Thursday, November 13, 2008

The ultimate argument settler

We live in a divided nation. For those reading outside the U.S., the same holds true. We live in a divided planet. Just last week, the United States of America had its presidential election. Similarly, here at Metal Inquisition we are hugely invested in the democratic process. We are also, however, authorities in the world of metal, and with that authority we are more than happy to have final say, and settle any metal argument. As the name of this blog implies, we are judge, jury and excecutioner. Below are our rulings. Well, mine at least. Having said that, we will still hear you guys out, probably just to point out how wrong you are though. So, we have decided to let you, our beloved readers, vote. For all those who are not americans, or do not live in this country...feel free to play along.

1. Best Slayer Album: - Reign In Blood or South of Heaven?
Don't be a wise guy and say "Haunting the Chapel", because that was an EP. Don't be an ass and say "Show No Mercy", that's like nominating the fat girl in your high school for prom queen as a joke. My vote? South of Heaven. The production alone makes it the best album hands down. I don't care how controversial my vote is. I'm sticking to it. By the way, if you vote for Seasons In The Abyss, you're a poser. Everyone knows that's Slayer's "new" album.

2. Dark Angel or Death Angel?
We settled this one ourselves sometime back, but we'd now like to hear from our readers. Again, don't be a smartass and say "Morbid Angel". I proudly vote for Dark Angel, even
though the date and place where the lyrics to each song were written are listed in the liner notes.

3. Norwegian black metal or Swedish death metal?
By Swedish death metal, I'm referring to the first three Entombed albums, early Dismember etc. Tough one, but I have to go with Swedish death metal since it generated less awful third rate bands.

If my brother and I had only had the minimal fashion know how necessary to pull off this look in 1989, we would have done it. Yet another obstacle that stood in our way was the fact that my mom wouldn't let us grow our hair long.

4. American thrash or German speed?
Another controversial one, I know. Though some disagree, when I say "german speed metal" I'm talking about the holy-trinity: Kreator, Destruction, Sodom. If you disagree with what I mean by "German speed", go start your own blog. By American thrash I'm talking about Anthrax, Exodus etc. I would love to say german speed, since its more aggressive and cooler...but the reality is that in 1989 I made my mom buy me bermuda shorts because of Anthrax, and I thought Exodus were the coolest band ever. Guilty.

5. New York City, or Bay area thrash?
Which will it be? Forbidden or Anthrax? Overkill or Exodus? Testament or Nuclear Assault? This one is really tough for me. Damnnit, I may have to go with the Bay-Area.

This cover is of the second printing of the video. I have the original one, since I'm no poser.

6. Hard N' Heavy Grindcore edition or Thrash Metal edition?
The Grindcore one had way scarier animation, whereas the thrash metal one had that creepy metal guy basically assaulting women. For comedic value alone, we have to go with the thrash metal one because it features the Anthrax poodle haircut, and unbelievable interviews with Vio-Lence and the award winning piece on Mordred.

7. Who riffs harder, Prong or Pantera?
Yet another argument as old as time itself. We also ruled on this one at one point, and we called it a draw. I personally have to go with Prong. If you want to know about my reasoning, read the post we did all about this ongoing debate.

8. Earache or Roadrunner?
I don't care what these labels are up to now, I don't even know if they exist. I'm talking about back in the day. Napalm Death vs. Malevolent Creation. Obituary and Suffocation vs Bolt Thrower and Carcass. Because of my current love affair with most things that Obituary has done, I have to go with Roadrunner. Don't be a wise guy and say Grindcore records. Let's keep this orderly.

9. Was Darkthrone better as a Swedish death metal band or as a Norwegian black metal band?
No, you can't just answer "none of the above" it's a tough one. I know that Mr. Sargeant D has made an argument for why they were way better as a death metal band...but I may have to side with the black metal years. It's just so hard to cut through the cult of personality around them, and the insanely stupid fans. But once I do, I find the black metal albums to be more interesting, even if they sound terrible and are largely composed of three notes that sound like a fly buzzing in my ear. I guess it's part of the charm.

10. Better compilation, Grindcrusher or Death is Just The Begining?
Man, Grindcrusher just hit the spot back in the day! Morbid Angel, Napalm damn! I'll just try to forget all the other awful songs.

11. Best/Worst Colaboration: Anthrax and Public Enemy or Biohazard and Onyx?
Biohazard/Onyx certainly provided the highest cringe factor, but I'd be less than honest if I didn't admit to the fact that I still know all the lyrics to Bring The Noise to thise day due to the 'thrax/P.E. colabo. As such, that's who I'm voting for.


