Saturday, February 2, 2008

Great moments in art history: Exciter

Avid readers of Metal Inquisition already know that I wrote in some length about the cover of Predator's "Easy Prey" in the past. Much like this gem from Exciter, Predator's record cover depicted a.....well, a predator about to attack a woman. Violence towards women, and sexual attacks are sadly not unusual subjects for metal songs and artwork. But you see, this cover (like Predator's) is executed in such a crude manner that it's just amazingly scary. The band surely thought they were doing a fun, kind of shocking cover...but god almighty, do they reveal a whole lot about themselves.

Perhaps prompted by the Predator record cover, the Canadian power-outfit Exciter stepped up to the plate and delivered a troubling record cover with amazing gusto. Canadians are apparently not only happy putting American's to shame when it comes to lower murder rates and (some would say) much better health care. Oh no. With this cover, Exciter really managed to show the world just how awful Canadians can be.

So what exactly manages to make this cover so insanely bad? Is it that it depicts a possible rape? Is it that along with the title of the album, the fact that the band is called Exciter is just ridiculous? Well yes those are all true, but that's not all. You see, the hands of the intruder reaching in are of a black man. Look, I don't care what you say, that's what's going on. I know that in some printings of the record the hands look greenish as though they are the hands of the swamp thing...but I know the truth. In the pressing I have of this record, the hands trying to invade the residence of the white-as-snow woman are those of a black man. A band going for the double-trouble sexist/racist combo meal is rare, but Exciter managed it just fine. Damn Canadians are also trying to outdo the Americans when it comes to blatant racism as well!

It's worth mentioning that apparently the guy is also some kind of goddamned magician because he's making that knife magically float in the air. I don't know how he's holding the damn thing up.

Lastly, the record cover is objectionable due to the manner in which the type that makes up the title is stacked. Who stacks type? Damn. This is the most horrendous typographic disaster in the world of metal, well, aside from Metal Maniacs using Futura Condensed.

I should mention that in the world of creepy and awful metal covers and names, a special award goes to the Seattle band Forced Entry for having one of the creepiest names ever.


  1. I'm surprised you didn't mention how unrealistically black the hands look. My friends and I came up with the conclusion that they are painted that way. Decide for yourself. fucking great album though. Exciters first album, Heavy Metal Maniac, is one of my all time favs. Only a true poseur would not own these albums!

  2. I've wondered about that knife too. Plus it's really kind of small & wimpy looking too, a huge butcher knife would have been a better choice IMO.

  3. a giant black cock arching around the edge of the door would've made it way scarier. with eyes and teeth on the end.