Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A Day To Remember hears Nasty Savage and MOD for the first time

If this song doesn't make you want to mosh your balls off, you need to adjust your hearing aid

As far as I can tell, most Metal Inquisition readers are old, completely out of touch with contemporary youth culture, and get confused and angry when they hear new music. So, I'm pretty sure most of you have no idea who A Day To Remember is, despite reaching #21 on Billboard 200 and and #1 on Billboard's Indie charts with their newest album, "Homesick." It's ok, we all get old at some point. Anyway, as my friend Stan said, "They sound like Blink-182 tuned to drop C with death metal vocals during the slow parts." I figured that a good way to bridge the gap between ADTR and MI would be to introduce their bassist, Josh, to the wonderful world of old, shitty metal bands. Let us know what you think of this format- there are a few bugs to be worked out yet, but I'd like to use it again in the future if it works OK?

Havohej "Enlightened One"
J: Wait, this is the song? You can barely hear some distorted screaming with like swells of bells and stuff. This is pretty fucking creepy!
MI: If this was in a movie, what scene would it be in?
J: It makes me think of, in Scream 1, when Drew Barrymore is getting dragged off of the porch and has the phone in her hand, this is the music to it.

Dead "Polesmoker"
J: I can't tell if this is a movie clip... it's something about a cock??

James Hart "Dead End Roads And Lost Highways"
J: Some lead guitar action... is this a popular song? It sounds like I've heard it.
MI: No. But I think he wants it to be popular.
J: Awesome singer, good chorus. It honestly sounds like it should be one of the biggest rock or metal songs out.
MI: Like they would tour with Nickleback?
J: Yeah, totally!
MI: It's the singer from 18 Visions. Jame Shart.

Lady Gaga "Poker Face"
J: Honest to god, I don't know this song. I haven't listened to the radio or watched TV in so long.
MI: She doesn't wear pants, you know.

Aren't they cute?? I imagine them saying, "Welcome to American Eagle, can I help you find anything?"

Life of Agony "River Runs Red"
J: My friend Chad from New Found Glory love this band.
MI: Speaking of which, I heard you called VOD and Earth Crisis nu-metal.
J: What?! Who told you that?!?
MI: I don't remember.
J: You have to tell me, I've said that to one person in my whole life. Was it Chad?
MI: I don't remember!
J: Well what he showed me of Earth Crisis, I'm not talking shit, because I know they influenced so many people, but I wasn't impressed. He was like, "This is heavy!" and I was like, "It might have been heavy then, but not now!"
MI: How old are you?
J: 22. Man, fuck Chad.

Gut "Can't Wait For Tonight"
MI: This is like if Beyonce did a song with Dead.
J: That's exactly what it sounds like.
MI: Do you think you could dance to this?
J: Like club dance? Maybe not in the US, but over in their godless country [points to their English roadie], I can see it happening.
MI: Like go to the Netherlands and grind on some chubby gothic girl?
J: Exactly! I gotta go to the next song, this scares the fuck out of me.

Uh.......... Visor and axe in a trailer?!

Boondox "Country Life"
MI: This is Juggalo country rap.
J: I met a Juggalo the other night, and his Juggalette. This sounds like white kids in their room, rapping. These kids work at a convenience store, period. 100%, it's not even a question.

Pantera "Cowboys From Hell"
J: Dude it's fuckin' metal. This is what I think of when someone says "metal."
MI: Which instrument would you like to be playing air to?
J: Dude the guitars are pretty sick, probably air guitar.
MI: You know how that guy in Columbus killed Dimebag for starting Damageplan. I love Pantera, but be honest... he deserved it, didn't he?
J: You think he deserved to?! Good god... I'm not gonna say that, nobody deserves to die!

Papa Roach "Last Resort"
J: God I haven't listened to them since like 8th grade.
MI: So, whenI was like 27?
Roadie: We was playin' Last Resort on the bus the other night and you was crackin' it.
J: This song is sick, I'm not gonna pretend I don't like it!

MOD "Bubble Butt"
MI: What do you think this song is about?
J: Um, a fat girl.
MI: How does the singer feel about the bubble butt?