  1. 1. Can't go wrong with either of those Slayer albums. South of Heaven definitely gets overlooked. Good choice.
    3. Sweden's Death Metal definitely kicks Norway's poser Black Metal scene. But what about Finland?
    4. German Speed or Teutonic Speed metal kicks US Thrash metal 6 ways to Sunday. Sodom, Destruction, and Kreator are the mighty kings of all that is metal.
    5. Both areas have their good points and bad - toss up.
    7. I dislike both these bands - nuke em both.
    8. Now here's one I can actually give some insight. I interned at both of these labels back in '96. I worked two days a week at both labels. I had a blast at Earache while Roadrunner was more like a corporate office. Also I got to chauffeur Napalm Death from the office to the WSOU station for their on air interview - you can see which will get my vote.
    9. Trick question Darkthtrone was never any good.
    11. PE/Anthrax was better but not for adding rap to metal... what a stupid concept.

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  3. By chauffer I drove them in my gold '85 Mazda 323... the ultimate ladies magnet.

  4. Mazda 323's were pretty sweet. My mom had one. They then changed the name to Protoge, and ruined them.

    To be an intern at Earache in 1992-93 would have been the most amazing thing ever. by 1996....ooofah! I'm surprised the shocks in your Mazda survived the combined weight of the band by then. You would have been safer driving Crowbar around.

    Regarding Darktrhone, I didn't think of the fact that they were never amazing. Crap, you win.

  5. Thankfully it was only two members - Barney and Shane - still the two biggest members. LOL

  6. Good post!
    1-Sorry, I have to pick the fat girl. Show No Mercy is their best. I love that album. If I can't pick this one, I'd pick Reign in Blood, though I don't find it as amazing as people claim it is.
    2-Dark Angel. Death Angel has only one good album (do I need to say which one?) and a good demo, but the rest sucks. Dark Angel kicks their ass (in terms of music, and in terms of name, given the explanation from the stupid singer of Death Angel about their name. Not metal).
    3-SWEDISH DEATH METAL. Norwegian Black Metal is good, though I also hate how many stupid kids got into it and started their own one-man bedroom black metal band with awful corpsepaint. Swedish Death Metal just rules. Best style of music ever. Hails Desultory, Carnage, Dismember, Entombed and plenty of more bands.
    4-German Speed. Come on, nothing to argue about this. Kreator and Sodom are too much (never got into Destruction too much, don't know why. It's like Exodus. Well, actually, Destruction are ok, but I never liked Exodus).
    5-Tough one. Both places have good bands, but I'd say the Bay Area wins.
    6-No comments about this one (Am I a poser?)
    7-I don't like any of these bands, though in the early 90's I liked Pantera more than Prong, so I'd say Pantera.
    8-Difficult one. Maybe Roadrunner.
    9-I stick to Darkthrone as a Black Metal band. Their first black metal albums are very good. After that, they got boring. Their death metal albums are good, but I find too many bands that I like more than them playing that style.
    10-I was never a big fan of compilations. They make you believe a band is good with one song, then you kill your mother to get the albums of that band to realize they actually suck.

  7. I forgot about the last one. I pick Biohazard. I used to like Biohazard in the early 90s, and their concerts were lot of fun (saw them like 4 times). And their song with Onyx wasn't that different from the rest of their songs. Anthrax song just plainly sucks.

  8. 1. [b]Seasons in the Abyss[/b]. I like being a poser. In fact I'm wearing my poserish H&M army cap and White Stripes shirt right now (but I won't grow a beard, that makes me look old.)

    3. Both are great.
    4. German speed. It's the accent.[i]Bombenhagel![/i]
    9. Black 'n' roll. When the dj played 'These Shores Are Damned' between the set of Doomriders and Disfear, the entire venue started headbanging.

  9. 1. "Seasons in the Abyss". The end.

    2. Dark Angel. Stupid question.

    3. Bathory.

    4. American thrash, and anyone who says "German speed" is insane. A. Destruction was never that good, B. Kreator and Sodom had some absolute classics (more so Kreator), but to say they were better than the best American bands is complete lunacy.

