Monday, November 17, 2008

When awesome bands make shitty records

Many years ago I interviewed Brian Baker, who you may know from such bands as Minor Threat, The Meatmen, Bad Religion, and Dag Nasty. I asked him how it happened that even though Dag Nasty was such a great band, they wrote some absolutely fucking terrible songs. His answer was, "Hey, you can't win 'em all," which I thought was pretty insightful. Nobody bats 1.000, and even the best bands go wrong from time to time. Here are some examples of just that...

There is a clear, positive correlation between the passage of time and Suicidal Tendencies being shitty. Note the inflection points at the release of extra shitty albums.

Suicidal Tendencies - The Art of Rebellion
OK, to be fair this is more of an example of shark jumping than an aberration or outlier. Any way you slice it, though, this record fucking sucks like crazy. I mean I liked "Lights Camera Revolution" when it came out, but this was a dealbreaker. Even though it was kind of gay and crappy too, it had some great songs like "You Can't Bring Me Down" and "Lost Again." Then Mike Muir got too far up his own ass and tried to be an artist or whatever. I don't mean to be the "I only like the demo/first album" guy, because those people are the worst, but Suicidal is really the perfect example of a band that just gets worse with every album.

What is this shit?! Where did the NOT! banner and bermuda shorts go?! In the words of Discharge, "why why why why why"?

Anthrax - The Sound of White Noise

Remember the part in Lords of Chaos where one of the Norwegian BM dorks is talking about how he saw a picture of some band "wearing jogging suits and riding skateboards" and got very angry and confused? I'm pretty sure he was talking about Anthrax, and I can only imagine how difficult it would be for some Scandinavian hick to understand the nuances of five Jews from Queens imitating Iron Maiden, Agnostic Front, and Public Enemy all at once (by the way, my father is from Norway, so I have a bit of Scandinavian hayseed in my veins). But that's why we loved Anthrax: their whimsical, fun loving brand of thrash made you forget your troubles and whisked you away to a magical land where the streets were paved with mosh riffs.

In any case, a lot of people thought Persistence of Time was the beginning of the end for Anthrax, but I disagree. I thought PoT was pretty great. TSOWN is when Anthrax officially began their shockingly rapid descent into a state that would make being a laughingstock positively dignified by comparison. Why did they get rid of Joey and start writing lame, boring songs about fucking ski lodges or whatever? What happened to the jogging suits and skateboards? Why not just urinate on the sodomized corpse of everything your once-great band stood for?! Arggghhh!

At this point they were barely even phoning it in.

S.O.D. - Bigger Than The Devil
Obviously I am a big SOD fan. When I discovered them in 1991 or so, it was as though I was Christopher Columbus, piercing the fog to reveal the pristine shores of a whole new world before me, full of riches the likes of which even the most avaricious man could only dream of! Also, it was the closest thing to wigger slam that existed back then, so needless to say I was happier than a pig in shit.

Apparently they blew their load with "Speak English or Die," though, because SOD became one of the most absolutely wretched bands to ever disgrace the planet quite shortly after releasing it. They turned into basically the thrash metal version of Weird Al, even sinking so low as to write cringeworthy novelty/parody songs like "Seasoning The Obese" and "Celtic Frosted Flakes" on their 1998 album "Bigger Than The Devil." It's not just bad, it's awful on a level rarely approached by mere mortals. You have to scour YouTube for clips of John Cena rapping aggressively at Brock Lesnar before you come close to these levels of douchebaggery.

I am about to show you something so horrible that I must warn you before you go any further. Do not scroll down if you have a heart condition, are prone to fainting, or if you are eating. It is a spectacle so hideous that even the dark and twisted mind of HP Lovecraft could not have spawned it; even the slimy tentacles of Cthulu cannot inspire revulsion such as the following video can. With that warning in hand, click at your own risk! Recoil in horror at the atrocities that are birthed upon the world when Billy Milano listens to The Offspring too much!!

What other awesome bands made a shitty record?
As always, it is now your turn. There are many more great bands who put out crap, please help us list every single one of them!


  1. Maiden's No Prayer For The Dying... the nadir for the greatest metal band.
    Ministry's Filth Pig - no where to go but down after Psalm 69.
    Misfits - anything after Danzig - uh where to start.
    there's more for sure...

  2. Sepultura: ROOTS.
    Kreator: endorama
    Dio: Strange Highways
    i dont care what anyone says, I was so pissed and disappointed by that nu metal direction. I never forgave.

