for the way they look, sound, think or live, do they..?

    And even today, when R'n'R that we all love to listen to is getting extinct in this new world of electronic music, you find it amusing to make fun of the people that THE FANS call THE KINGS OF METAL... That's sad. I wonder what title did YOUR FANS (yeah, right... They really do not exist, but let's pretend for a while they do...) give you?

    Oh, yeah... The matter of the bumper sticker... Well, your country has a habit of starting war with countries that are not even on the same continent... Iraq... Oil fields... Oil crisis... Muslims... Terrorists... Catch my drift? As far as I am concerned, your government staged the attack as an excuse to start a war. Now, you could say that I know nothing about war... Or could you? I was in one, and it wasn't nice. It took five years of my life, a bunch of friends, and we still haven't recovered from it. So, let music be music, let bumper stickers be bumper stickers, and let people live any way they choose and anywhere they want, with their own beliefs.

    I hope you won't find yourself offended by my post. Rock on!!!

  144. My respect for this band grows more and more everyday! Joey already mentioned how every dollar goes back into festivals, dvds etc. They produce the toppest quality dvd, cds and merch. Not too many bands do this you know :)

  145. At the end of the day, these guys are content and happy in life and love doing what they do. More than most of us can say, I'm sure.

    Does anyone really think that after all this time, they would not quit if they didn't think it was worth being in Manowar?
    They could have quit ages ago, but they have something that cannot be bought - the respect and admiration of millions of people, not to mention living a dream.

    They are enormously wealthy in areas other than simply the material things. They have a left a huge musical legacy; one that continues to grow with every studio release and tour.

    I'm a big fan of Manowar, but after reading this blog, I'm an even bigger fan of theirs.

    Long live the trues.

  146. Except for Joey having a glass eye (he is actually blind in that eye from a childhood illness) this blog post is 100% true. As a matter of fact that jeep in the pic where Karl lives is Maria Breon's from HolyHell. She lived in the same house (different apartment). Now she lives with Joey in his mom's basement. Joey and several members of the band have had hair replacement too. They are really into making their fans happy that is very true. I have lived in Auburn for my whole life (unfortunately) and know all of them and Scott is a big mess right now but he lives in Syracuse somewhere.

  147. Oh btw I had been invited to and gone to Joey's house before. That is wwhere he and his family live.

  148. It all depends on ones perception. Most comments on this post compare Manowar's members popularity and money garnered from venues, cds and items with other famous persons with similar status, Blackie Lawless is mentioned as an example. It's the contrast the money they've amassed in conjunction to their homes and quiet lifestyle that surprises us because others surround themselves more lavishly according to their monetary success. Some may poke fun or not find their musicality suited to their taste, but if you were an investor you'd change your own 'tune' ;p They've sold over 9 million albums, they're more popular in Europe, S. America, Japan and Australia so surely they have currency but perhaps they have individually and collectively amassed more. They don't seem to do things to get attention like most of the famous Hollywoodians. They don't have to, their popularity is still strong after 30 years, notice the concert crowds. I think they are 4 gentlemen who basically enjoy their private lives sans anal Hollywood periscope and have other things to do when they're not their Kings Of Metal personas. They seem content which is what one has to be before one can be happy and you never hear of any boneheaded behavior due to substance problems, no DUI or BUI. Perhaps they own vacation properties or similar holdings in Europe but don't wish to live there exclusively. At any rate, they seem satisfied and enjoying their lives and activities.

  149. Who cares how or where they live? They must make at least a decent living; doing nothing more than playing music, albeit overtly cheesy and machismo to the point of blatantly hiding in the closet gay metal music, but an easy job nonetheless. I know they are making money, because anywhere they are mentioned there's a bunch of rabidly die-hard fans willing to defend them.

    But one thing needs to be understood by said fans: YOU ARE A JOKE. No different than white-trash juggalo morons who follow ICP. Look in the mirror cheese-metal heads, Manowar are clowns without the makeup. Actually, makeup would be better than the gay shit they actually do wear.

  150. Some of the jokes in the article are pretty funny, but aside from the oddness of this whole thing, there is no pride in moking people's life choices.
    My respect for Manowar doubled.

  151. Some of the jokes in the article are pretty funny, but aside from the oddness of this whole thing, there is no pride in moking people's life choices.
    My respect for Manowar doubled.

  152. if they feel satisfied on what they have so be it. its better to live that way, than actin and showing to others that LOOK AT ME, I GOT MONEY AND IM BETTER THAN U CAUSE OF THAT!