    5. Hard choice. I love me some Anthrax and such, but I gotta go with the Bay area on this one.

    6. Don't care, they're both amusing.

    7. Pantera, but Prong's two best albums are preferential to listen to on a regular basis.

    8. Roadrunner. Easy.

    9. Norwegian black metal or "black heavy metal" band. Fuck the "death metal" years.

    10. Don't really care, but "Grindcrusher".

    11. Biohazard and Onyx SUCKED. I love Biohazard, but god, what they did together was abysmal.

  10. and another reason why to vote Earache - Roadrunner is the king of poser metal. They cut awesome acts like Immolation and force Suffocation to record somewhere else for Breeding the Spawn. That's two strikes and you're out in my book.

  11. 1. South Of Heaven
    2. Dark Angel
    3. Norwegian Black MEtal
    4. American Thrash
    5. Bay Area
    6. Thrash
    7. Pantera
    8. Earache
    9. Black Metal
    10. DIJTB
    11. Anthrax/Public Enemy

  12. 1. I like both they are both great in their own ways.
    2. I like Death Angel. I hated Dark Angel ever since they did that aweful cover of Zep's "Immigrant Song"
    3. Swedish Death Metal hands down. The greatest scene back in the day.
    4. Both They both had great contributions to metal.
    5. Both see #4
    7. They both suck but Prong's Beg to Differ was great for the time.
    8. They were both great back in the day. But, my vote goes to Earache more classic bands over a longer period.
    9. Swedish Death Metal
    10. I loved them both
    11. They were both good for the time.

  13. martijn, i'm with you! i'm wearing a Forever 21 jacket right now. i love posing!

    are you a scando? i bet the H&M stores over there are even better than the ones in the US. do they have H&M Divided in Europe? that's the best stuff, i could spend all day there!

  14. oh, and Seasons is also the only slayer album i really like at all... but i'm listening to Hit The Lights, so what do i know about metal?

  15. Easy!
    Let's go...
    1) Seasons in the abyss
    2) Dark Angel (but only because of a few songs on "Darkness descends")
    3) Swedish Death Metal (FIRST & SECOND Entombed albums, Carnage, early Grave, early Dismember...etc)
    4) American Thrash. Absolutely!
    5) Bay Area Thrash. (I like only Nuclear Assault in N.Y. scene)
    6) I abstain.
    7) I'll go with Prong. Never listened to them, but I know Pantera suck big ass.
    8) Earache. Morbid Angel, Entombed, Carcass, Bolt Thrower, Napalm Death: killing roster!
    Only Obituary were at the same level. Plus, Sepultura were already posers.
    9) "Soulside journey" is a classic release...
    10) At Death's door vol.I
    11) Pavarotti singing Ramazzotti.

  16. 1. Reign in blood
    2. Dark Angel
    3. Swedish death metal
    4. German speed
    5. Bay area thrash
    6. ?
    7. Prong
    8. Earache
    9. They are much better as a black-metal band
    11.Public Enemy and Anthrax was much better. Biohazard/Onyx still makes me throw up every time I hear it.

  17. honestly earache's catalog is not aging well! the vast majority of their releases sound quite boring and dated these days, while roadrunner has tons of records that still sound great, at least to my ears- but i'm not a smelly euro, so who knows. maybe to them, the Mighty Force LP is a classic!

  18. who got the better Engrish lyrics: Japanese or Euro wigger slam bands???

  19. 1-South Of Heaven. I thought the slow stuff was a great change, and threw people for a loop. Live Undead rules

    2-Dark Angel!. Darkness Descends blows away anything Death Angel ever did. Although both bands starting huffing mad dong by their 3rd records.

    3-I'd have to go with Swedish death metal. Entombed, Unleashed, Dismember, Carnage, etc. were revolutionary to me.

    4- German Speed Metal. Kreator was great live. Would Coroner fall into this catagory? Saw them open for Kreator and they were amazing.

    5-Bay area. Testament, Vio-Lence, many others. NY had lots of stuff that was mediocre.

    6-Never saw either.

    7-I guess I'd say Pantera cuz that "snap your fingers,snap your neck" shit was pretty weak. Although, I wasn't ever much of a Pantera fan either...Primal Concrete Sledge? What the fuck is that?

    8-Earache. Carcass, Napalm Death, Morbid Angel, Entombed...all that shit came out and made Kreator and Testament sound soooooo weak.Obituary was bad ass, but grindy death metal was where my head was at back then.

    9-Darkthrone sounded like Entombed and Dismember as a death metal band. I'll say better as a Black metal band.

    10-Grindcrusher. I believe the Spazztic blur song was hilarious.