J: Uh, I don't think he's saying one way or the other... he's just like saying, she's fat. Some guys like fat girls. I think he's saying it's positive.

This is my favorite ADTR song, sometimes I listen to it 4 or 5 times in a row and sing along!

Crom "Anvil of Crom"
MI: What kind of movie do you think "Anvil of Crom" would be if it was a film?
J: I picture... a cartoon. But this wouldn't work with a cartoon, I think this band would be in a snuff film.
MI: I think they would agree with you!

Obituary "The End Complete"
J: This band is from Florida, right? Isn't Tampa like the capital of death metal?
MI: It was like in 92, when you were in kindergarten.
J: I know a lot of people who love this band. The singer is making a bunch of weird noises. [he starts typing on AIM for a few seconds] Sorry, man.
MI: No problem, I just hope whoever you're talking to has a vagina.
J: She does, and she's giving me a shitload of problems right now.

Devourment "Babykiller"
J: This is nuts, it's like dun-dundun-dun with just like... grunts.
MI: This genre is called "wigger slam metal."
J: Uh huh, I can definitely hear that!
MI: So why don't kids who wear puffy jackets and listen to Hatebreed like this band?
J: Good question, they totally should!

Merauder "Time Ends"
J: I saw them on the Hellfest DVD I think.
MI: Did your parents yell at you for moshing in front of the TV?
J: No! My friend from that band Seventh Star always told me we should listen to this band.
MI: He was right.

This is the black metal version of party rap, it's so catchy and upbeat!

Moevot "In einem Friedhof"
J: [after 1 second] I literally think I can listen to this for maybe 5 more seconds before it will give me nightmares tonight. It's like... hums... with screams.
MI: How do you think this guy would dress for Halloween?
J: Uh, the Cryptkeeper.
MI: How would he dress for not-Halloween?
J: The Cryptkeeper.

Brokencyde "FreaXXX"
J: I swear to god, everyone talks so much shit on them, but I've never listened to them. Aren't they from New Mexico? Nothing good has ever come from there. It's white kids rapping, auto tune, everything that's cool! And screaming. Let's put it all together! "Let's get freaky, let's get fucking freaky now"?!
MI: There's the line that goes "They pull their panties down, then take their pants off." Isn't it usually in the reverse order? I mean, you're in a band, not me, maybe you guys have a trick.
J: Right. Well, I take my pants off last...

Cephalotripsy "Inoculated Prosthesis"
J: I don't understand how people make their voices like that. It sounds like he had a bunch of Pop Tarts and orange juice, just like the nastiest shit in your throat ever.
MI: If you listened to this for a while, do you think you could get post mosh stress disorder?

GG Allin "Assface"
J: The name sounds familiar...
MI: How big do you think his dick was, in inches? I'll give you a hint: when he pulled his pants down, it looked like three grapes.

Leeway "Marathon"
MI: I heard the singer for Leeway works construction in Pittsburgh.
J: Yeah, that sounds like what he'd be doing. Probably listening to his own band while he works. No sleeves on his shirt, probably has barbed wire tattoos.

Forever the Sickest Kids "Woah Oh"
MI: Which member of FTSK has the best hair?
J: Actual best hair or [air quotes] "best" hair? The drummer is one of the nicest dudes ever... but his hair is crazy, it's nuts.
MI: I wish I wasn't going grey so I could have hair like his.

Vulvator "Boy In A Boat"
J: Boy in a boat? What the hell is that?
MI: Hint: it's a part of a woman's body that's covered by her bathing suit.
J: Huh?? Oh! It's her clitoris!

Nasty Savage "Unchained Angel"
MI: If you met someone in a band called Nasty Savage, what would they look like?
J: Definitely over 250 pounds, humongous beard, probably wear a cowboy hat. Yeah, this definitely sounds like that. They would probably not even have a car, just drive like a four wheeler or something. And they would smell exactly like what you would think.
MI: Like a nasty savage?

Slayer "At Dawn They Sleep"
J: Dude, what is this song about? [to another guy in the band who walked in]
Other guy: Vampires, dude. Or Aiden.

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  1. Despite the fact that their first record was complete crap, I actually liked the first album A Day to Remember did for Victory. I haven't heard anything since that, though. That song in that video is so-so. I still think they should cut the shit and just go all out for the catchy stuff, ha...