    Manowar guys for sure have GOOD reason why they chose to live like that.
    this article writer sounds like hes been betrayed or something else. whiney, almost demanding Manowar members to live by his way.

    this article writer lives for proving others how well one can live (by money, and thus how hollow it can be)

  153. What´s wrong about how they live? Maybe they don´t need great expensive house with 10 bathrooms and 5 pools. They travel a lot on their tours, so why to have big mansion at all...
    I´m glad that Manowar guys are NORMAL! The more I know of them, the more I love them.
    Hail and kill!!!

    Unknown czech fan

  154. I know this is an old article but I feel like theres a few factual errors in here I can clear up. First off Joey does not shop for his own broccoli. He has people for that. Which I suspect is where the money goes.

    Second off that house that Karl rents is actually across the parking lot from the studio, not the same building.

    Also my information on these guys is over 10 years old so I have no clue what they do now.

    And that property values in this small town in the middle of nowhere are probably a lot lower than that national average.

    By the time this article came out, Scott Columbus was no longer in the band. If you want to know what happened to him, he lives in Syracuse NY and hes just started a tumblr site at

    If you want to know what happened to Ross The Boss, he owns a batting cage in NYC and has a German Power Metal band


  155. We recently moved to Syracuse and my wife's grandparents live in Auburn. It's not a bad town - some parts are very nice, and others, not that great. It's probably more famous for the state prison where our license plates are made. But there's a Bass Pro there and my company has a bunch of clients that I service there. Not a bad place. Knowing that the Gods of Metal live there makes it even more special.

    Even "national recording artist" metal bands barely make any money when all is said and done - most have day jobs to make ends meet. For many it's not about the money - it's about doing what they love.

  156. great post, it really helped me alot…gives me alot of information… thanks…. nice job…

  157. The cliches about the loin cloth stage outfits are tiresome because they haven't worn that stuff in over 20 years.

    I'm not surprised if the band members personally don't have a lot of money (although we don't know how much money they have, we just know that they don't spend it on extravagance) -- I've watched several of their DVDs and its obvious they spend an incredible amount of money on top flight custom equipment, lighting, etc., not to mention hiring choirs, orchestras and having a massive support team to put together their over-the-top concerts. But they don't do many shows! They're not like other bands who are able to book a full tour across America, hitting all the big arenas. So they don't have all the concert money coming in that other bands have.

    Plus they treat the fans better than any other band does. Just my observation. I'm not one of the fans you see on the DVD with long hair, tattoos, denim jacket, obsessed with Manowar, but I have liked their music over the years.

  158. we mock what should be praised,lets see,they've traveled the world ,played music that they and others have enjoyed for thirty years,are normal everyday people who dont live the phony rock n roll lifestyle.and some people sit there mocking them,what and where have you done for thirty years.p.s. this is being posted by someone thats never liked manowar musically

  159. Guys and gals, don't be such haters. How Joey chooses to live his life is HIS choice. He decides where to live, how to live, it is his personal life. I do not see any blogs dedicated to you bozo's. You bozo's have not traveled the world selling out arenas. Get a grip and a life for that matter.

  160. Dude, you made me feel so much better about them, lol. I mean.. taking their scenic behaviour it's clear the band IS the greatest posers of all the time, AND THAT IS WHY we love them. And after all this choirs, orchestras and stuff.. I started to wonder whether this all is really about money and having the faithfull audience as a source.
    And now we come to know that it's, in fact, not. They did ignite so many hearts all over the world just for the sake of it, to have a little bit of a dream coming true. Of course they have to live mundane lives at the background and to cope, so what?

  161. Mmmmm yeah let's see, 10 studio albums, legions of fans all over the world, in depth knowledge of music melody, structure and phrasing (or you can bop to whatever 3-5 chord progression you're all into this week .... ooooo ya there's a 5 second solo... great!!), sold out arenas, etc.... while all the posers here couldn't even sell out their kitchen on a Friday night. Sounds like your fingers are typing cheques your reality can't come close to cashing. Sad.

    YOU are the guys still living at home with mommy, maybe his mom has cancer or something and does it really matter, honestly. I guess your lives are that desperate that you have to bash a bunch of guys that will be more that you will ever become .... keep that air guitar going in your bathrobes guys .... why don't people send in photos of THAT. Beer gut?? Yeah no doubt, you're probably reading this half in the bag coming home by yourself from a bar cuz you couldn't get a chick to come with ha ha ha.

    What matters is the music and more so what it represents. Power, emotion and a brotherhood. Musically, all of you couldn't even keep up to Karl while he's asleep, Eric ... well, let's not go there, he has more range than your little sister on a Saturday night, Joey ... dude .... there's a lot of Cliff in those moves man and Ross ... well, I was saving the best for last, he just might be the hero of the day.