    11-I'd say Biohazard/Onyx was the worst. That shit made me feel like I just gave a guy a handy for drug money...dirty all over

    keep up the great posts. you guys seriously make my day every time you post.

  20. Death angel had a sense of groove man ! I never liked Dark Angel, they're way overrated. They suck ! Slayer's "South of heaven" has the best sound a thrash metal can have but those asslickers will tell you "Reign in blood" is their fave since every trve thrasher has to like that album, even if some songs are lame. "South of heaven" is a fucking killer, that record changed my life in 1988 and made me fall into the early death metal shithole ! Thanks a million, bastards !

  21. "Reign in blood" has aged worse than the entire old Earache catalog...who's that douche that labelled it as "best death metal album of all time!" on the "At the death's door vol.I inner notes? Monte Conner, maybe?

  22. 1. Best Slayer Album: -
    Reign In Blood...quick and to the point...hasn't aged well but still is a pretty negative listen for any non metal listening passenger in your car (esp the lyrics)

    2. Dark Angel or Death Angel?
    Death Angel, though only because they were so young when they did Ultra Violence and Frolic and that was amazing...and I of course still love Gene...

    3. Norwegian black metal or Swedish death metal?
    Norwegian black metal because they burned shit killed people and that's scarier than playing on stage in make up just singing about it...wait hold on...

    4. American thrash or German speed?
    German speed but only because I remember as a kid "wow this is crazier than Slayer" and I really had alot to learn about life

    5. New York City, or Bay area thrash?
    Bay Area, but I was more scared of NY area band shows when they came to town

    6. Hard N' Heavy Grindcore edition or Thrash Metal edition?
    Grindcore Edition because it had that guy in that Christian band who ended up stopping being Christian...

    7. Who riffs harder, Prong or Pantera?
    Pantera easily. I can only hum Lost and Found off top of my head from Prong, Pantera, probably entire discography...i know, sorry :(

    8. Earache or Roadrunner?
    Earache...if only because Roadrunner couldn't figure their name (R/C, RoadRACER records, Roadrunner...pick one and use that to steal your artist's don't need 3 names to do it)...

    9. Was Darkthrone better as a Swedish death metal band or as a Norwegian black metal band?
    Black metal...Soulside Journey (the only death metal album I think they did besides that mid-90s "from the vaults" one) was rather boring...all other albums by them i actually like...alot...i know, sorry :(

    10. Better compilation, Grindcrusher or Death is Just The Begining?
    Grindcrusher...had Confessor if I'm not mistaken...or maybe im thinking of another 1992 sampler from Earache...but the one with Confessor...

    11. Best/Worst Colaboration: Anthrax and Public Enemy or Biohazard and Onyx?
    Biohazard/Onyx was the best ("i'm b-boy, rapping in my b-boy stance hurry up and gimme the microphone before I bust in my pants" is classic) though the Anthrax song made me want to delve further in to PE's catalog as well...which is alot stronger than Onyx's 2 albums...

  23. 1. reign in blood. for the opening riff of the title track alone.

    2. dark angel definitely. even though leave scars which you m.i. guys love so much sucks.

    3. swedish death metal of course. i was quite surprised to find this one, i thought we all agreed that black metal sucks big time.

    4. even though i am german, i have to go for american thrash.

    5. a really tough one. but nuclear assault simply beat the shit out of exodus, testament, forbidden, heathen, defiance etc. combined. even though i love most of the bay area bands as well.

    7. both bands suck and are for posers only.

    8. hm.... earache were the cooler label, but i was always more a thrasher than a death metaller... i would say it´s a draw.

    9. since the only darkthrone album i ever owned was soulside journey (on cassette of course), i choose the death metal version. that black metal shit never interested me. i didn´t like soulside journey very much, though, but i always thought the track title "sunrise over locus mortis" was pretty cool.

    10. grindcrusher

    11. anthrax/p.e. were way better. i liked the first biohazard album (the self titled one), but i hated everything they did afterwards. urban discipline a good album? what are you, a fucking poser?

  24. I stand behind Death Angel. That is all.

  25. 7 & 11 are not metal options. Prong & Pantera are both posers. Metal-rap is worthless suicidal thrash.

    I reckon you got all the other ones I am gonna read the comments everyone made...

  26. 1. I'm certainly a poser, but saying Seasons in the Abyss is better than South of Heaven of Reign in Blood is completely ridiculous. My vote is for SOH but maybe I only listen to it more now because I wore RIB out when I was younger. Also the Decade of Aggression version of "Raining Blood" is kind of better than the album version.