  2. any band with a name this long can't possibly be good. "slayer" is a good name for a band. "the other day i saw your mom bending over to pick up a penny 'cuz she's so cheap" is NOT.

    "The name sounds familiar..."?????
    who THE FUCK doesn't know who GG allin is?

    funny ass post sarg, but cant say i much care for your choice of ppl to do it with. might as well have done it with a security guard at the mall or a 20 year old girl in college who's way into TMZ... i'm just sayin'.

  3. "As far as I can tell, most Metal Inquisition readers are old, completely out of touch with contemporary youth culture, and get confused and angry when they hear new music."

    Guilty. Never heard of 'em, don't fucking like 'em. That's my mantra.

  4. great format, me likes. is it just me, or are some of the song files not loading? maybe its because i'm a mac user? i just see white squares.

  5. sometimes i wonder if this blog is some kind of weird andy kaufman performance art thing that is too far over my head for me to understand. then i get confused and angry because i'm old. i'm going to listen to slayer now.


    Does that one dude have a "Blink 182" knuckle tattoo?

  7. a 20 year old girl in college who's way into TMZ
    so basically, me?

  8. GG Allin "Assface"
    J: The name sounds familiar...
    It's the dude that designed the Alien.

  9. Uh, no. HR Giger was the one who designed the Alien.

  10. haha, chris you fucking idiot!!! can you believe you got his name wrong?! man you must feel SO STUPID you fucking retard!

  11. ah finally covered one of my most guilty pleasures...i listen to that new album on repeat at the gym.

    im surprised they know so little about metal, I feel like someone would at least tell them about deovurment playing in any sort of band with breakdowns. must be christian or something...

  12. isn't this band xtian? pop songs with mosh parts are something special, way of the future. I wish aging pop stars would start throwing in some chugz to give a youthful patina to their haggard dross... the musical equivalent of vaginal rejuvenation?

    also, you've probably heard but nevertheless: http://www.mothersagainstbrokencyde.net/

  13. I'm also guilty of being old and out of touch, but that was crap no matter how you slice it. They played the commercial for ADTR's album 400 times during the R&R Hall of Fame Ceremony. It made me want to punch myself in the face.

  14. "Does that one dude have a "Blink 182" knuckle tattoo?"

    LOL, I think your right hahah

  15. i used to think:

    man, i wish Anthrax had a singer with a lower voice.

    then, they got john bush and i regreted making that wish. one day, i also said:

    man, i love some pop punk bands. i wish someone would do a band like that, but tune down low like dystopia or something.

    then i got my wish...and i think i now regret making that wish also.

  16. I was taking the piss, you numbnuts.

    I'd eat my own crap if I didn't know who GG was.

  17. Interesting idea but holy fucking shit what a boring idiot that dude is.

  18. I'm with John Omenhiser in this one. I know I'm old and I'm usually the kind of guy that thinks the first album is the best (including Slayer, Lucho), but disliking these tards doesn't relate to the fact that I'm old, it's related to the fact that they suck. Even though they tuned their guitars lower than the average "punk"-pop band doesn't make them different from the 100,000 bands that MTV used to play in the late '90, or emo bands that used screams for seconds in each song like The Used. To sum up, I'm sure I'd have complained about this band even if I were 15, cause they suck no matter what.
    Anyway, the other day I felt young again when a friend of mine got into my car and I had Harmony Corruption in the stereo and he complained saying it was stupid, that he didn't understand the type of music. I realized that death metal still bugs some people.

  19. I see you misspelled 'James Hart' as 'Jame Shart' at the end of that one. Freudian slip?

  20. "Jame SHART" = lolz

    "As far as I can tell, most Metal Inquisition readers are old, completely out of touch with contemporary youth culture, and get confused and angry when they hear new music. So, I'm pretty most of you have no idea who A Day To Remember is," -- (raises hand)

    I can't believe all this Nasty Savage talk! I saw them open for DRI in like 1988 and Nasty Ronnie kept pleading with us and a roomful of nazi boneheads "Ok guys, just 4 more songs and then DRI!" (which was a lie,because I think Attitude played after that)
    The thing is, a fifth tier band like Nasty Savage is still 10000 x better than this downtuned power pop stuff. Ugh

  21. reaching #21 on Billboard 200 and and #1 on Billboard's Indie chartsyou're lying. you have to be.