    If you are fan, don't let this crap deter you. Like what you like and stay true to yourself. Hail ALL that is metal!

    Ross ... let's jam sometime dude!


  162. At least Ross always wore pants!
    Ross The Boss rules!

  163. Karl Logan spends tons and tons of time sending in letters to the local Auburn newspaper and commenting on articles under the screen name "liberal karl"
    heres the link

  164. Im soory if I choose the bands I like by their net worth. Manowar kills on stage and in the studio and thats all that matters.

  165. Manowar's talent is completely unrivaled.

    The fact that they give a fuck about their communities shows tremendous character.

    This only shows that they care only about Metal, not fucking money, because they keep following their dream and performing their music despite it unprofitability.

    Manowar inspires the world with meaningful lyrics, and amazing talent in every position, that 'popular' bands couldn't imagine competing with.

    Who else is dedicated enough to their fans to sing some of their music in 17 different languages?


  166. It's obvious that many folks just don't have a clue how much money it takes to do what Manowar does.

    Sell a million records for a major label and maybe you net 80 grand--for the band. The rest (after expenses)goes to the suits.

    Make your own records and the profit margin goes up--but you have to pay for everything yourself--there goes your dough.

    Want to ship 20 tons of gear overseas with a crew to run it?
    That ain't going to be cheap. Using custom gear means you can't jjust fly-in and rent backline.

    These guys put their money where their mouths are, they truly do dump it all back into the BAND not into swimming pools and exotic cars. They've got a big payroll to cover, but I bet they've also got money in the bank.

    This lifestyle is not to be confused with the MTV 'cribs' lifestyle where ignorant flash-in-the-pan 'stars' live way beyond their means, and wind up broke in two years' time.

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  168. This comment has been removed by the author.

  169. For me this isn't shocking at all, in fact I don't know what the big deal is...maybe it is cultural...I see mostly Anglo Americans, Germans, and Scandanavians in some cultures particularly Italian, Spanish/Latin, and Jewish societies its quite common for adult-aged children to live with the parents especially if they're single...I'm Cuban/Spaniard and part Italian and I didn't leave home till I was thing I notice in my culture we kiss our fathers on the cheek when we greet them but anglo Americans shake hands, I find that's your father not a job interview, but like I said it's cultural...I also notice most Anglo-Americans have the kids leave at 18, in my culture they don't leave till they either marry and/or make a career where they can afford to go on their own...all my Anglo cousins were kicked out at 18 and all ended up being trailer trash, all my Spanish side are successful professionals, some didn't leave home till their 40s, I've known some people in their 60s still living with the parents...I worked at the Post Office six days a week, made no sense to move out when I was at work almost all week, and I saved a lot of money

  170. I'm a huge fan of manowar. I'm open to everyones opinion. To me there just men making fun and cool music. and how they live is of no concern to me. as long as they keep making albums and carry on doing what they do I'm a happy fan. remember folks there people just like us :D I'm sure we could find so many fun facts about every person making a comment on any of this guys pages. we are only human :D Hail and kill

  171. I can't imagine that they're hurting as bad as this article indicates. They were charging $75 a ticket for their recent sold out concert in my area (that I couldn't afford to go to). Multiply that times however many venues they played on this tour and they're probably getting the last laugh over this article.

  172. I agree with Hot Carl, as an immigrant American, it's still very commonplace for one of the children to live with their parents and grandparents and take care of them (my eldest sister lives with and supports our mother). This in no way implies that the child is a financial leech or unambitious -- if one takes care of an elderly parent, it makes perfect sense to live together.

    And I'm not really surprised at the modest lifestyles -- I'm not a butthurt Manowar fan, not really into Manowar at all, but these guys have hardly pulled in the income that Metallica, Megadeth or Pantera has. Like most successful bands in this genre, they make a decent amount, but probably not enough to live on without supplemental income and careful investing long term. Living modestly and working a job when you're off tour seems to be a pretty realistic attitude to have in the metal genre. I don't have a clue about the hordes of temptresses, flashy vehicles or the expensive studios, but obviously these guys play because they enjoy doing so, not because they expect to hit the gravy (broccoli?) train.

  173. you should check out johnny stoj from pegazus....think he still lives at home with his mum too..

  174. i guess the 'wings of destiny' didn't work out too well for old johnny and co..i read a quote from j.oliva [savatage] stating that the band ended up owing him 1 million u.s. dollars or something like that..seems to be a common thing with these kind of bands unfortunately..