    2. Who?

    3. Norwegian Black Metal because, like Obama, it got kids involved. In burning down historic churches and murdering people, but that's beside the point.

    4. German speed.

    5. Bay area

    6. I would like to see interviews with Vio-Lence

    7. Who?

    8. Earache, because of the first Cathedral record. Is that weird?

    9. Goatlord.

    10. PE/Anthrax, no contest.

  27. 1. Reign In Blood
    2. Dark Angel
    3. Swedish Death Metal
    4. German Speed
    5. New York City
    6. Thrash Metal Edition
    7. Pantera
    8. Roadrunner Records
    9. Norwegian Black Metal band
    10. Death Is Just The Beginning
    11. Best Collaboration - Anthrax/Public Enemy
    Worst Collaboration - Biohazard/Onyx

  28. shit, i totally forgot about Divine Intervention! that record doesn't really sound like any of their other ones, but it has some of their best songs like Killing Fields and Dittohead. awesome drum sound, too.

  29. It looks like I'm going to have to spoil my ballot a few times...

    1. "Hell Awaits". O.K., so Lombardo and the rest of the guys had a hard time figuring out how to all play at the same tempo, it's still the most crazed, filth covered thing they ever did. Or maybe that's just the production...

    2. When I was a youngster I picked up "Darkness Descends", "Seven Churches", "Terrible Certainty" and "Hell Awaits" (all on cassette) in one orgasmic thrash-tastic splurge. My mom looked at my purchases and asked me, "do you think these will help you grow spiritually?!?" Thanks mom!

    3. Norwegian black metal, but only by default. Try as I might, I could never remember anything off of any of the Swedish death metal albums I owned. Emperor have at least one truely excellent song in "Curse You All Men".

    4. Quebecois techno-thrash/death/grind/etc.! Voivod! DBC! Gorguts! Neuraxis! Ion Dissonance's "Solace"! Beneath The Massacre's "Evidence Of Inequity"! Despised Icon's "The Healing Process"! O.K, this list's starting to get sketchy!

    5. New York. You would not believe how hard I looked for Leeway's "Born To Expire" back in the day.

    6. youtube.

    7. "Beg To Differ" had some amazing riffs, but was still ultimately disappointing.
    The best thing I ever heard involving anyone from Pantera was that Rebel Meets Rebel song "Nothin' To Lose". Go David Allen Coe!

    8.Roadrunner due to the awesomeness that is Treponem Pal's self titled debut.

    9. I listened to Darkthrone once...

    10. Grindcrusher lived up to it's name and destroyed my hope in metal's future at that time (Ditto "Seasons In The Abyss"). Sure, the Napalm Death and Morbid Angel songs ruled but the vast majority of it was just so...blah.

    11. Anthrax and Public Enemy are the goods.
    On a related note, did anyone else hear Rage Against The Machine's debut and go, "Enough with this rap metal already!"?

    I'm guessing you're going to disable my ability to post after you read this.

  30. 1. South of Heaven. Everyone loves Reign in Blood, but South of Heaven was more reminiscent of their earlier stuff and less core. Core sucks. And fuck you, Show no mercy is awesome.

    2.Dark Angel.

    3.Norweigan black metal, because your definition of Swedish death metal forgets the best part: Dissection's first 2, early Opeth, early In Flames, and At the Gates.

    4.American, though Anthrax was always a joke (and always will be thanks to VH1).

    5.Bay area, see #4

    6.Grindcore sucks, see #1

    7.Pantera, though I agree it is close.

    8.Two words for you: Mercyful Fate

    9.Black metal. What idiot thinks generic death metal is better than pioneering the black metal revival? Oh wait...

    10. Death is just the beginning. See #1 and #6

    11. Anthrax was worse. See #4.

  31. What idiot thinks generic death metal is better than pioneering the black metal revival? Oh wait...

    did someone call me??

  32. Kevin, Right on with Cathedral - they are the shit. Another reason Earache is light years ahead of Roadrunner, let's not forget Confessor's Condemned as well.

  33. 1) It's a close one, but I have to go with Reign In Blood - had it on cassette, lp and cd (I skipped the morning classes in high school classes to be first at the local record store on the day of it's release).

    2) Dark a fucking landslide.

    3) I'm going with SDM on this one. I really do like some of the Norwegian black metal but Clandestine and Like An Ever Flowing Stream pretty much fucking kills everything. I mean, remember that picture of Dismember covered in blood and the fuckin' HUGE inverted cross necklace (

    4) American thrash...easily. Kreator had a couple of good ones. Destruction and Sodom bored the shit outta me.

