Thursday, November 19, 2009

20 Year Old British Girl Falls In Love With Forced Entry (the band, you sicko!)

It's no secret that I love Mountlake Terrace, Washington's Forced Entry slightly more than my own mother. Few things make me happier than hearing that I've gotten someone into what I consider to be the most underrated thrash band in history. With that in mind, you can imagine how excited I was when I got the following email while munching on chips and salsa at my favorite white-person Mexican restaurant. I could try to add some of my own commentary, but it would add nothing (all the photo comments are mine, though). This is the kind of content that fucking stands on its own! Thanks to Daru Jericho for sending this in. You are fucking legit, baby!!


If you don't love this song, you should seriously kill yourself right now. I'm not joking at ALL, bros. WE'RE A BUNCH OF DICKS, WE TELL IT LIKE IT IS!


This is an overdue e-mail.

I'm a fairly rabid reader of Metal Inquisition (what reader isn't rabid over there?) based across the pond in London, England. I'm twenty years old and have a vagina too which I like to think separates me a little from the standard MI demographic. Earlier this year, your blog introduced me to a fabulous band dubbed Forced Entry. After hearing As Above, So Below enough times to force the average person to legally change their name to Thunderhead, my life was changed and not in the "ZOMG, I TOTALLY NEED TO LIEK SHOW MY APPRECIATION FOR THIZ BAND BY GETTING A TATTOO ON MY BUTTCHEEK WHICH I'LL REGRET IN THREE YEARS TIME WHEN I GRO OUT OF THRASH MEHTUL!" kind of way.

This is my favorite Forced Entry song, a deep cut that's buried on side two of "As Above So Below." Listen to that fucking riff!!! Fucking THRASH!!!!!!!!

This band was so amazing that I decided to dedicate my summer to them (I assumed the summer would be dull because I'd just dumped my boyfriend of two years and was feeling identical to the mood of that ballad 'Never A Know but the No' and concentrated on Forced Entry to fill that gap that my boyfriend once did for some reason) when I finished uni in May, in honour of 'How We spent Our Summer Vacation', of course with my slogan for the next five months being "GET FUCKED UP!"

This little baby wasn't even born when the first Forced Entry demo came out! And by the way, how fucking sweet is this cover?? Fuck Municipal Waste's contrived bullshit, THIS is what a fucking demo looks like!

But I didn't stop at changing my MSN screen name to celebrate the occasion. I went one (or possibly two) steps further. I started getting wasted more often as you'd expect but I did specifics. To be loyal to the opening line of the song that started this "Jack Daniels goes down fine, a lot smoother than any wine," I reduced my intake of wine and imbibed copius amounts of Jack Daniels. Beer was a common standard and I also did a (cider - they had no beer) bong for the first time to match "Sucked the beer bong a little too long," and I had more than six tequila slammers ("Six tequila slammers, I'm too far gone!") but I'd never even had tequila before. The newish boyfriend that I obtained over the summer had six slammers along with some other shit and spent half the night sleeping on the bathroom floor.

Let's see the phony assbags in Toxic Holocaust have the balls to rock the Tony Benjamins "white trash rocker from Bothell" look!

But the possible highlight of this summer was going up to anyone (whilst drunk or sober, btw) - friends, strangers on the street, randomos at festivals, buskers, guys I was making out with...literally anyone - and playing my ace by asking "Hey baby, will you shit on my face?" A friend of mine who got caught up in my summer frenzy (who now loves 'How We Spent Our Summer Vacation' so one became two - see what I did there!?) did the same thing but outshined me by asking eight middle-aged women in a club within an hour to do it and they were all horrified.

"Bludgeon" from the first Forced Entry record. Seriously fucking brutal as fuck, even by today's standards. It makes my soul hurt that this band doesn't get more love!!!!!

I saw Forced Entry with the Accused several times. Can you imagine anything better when it's 1992 and you're 14?! I lost my fucking mind.

The reactions we got were pretty funny. Some guys played along with me, promising to shit on my face. One dude even pulled his pants down before my friends tried to reassure an intoxicated me that I really didn't want him to do it. I got more freaked out expressions from boring people than Billy Milano had burgers this week. The best reactions were from those who played along though. Another guy asked me if I wanted liquified shit, slightly runny shit, solid shit or peanut-encrusted shit. Choice is good.


I pretty much payed homage to most of the lines on that song but the one that I could do (obviously I couldn't do anything that involved a phallus, being a girl) but didn't was puke through my nose. I like to think I made up for that by puking on myself and my Dave Mustaine-inspired fluffy boots though.

"King Cobra?! More like QUEEN COBRA lolololz!" The intro banter in this video would be amazing material to use as samples for a noisecore demo. Fucking love the bass break at 1:15, this band was soooooo sick!!!!!!! ANACONDA HAUNTS YOUR SLEEP!

I semi-legally tattooed 'The Summer of Forced Entry '09 - GFU' on plenty of walls and surfaces and have attached some of them that I actually took photos of to this e-mail (the green tent has it written on its side but you can't see it too clearly), including the tent I shared with my ex at the latest open air metal fest that metalheads get hard ons and gap ons (the femme equivalent) over - Hellfest in France - in addition to the tent I shared with my friend at Bloodstock - the UK's nearest fest to Wacken. Writing it in non-metal places was particularly satisfying though. It was very akin to Moses telling everyone about the Ten Commandments. Looking back, I wonder if some people thought my summer was just an advertisement for rape. On asking a thrash fan if he liked Forced Entry he replied: "That's sick!"