  22. jame shart is no slip! i think he should start going by that!

  23. Monster Crew? MONSTER POO!

  24. I like the format. You should interview pop-death fuckbags like this every day. It's like passing by a car accident and not being able to look away.

    captcha = "trothh" = black metal

  25. If James Hart doesn't start going by Jame Shart, I will!

    By the way, I think that mothersagainstbrokencyde.net is actually getting more kids to listen. What kid could resist after reading lyrics like,"Fuck your parents, fuck the principle, smoke weed all day then lets do cocaine, tap your sisters ass then push her out of a car"? Lets see,

    1. rebellion
    2. more rebellion
    3. drugs
    4. more drugs
    5. sex (possible group incest sex)
    6. then a good dose of misogynistic violence

    Where do I fucking sighn up? If I was younger, I would totally hang with those kids.

  26. the lyrics to welcome wagon were pretty avant

  27. Good idea, but this douche was boring. He didn't even know who Pantera and GG Allin were. Katy Perry knows who Pantera and GG Allin were.

    My suggestion: Carl Monday style investigative reporting on which Hollywood celebrities listen to death metal. Everyone knows about Jim Carrey listening to Deicide and Cannibal Corpse, but I want to discover that George Clooney's favorite album is Deteriorate's "Rotting in Hell". "George, George! Is it true that you worked for JL America's street team in the early 90's?"

  28. weird as hell im fifteen and i dont know half this shit and suddenly....i feel some pride swelling in my heart

  29. As far as I can tell, most Metal Inquisition readers are old, completely out of touch with contemporary youth culture, and get confused and angry when they hear new music. So, I'm pretty sure most of you have no idea who A Day To Remember is, despite reaching #21 on Billboard 200 and and #1 on Billboard's Indie charts with their newest album Guilty on all of that. But honestly how can you not get angry when they take crap like this (albeit with some good chugga riffs, I'll give them that...) and make a shitload of money. Of course what's even worse is that some of the bands in the post paved the way for this genre, with ADTR both liberally borrowing from it and mutilating it at the same time.
    Now Brokencyde on the other hand, that's some rebellious GG Allin worthy shit.

  30. singer from leeway still lives in ny. Saw him the other day with a giant hockey bag full of leeway merch. He appeared out of thin air just as ratbones was saying "yo i bring that old leeway style to the pit" Timing was perfect. Said he had a new band and they are gonna tour europe this summer...

  31. Huh. As others have mentioned, I don't think ADTR is terrible because I'm old, but because ADTR are in fact terrible. The weakness in that song is almost overwhelming, even the supposedly "heavy" parts are weak. It's funny how people will tolerate and even celebrate this junk all the while ripping on bands that are actually good. Oh well, I guess there really is no accounting for taste, or complete lack thereof.

  32. You know, as embarrassed as I am for this kid for not having heard any of this stuff, at least he's not one of those assholes that claims that No Life 'Til Leather was the only good thing Metallica ever did.

    I like this format a lot. If you somehow get your hands on some more terrible 20 year-old musicians, please force them to listen to King Diamond or Overkill or something and get back to us.

  33. Uncle Gus - i heard that mothers against brokencyde is actually a scam put on by their management to have the EXACT effect you referred to... Cant confirm or deny, but thought it was interesting...

    captcha = "poose" = aussie slang for vagina (imaginary)

  34. i'm hoping to have an interview in this format with Forever The Sickest Kids next week- if you have any suggestions on what to play them, let me know! i definitely want to see how they react to Mordred.

  35. josh is a douchebag, the rest of the guys are chill as fuck. its a shame he is often the mouthpiece for his band.

  36. i dont kno who gg alin is either i dont kno why u expect younger ppl to kno ur buttfuck never had a hit musicians if you older ppl dont even kno who adtr are who have had 2 songs played on MTVU... also homesick is my fav album for 2009 im still listening to it daily 2day

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