    5) Bay good as the NY bands were, the Bay area was at it's peak.

    6) I'm going for the Grindcore edition only because I still have it on VHS. Can't find my Thrash edition.

    7) I really don't give a crap about either of these bands. What do I know though..I think The Great Southern Trendkill is the best thing Pantera has ever done.

    8) Roadrunner...I mean, they had fucking Exhorder, Obituary, Suffocation, Deicide (yes..I still love their first 2), etc...

    9) Don't care about Darkthrone...I'm indifferent to both.

    10) was cheaper.

    11) Anthrax/PE by a mile...Biohazzard can lick my nuts and Onyx were a fucking joke in every aspect. I was always hoping Ice Cube would get in on the whole rap/metal thing (before he turned gay...his new one is not that great).

  34. 1. Of these two, Reign in Blood. If you really wanted to make this a reflection of the presidential election, it should have been Diabolus in Musica vs. Divine Intervention with that Forced Entry album as the third party option that is solid, but won't win because no one has ever heard of it.

    2. Dark Angel. They have more riffs and Death Angel look like they come from Muslim stock.

    3. Swedish death.

    4. American thrash.

    5. Bay Area, barely. The great bands are basically neck and neck, so I had to compare also-ran bands in the undercard and Laaz Rockit just barely squeaked past Faith or Fear.

    6. Grindcore. The hippies explaining that grind is "death metal with a thoughtful edge". The Sonic Violence interview. It's a classic.

    7. Prong, forever. If I never hear Pantera again, I will be a happy camper. I live near New Orleans, where their legacy still lives, and just no.

    8. If we're just talking death metal, Earache. The Bolt Thrower and Entombed albums (& Nocturnus) put them over. If the King Diamond albums on Roadrunner are added, it's a tougher decision. Draw.

    9. Black metal.

    10. Grindcrusher. Chapel of Ghouls FTW.

    11. "Bring the Noise" is ace (I still like it). Growing up around Cajuns who only listened to House of Pain and the Judgment Night soundtrack made this an easy call.

  35. 3. Sorry but Black Metal, the problem with swedish death is that although it spawned a few admittedly classic records it never really developed developed until At the Gates and Meshuggah (both awesome) but consequently spawned a million emo-death-metalcore turds who's fondness for hair products has destroyed the ozone and befouled the seas which killed lots of seals and gave us Gojira THANKS A BUNCH!

    Whilst Black Metal has produced many hilarious photographs, that immortal video and impaled northern moonforest score!

  36. 1. Best Slayer Album: REIGN IN BLOOD. Hasn't aged well my arse. South of Heaven hasn't aged well with its dry, cardboard box production.
    2. Dark Angel or Death Angel? DARK
    3. Norwegian black metal or Swedish death metal? NORBLACK, Swedish death metal gets off too easy here for what has happened to Eurodeath since the early 90s.

    4. American thrash or German speed? GERMANS

    5. New York City, or Bay area thrash? BAY AREA, NYC shit was just Maiden/Priest holdover bands who were stuck in the past, man. THE PAST.

    6. Hard N' Heavy Grindcore edition or Thrash Metal edition? GRINDCORE, but it's been a looong time since I've seen either.

    7. Who riffs harder, Prong or Pantera? PRONG. Good debut, some mediocre albums, Cleansing was good. Not really metal, though, Pantera dumbed metal down to E-chord chunking and Prong spawned Static-X.

    8. Earache or Roadrunner? EARACHE. Early earache anyway.

    9. Was Darkthrone better as a Swedish death metal band or as a Norwegian black metal band? Norwegian retarded punk-metal, their current incarnation, is my favorite.

    10. Better compilation, Grindcrusher or Death is Just The Begining? UK GRINDCRUSHER, VINYL VERSION. None of the bullshit they stuffed into the US version:

    Morbid Angel Chapel Of Ghouls
    Repulsion Radiation Sickness
    Carcass Exhume To Consume
    Godflesh Streetcleaner
    Napalm Death The Missing Link
    Terrorizer Dead Shall Rise
    Bolt Thrower Through The Eye Of Terror
    Intense Degree Straight Jacket / I've Got A Cure
    Filthy Christians Party & Fight For Your Right

    Plus the patented Dig Pearson Happy Meal Gimmick, the "World's Shortest 7 inch" split w/Electro Hippies and Napalm.