If I ever meet this girl, I am proposing to her on the spot. I love you, baby!

The newspaper photo is also of particular interest because of the recycling message underneath that I crossed out before reading supporting the notion of shitting on one's face. Also, keen thrashers should note that the 2974 is a reference to that LOL'able Testament song 'The Evil Has Landed'. 2974 is the number of people who died in 9/11, mentioned in that track and genially rhymed with 'war'.

I also told people to fuck off or I would kill them.


To conclude, thanks for giving me an awesome band to act as the soundtrack to my summer holiday - sorry - vacation from uni (May to October, April technically because I only had one exam in May so I partied earlier) and introducing me and, by extension, a few partners in crime of mine to Forced Entry. No one I know or talked to over the summer has ever heard of them and think I made them up. I wish they'd reunite. I want to e-mail these photos to one of the guys in the band so they can see that douches actually care about them but haven't found an e-mail addy. They just underscore how terrible Municipal Waste truly are and why those retro-thrash 'tards should be extinguished.

Daru Jericho


More awesome, vintage Seattle metal: BITTER END!! Fuck yes, I definitely saw this band many times with all my other favorites like Aaronation, Sabre, Dumt, Panic, The Evicted, Amerifucked, Big Top, Date Rape, Last Gasp, and probably the amazing Aspirin Feast (listen to "Jesus Said," holy underrated hardcore) at one time or another. Seattle had sooooo many legitimately excellent bands back then, but nobody ever heard them because we were off the map until Nirvana came along. I'll put the above bands against any other local hardcore/metal scene in the US circa 1990, I was seriously fortunate to grow up when and where I did.

Daru Jericho, you are officially DOWN AS FUCK and we salute you! I honestly love to see people who are still enthusiastic about stuff, especially when it's something as ridiculously sweet as Forced motherfucking Entry. We love you and support you in your efforts to GET FUCKED UP!

Peep Forced Entry on MySpace here


  1. The Accused fucking ruled.

  2. This is awesome. I still have an autographed copy of the second FE album on cassette. STREET CRED.

    Also, saw Bitter End at the Country Club in Reseda, CA back in the day - fucking nice, nice, nice guys who played their asses off to about 30 people and didn't seem to give a shit.

  3. And the award for blog title of the year goes to...

  4. The only thing bigger than the boner I have for As Above, So Below as a result of MI is Brad Hull's nose.

  5. Methinks this post be as made up as the poster.

  6. anon:

    i'm pretty sure that girl comments here fairly frequently?

    also, this post ruled, especially:

    "I also told people to fuck off or I would kill them."

  7. Why don't we have girls like this in Paris France?!!

    Cool post, I'll have to check band out!

  8. Woah!!! No way!! Date Rape!!!! Oh hell, I'm gonna have to break out my cassette box from storage again, I think I have their demo still. I saw them in Asheville, NC in 1990 or so. I had no idea they were from WA, I always thought they were from TN. I loved that demo hard tho. I still remember most of the lyrics...

  9. You go all the way out to Snohomish for Mexican food?

  10. Its well worth the trip to snohomish for Ixtapa!

  11. You worship Forced Entry, but shit on Forbidden, I guess...quite strange, but that's understandable.
    I started listening to Forbidden just because I loved their covers (Kent Mathieu ruels!), and always thought Anthrax, Vio-Lence, XentriX, Defiance, Forced Entry sucked even if they were really similar to Forbidden.
    Therefore...sometimes we fall in love with bands for the most strange reasons.
    As an example...I could say that Pantera was successful and Exhorder was not because of Dimebag's purple beard...

  12. Oh no, it's real. Everyone should also check out that live video on Youtube for 'How We Spent Our Summer Vacation' (I think there's just the one):

    TONY: This is gonna be our last song. It's not called 'get fucked up'.
    CROWD: *Violent booing*
    TONY: It's called 'How We Spent Our Summer Vacation'!
    CROWD: *Violent cheering*

  13. Wait a minute, how many personalities does SGD have? There is no way in hell that someone could have such a hard-on for one the coolest thrash bands in history & also have a penchant for such atrocities as Hatebreed and their ilk? I mean, how much heroin/crystal Meth would an average human being would have to consume to stretch that far off into crazy town?

    and btw both forbidden & Forced Entry can get stale after awhile, there's just too much chuga-chuga there to digest.

  14. Woah!!! No way!! Date Rape!!!! Oh hell, I'm gonna have to break out my cassette box from storage again, I think I have their demo still. I saw them in Asheville, NC in 1990 or so. I had no idea they were from WA, I always thought they were from TN.

    I believe they were from TN but moved to WA in 89 or so... Federal Way or some shithole I think?

    There is no way in hell that someone could have such a hard-on for one the coolest thrash bands in history & also have a penchant for such atrocities as Hatebreed and their ilk?

    I like everything. I am the opposite of a hater.

  15. @ nonbelievers:

    you're under 18, aren't you?

  16. Apparently Forced Entry is quite popular with the vagina-clad.
    That would sound very odd if I weren't referencing a band.
    But my vagina and I very much enjoy Forced Entry, as well.
    Metal chicks exist in the 'States.

  17. I was google searching the band Aaronation and this blog came up. Do you know the band Im talking about? I believe they were from Mt. Vernon. I used to have their album, but that was over a decade ago. Email me at if you have any idea as how to get any of their material.

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