  175. Meaning jon oliva spent 1 million dollars of his own money on savatage..which he was out of pocket for at the time of the quote..Savatage were a great band in my opinion [unlike pegazus which were more like a judas priest/manowar wannabe]shame they didnt get more recognition...r.i.p cris..

  176. I don´t see the point of this post. Manowar is a band, it is just fun and silly, great to listen and with a naive teenager macho attitude that makes you want to drink beer and do dumb shit with your friends.

    I find it cool that those commom folk actually ended up having a band and entertaining a lot of people aorund the world instead of just sitting in front of the tv.

  177. He had a role in a German film called "Alleine unter Maedchen" (Alone among girls).

  178. He plays himself in "Alleine unter M├Ądchen".

  179. I think I've heard one or two songs by these guys on YouTube a few years ago. Anyway, point is, I'm not a fan.

    What is interesting about all the venom on this page is that it is a true representation of the average heavy metal fan: an immature loser with little education and few prospects who will latch on to any attempt to feel better about himself by dragging others down.

    You are all truly the loser children of America; capitalism's pathetic rejects.

    I hope years from now when you're all crushing your beer can across your forehead as you toss that child support letter onto the small pile next to the couch, where all the pizza boxes are also stacked up, guffawing over this post will make your life better.

    Remember this little blog post comment when you've gotten old enough to realize it's too late for you to accomplish anything anymore, and that you never had the drive or intelligence to do it in the first place. But at least you got to laugh over some band and their houses and their lifestyles and even their family members.

    You're the American trash that populates YouTube comments. The forgotten, gas-pumping rabble of this failed experiment of a country. You are nobodies.

    Laugh it up.

  180. I have to read this article at least once every 3-4 months. Absolutely hysterical!!!!!!!!!!!

    And btw .... There is no money in metal .... Barely any in music anymore.


  181. This article reads like it was written by a bunch of losers that never did anything except magnify skeletons in other people's closets. They've been too busy writing about other people to sublimate their stupidity into something of value. And I don't even like Manowar. Get a life, people, anyone who really cares about this garbage is in dire need of a real one. Hey, I've got an idea, become a Trekkie! Then it'll become more like a communal no-life thing.

  182. Now i understand why they used to charge $ to young musicians for a slot opening for them around 2000...

  183. In this interview Joey states that he lives with his parents. Look for the question"Do you get on with your parents?"

  184. This article seems to make people overlook the fact that Manowar IS successful. People on every continent know and enjoy thier music. Measuring success in dollars is a sorry ass, yuppie thing to do, and quite frankly, isn't metal at all. If they are enjoying thier lives, and people are enjoying what they do for them, it's all good. I work 40hrs,I play metal, and I would love to tour the world with my band. I'd also love to come home from that tour and build more cars (my job) with Manowar blasting in the shop. If they're happy with they're lives, they win. And if seeing them hunt, buy broccoli, and teach other kids to shred makes you laugh, well, guess Manowar has been good to you too!

  185. There was a time when people were proud to see four guys from a poor city becoming famous rock stars. It's how almost every article about a band starts: They were in it for the music not for the fame nor the glittering gold. Ok, some hoped for that too, no doubt, but first it was music that every great rock band started for.

    Isn't this the true essence of heavy metal? Staying true to your roots, no matter if you bang your head on speed, power or British steel?

    The only merit of this article is that it shows that people can be superstars while living a normal life. It makes me proud, not disappointed to know they are normal people and that you and I could be one of them. It also shows that people get robbed in every business or that everyone is affected by today's economy.

    But that someone lives with his mom or teaches lessons to kids? Are you out of your mind? The music is great, stick with it. You don't like it? There's plenty of other music to listen to. What's your problem with them giving guitar lessons to kids? Are you stupid?

    Get some common sense, stop judging people by how glitzy they are or what car they drive.

  186. Manowar are bunch of posers and wiggers and this blog provers that they are FAKE. Joey lives with his parents in basement while pretending in front of the fans, who are top class wiggers, to be so tough. HE IS 60 YEARS OLD AND LIVES WITH MOM!!!!! Gimme a break. And one another thing for you Manofags: you say that this blog spreads hate and why it judges Manowar and that is jelaous of it, etc...

    But tell me this: why Joey calls out and mocks other bands and calling them fake and that they play false metal blah blah, and bunch of other bullshit. WHY IS HE JUDGING, OR WHO IS HE TO JUDGE OTHER BANDS????
    But lets leave this all aside for a second, because the most terrible thing is that Manowar is a lie! Yes, a LIE with capital L. Manowar lied to you bunch of wigger fans to whom I must give credit to be loyal, no argument there. They presented themselfs as kings of metal, while living a totally different life. On stage they are ''we live 100 % metal all our lifes etc.., we fuck the girls, yeah, rock and roll...'' while Joey lives like a looser with mom ALONE!