    11. Best/Worst Colaboration: Anthrax and Public Enemy or Biohazard and Onyx? PE/Anthrax. Biohazard were an embarassment, still are.

  37. show no mercy is the best slayer album, by leaps and bounds. to disagree is to be a false.

  38. 1. I love "Show No Mercy" and I like "Live Undead" even more so. "Evil Knows No Boundries" still makes me want to punch walls.
    2. They both only have a handful of good songs, but Dark Angel wins in a squeeker.
    3. If 95% of music sucks, 99.9% of Black and Death Metal sucks. Who cares who wins?
    4. American Thrash! I love all those German M F"ers to. Now if it was who produces the most brutal porn I would have went the other way.
    5. Bay Area- primo levis hit the reason on the head.

  39. 1. South of Heaven. Flawless production, and I was turned onto this album by a non-metal chick whose older sibling used to blast slayer everyday when she was young.

    2. I'm gonna take a hit on this one, but I havent listened to too much of either, (hey, give me a break im 24) but I have run into gene holgan twice running around like a madman at shows. (Exodus @ the whisky 2007) (Gathering of The Bestial Legion III 2007) so I'll go with him, though I didn't get top see his balls...
    Yes I know I suck, but listening to bo th will be my homework for this weekend!

    3. I've yet to delve too much into black metal I read lords of chaos and it kind mentally aborted my interest in black metal.

    Swedish Death Metal because Left Hand Path is a Cream Dream, even my non metal friend liked the guitar tone. I'll never check out any Inflames at all since those stupid corpsepaint kids where one had an in flames shirt on, that killed all interest in them for me...

    4. Im gonna go with bay area since i'm much more familiar, even though Agent Orange Kills. Exodus > Sodom, but I'll be listening to Kreator this weekend so this may tip the scale in the germans favor.

    My Girlfriends band composed of her and her brothers opened for destruction, and she spend 60 bucks bidding on this original destruction mad butcher backpatch to get it signed. yeah, shes pretty cool.... Met her at an exodus show when I went alone and I drank 2 40's before I even walked in the whisky.

    5.Ny has good ol anthrax and N.A.'s handle with care, but possessed, even though they only had 1 good album is the trum card in this decision.

    6. no clue, im not a poser just too young, but then again what poser isnt too young...

    7.I'll skip this one. too much post dime smoking mentions in the media.Though I never get tired of the 3 pantera home videos.

    8. Earache you asses! Entombed! Morbid Anal! Vader! Carcass! Decide!

    9.I'll choose his whack tattoo's

    10. I'll take the poser cop out and point out im too young.

    11. Public enemy. Only thing I know about biohazard is the band sticker someone put on the old septic tank in Joe Dirt...

  40. I'm going to have to default to the author's choices. I think we share the same brain at times. Here are some quick notes:

    -South of Heaven: yes, there wasn't anything around like Reign in Blood, and I understand it's importance, but pound for pound, riff for riff, song for song, South owns all. It's still in my rotation to this day.

    -Grindcrusher ruled. You know, call me lame, but I've only recently heard of 'Death is Just the Beginning'. I had 'At Deaths Door', which was also super cool. It turned me on to a band called Exhorder. Even though I was living in Louisiana when that record was released, I'd never heard of them (i'm from a small town). If you guys haven't checked out Exhorder's Slaughter in the Vatican, go get it. Riff tastic. It's not death metal, but it sure is heavy.

    Love the blog, keep it up.

  41. On the subject of Slayer, it could be that while Reign in Blood was their most important record, that South of Heaven was actually they're (pound for pound) best. I'd agree with that. South of Heaven was actually the first Slayer I ever heard and I'm glad it started there.
    On the first listen to Silent Scream, I thought to myself, "This is where it's at." The other stuff, I just don't really give too much of a fuck.

  42. i understand some people's concern's about the unusual/bad production that South Of Heaven has. I happen to love it, and really love how organic the drums sound. that was the end of the time when drums could sound like drums in metal. oddly enough, it's Prong's production in Beg To Differ that kinda turns me off to it a bit. I love the riffs...but its such a dry sounding album.

  43. On the first listen to Silent Scream, I thought to myself, "This is where it's at."

    dude, tell me about it. definitely the most underrated slayer song!

  44. i think for air guitar/headbanging it is REIGN IN BLOOD. but for air drumming, i would go with SOUTH OF HEAVEN.

  45. 1) South of Heaven for both the title track and Ghosts of War.
    2) I'll go with Death Angel based on familiarity. I grew up watching metal on TV and there were no Dark Angel videos
    3)Swedish death metal just for those early Entombed records and "Before the Creation of Time" by Unleashed (ha!)
    4)Tough call. The German stuff was definitely more pissed off and blasphemous but Anthrax and Nuclear Assault had killer riffing, um tie?
    5)I'll take NYC because it had the chunkier riffs and was dirtier
    6) The grindcore video just for the Vengeance Rising portion alone
    7) Prong because I never did like Pantera one bit. Pre "Cleansing" Prong in particular
    8) Earache because they had classics by ND, Carcass, Entombed, Bolt Thrower and Godflesh which outweighs anything on Roadrunner's roster by far
    9)No opinion
    10) The Grindcrusher for sure. Official soundtrack of my grade 12 theology retreat
    10) PE/Anthrax, as terrible as it was

  46. 1. a) Reign In Blood is my answer and b) There's nothing wrong with Show No Mercy.
    2. Dark Angel
    3. Norwegian Black Metal
    4. American thrash (although, I wish I could somehow include Kreator who are leaps and bounds above Destruction and Sodom)
    5. Bay Area if at least for the first VioLence album
    6. the H&H thrash edition holds more over the top comedic value thus garnering my vote
    7. As much as I genuinely like earlier Prong and genuinely think Pantera were nothing more than dum dums, I still have to somehow go with Pantera on this one.
    8. Earache, no contest
    9. Darkthrone as a BM band due to it being some pretty decent unintentional psyche-rock
    10. Grindcrusher (duh)
    11. I'm not sure I understand this question. I guess I already genuinely liked Anthrax and PE way before they ever collaborated. What about Anthrax with UTFO?

  47. Death Angel had way more balls to do what they did, first of all THE ULTRAVIOLENCE kills anything dark angel ever attempted to come up with, 2nd the sheer frenzy brilliance and esotericness of FROLIC THROUGH THE PARK had you in riff buffet heaven for months just digesting the amazing riffs and genre fusions they were coming up with, they could funk the mosh pit up like, nobody's bizniz, then you had ACT III sorry fools that album is more powerful than a 6 pack at an AA meeting. Dark Angel : GENERIC THRASH/FAIL DEATH ANGEL : THRASH INNOVATORS/ WIN

  48. 1. "Hell Awaits"! "Reign" has become the "Freebird" of metal.
    2. Dark Angel, only for the lack of funk and the advantage of Holgan on drums.
    3. Tie! - That's like asking if you like new or old $20 bills.
    4. German Speed, easily. More bands that didn't crap out after 3 albums.
    5. Bay Area mostly for Exodus, Heathen and Tyranicide
    6. Grindcore edition - David Vincent AND that goofball from Vengance Rising.
    7. *Meh* Pantera? Then again, I think that had a lot of "studio layers" on Dimebag's guitars.
    8. Earache, easily
    9. Black Metal! (But "Soulside" fucking owns your "wigga-slam" soul!)
    10. "Grindcrusher" even with the dodgy Hellbasters & Filth Christians tracks.
    11. Onyx & Biohazard - sucks more schlong than Even Seinfield's wife.

  49. get the world's opinion at
    and it's all settled

    I only own Decade of Aggression and I think it's their best, don't care from wich album the tracks originally came.

    I like Vio-lence and Exodus but also Carnivore

    I wonder why so many people hate Prong here. I thiink they're good, better than Pantera anyway.

    I feel that Fenriz is the only rightful heir to Lemmy's throne but I won't answer questions about their music.

  50. 1: The album with Black Magic, Die by the Sword, and Evil Has no Boundaries on it.

    2: All I remember from these bands is the choruses of "Death is certain- life is not!" and "Roda Mutants crushing all". My memory of the death one has a more pleasing cadence.

    3: Norway- I listen to some of those records.

    4: Germany, with Sodom's "Persecution Mania" doing most of the heavy lifting.

    5: NYC- the Bay Area bands were all better, but we had Carnivore- which outweighs the rest of music.

    6: The Noise Records VHS that had the Running Wild "Conquistadores" video

    7: Pantera, I guess.

    8: Earache, easily- pushing the boundaries for extreme music.

    9: The black metal albums are better. Did anyone vote for the current record collecting punk-metal era?

    10: Grindcrusher- in that context, Naked City sounded like the most amazing band I had ever heard.