    Eric is married, and I doubt that he bangs chicks judging by his life presented here. I bet his wife would kill him if he even looks other girl. Karl Logan is parody suffering in mediocrity of musicianship. Yes my friends biggest truth of all is not why they live like that, but is why they lie to the fans!

  187. Man, all those who r mocking REAL METAL people, who stand for what they believe in, are the real losers, it is only because of bands like MANOWAR, that Metal is still alive today, otherwise it would have died in the nineties, but few bands like Manowar persevered and continued raising the flag of metal and passing it to young bands, who cares where they live, no one, only losers who watch rich people houses in jealousy on TV, pathetic losers, their first FOUR albums are of the best Metal albums ever written, and people will keep returning to them, if u have talent like them or integrity or spirit, do something similar, otherwise shut up and listen to justin bieber, he has a lottttttttt of money, so according to your stupid standards he is "successful" and hence great artist, give me a break; HAIL TO MANOWAR, true metal band, pathetic losers: eat your heart out, whether u liked it or not, obviously not, Manowar is a great band, and will always be.

  188. Thanks for the article, because now I have more respect for Manowar than ever. In fact, you have made me want to drive up to NY and meet them and perhaps get a guitar lesson from Karl, a hunting lesson from Eric, and get grocery shopping tips with Joey. A bunch of normal guys who love their families, rock hardest of all, and actually work for a living because they put all their money back into the band...

    Why they should be ashamed of themselves...not.

    I do wish Ross was still with them.

  189. It's all lies. Even if it was true, nobody has ever heard of the pathetic authors of this pathetic article, and I am sure that whoever wrote this is a complete dickhead.

    While you are failing in having a life of your own and studying Manowar members' lives carefully, Manowar is rocking on stages across the world and being the best metal band in the world.

    Long live Manowar!

  190. 16.12. 2012
    i have follow manowar in 25 year`s
    and thank you to all of them, my name are bjarte fagerlid my e-mail are

  191. so, you work for IRS or you just hate brocoli?

  192. I would suggest that before making conclusions, you folks should watch this Youtube video tour of Manowar's admin offices, warehouse, & recording studios:

    Apparently, there is some money in this band. What I see in the video casts a sharp contrast to the article everyone has been discussing here.

    Oh, and by the way,.....All Hail!

  193. Here are your local losers from Arburn, NY playing some shithole down the street...

    You people truly need to wake the fuck up.

  194. Who the hell cares about the price of Manowars houses? So Eric puts up drywall and sings at children festivals. Is he to be ashamed of using what he's got to provide for his family?
    These guys are legends in the heavy metal. Still going strong! 30 years and running, and they can stil fill a stadium with true fans. Can you fill a stadium?
    Or mayby this blog on the poor and famous got you an L.A mansion?

    All HAIL!

  195. Hahahaha, someone mentioned that he wants to congrats Manowar for living like that, go to Auburn get some guitar lessons from Karl, hunting lessons from Eric... etc...

    Yeah right. And after get butt-fucked by a whole gay band. hahahahaha

  196. Dmitry, professional PhysicistApril 24, 2013 at 6:04 PM

    AUTHOR OF THE POST YOU ARE MISERABLE LOOSER. The author of the post is just a miserable person who seems to be envious about others' talent. It's sad to see how the author speaks about people who he does not know personally, and how the author tries to present modest and good qualities as something ridiculous.

  197. Most of the fellows here somehow got wrong impressions about Manowar. Yes they are not that much rich on money. They are rich for some other things.
    The more people say they hate Manowar, the more that I feel I am on the right way and I am far and far beyond the people.
    If you dont understand Manowar then dont worry your child or your grandchild will understand and love them. Just happy with you life and think that you are living...

  198. This article does indeed cast some light upon certain questions that I have been pondering. They always have such spectacular shows that surpasses all other metal bands, rivalled only by Iron Maiden.

    This article just deepened the love and respect that I have always held for Manowar and they are alongside Iron Maiden the greatest band on earth according to me. I have also had the fortune of meeting them in the early 2002 and I was suprised at how down to earth, decent and friendly they truly are. I wish other superstars with record sales in the many millions would stay so true to their origins. All Hail the Gods of Metal, All Hail Manowar!

    Best Regards from Stockholm, Sweden