  3. Napalm Death - Fear Emptiness Despair
    Cathedral - The Ethereal Mirror
    DRI - Full Speed Ahead (Finally ran out of steam)
    Sabbat - Mourning has broken
    Warzone - S/T
    Slayer - Divine Intervention ("Dittohead" excluded)
    DYS - Fire and Ice (Duh)
    SSD - How we Rock
    Paradise Lost - Draconian Times

    Fuck...have you seen the direction Cryptopsy has gone in???

  4. Dead Kennedys - 'Frankenchrist'
    I totally agree w/the ST and SOD critique. It became embarrassing, just like Danzig.
    Never really cared for Anthax. Joey Ballerina or whatever kinda bugged me.

  5. Say what you want about Danzig, but when I was in junior high and early high school he seemed pretty cool.

    Then he put out Blackaciddevil, or whatever it was called. Danzig 5.

    I actually OWNED THE RECORD FOR SHORTER THAN ITS RUNNING TIME. I literally bought it, listened to two songs of it, turned the car around, drove to a used record store and sold it back.

    I haven't heard anything off it since, so I have no idea if it's actually as bad as I remember it being. My guess is it's worse.

  6. Amazing that you mentioned Brian Baker, but didn't mock his stint in the sleaze-rock band Junkyard.

  7. Well said, Brendon...I thought Maiden were infallible, before the release of "No prayer...".
    Other shitty records (usually followed by other shittier records...):
    Slayer "Divine intervention"
    Metallica "Black album"
    Megadeth "Countdown to extinction"
    Death "Individual thought patterns"
    Entombed "Wolverine blues"
    Nocturnus "Thresholds"
    Dismember "Massive killing capacity"
    Napalm Death "Fear emptiness despair"
    Carcass "Heartwork"
    Cynic "Focus" (yes, they started sucking immediately)

  8. Was this Brian Baker interview done straight after hearing "Field Day"?

    If you've heard Feild Day, you can't mock Junkyard. Apparently there were Junkyard trading cards for sale on ebay. Two bidders, Brian and the Junkyard drummer.

  9. municipal waste-hazardous mutation, album and following albums are pussy skeez thrash that would be better used if they would just stop "trying to imitate a thrash band"

    exodus-anything without paul is boring and sousa fucking BLOWS

    celtic frost-into the pandemonium. THEY COVER MEXICAN RADIO and tom g warrior is wearing some hair metal ass makeup

  10. i agree with most stuff here execpt: Nocturnus "Thresholds" which i kind of like

  11. i guess it's quite obvious but Metallica> black album, load, reload, st anger....
    i think its a better example how a band can be extremely awful with every record

  12. i knew there would be plenty of junkyard jokes. first of all, if you like hard rock, the junkyard record is actually really good. it's like zz top meets crue in my eyes, which is a pretty great combination.

    second, yes, i asked him quite a bit about junkyard, including what he thinks about people who didn't like them. his response was perfect (paraphrasing): "i don't know why anybody would get upset that i was in junkyard, i never said i was punk. i just like playing guitar."

    incredible!! you get the MI no-prize for this accomplishment!

  13. Thanks Danno I totally blocked out Celtic Frost's Into the Pandemonium. That album is garbage.

  14. i'm one of the "demo/first album" suicidal guys, sorry.
    anyhow i would say the following:
    kreator-coma of souls
    nuclear assault-out of order and anything after
    DRI- thrash zone and anything after, actually crossover blew horribly
    COC- blind and anything after
    (yep i'm a geezer)
    voivod-angel rat and up, although i did like katorz
    ministry-psalm 69 and those recent shitty anti george bush records, i preferred filth pig, but hey

  15. the ethereal mirror? really? that's my favorite cathedral record. hmmmmm

    anyway, do we even bother listing metallica here?
    I'm one of those dudes who just gives up on bands after albums i dislike, so metallica, sepultura, et al can GTFO.

    That new cynic record is pretty terrible. But maybe i'm just older and am better able to realize how crappy the vocals are

  16. wow...i like alot of these records you guys are posting...

    my picks:

    Suicidal Tendencies- Suicidal for Life (this was the real low point though I'm still seeing them when they hit my town Dec 6 cuz i like the 2 "newer" records since then)...

    Coroner- Grin

    Judas Priest- Nostradamus

    My Dying Bride- The one with the purple cover, before 34% but after Angel and the River

    Death Angel- Act III (except Seemingly Endless Time)

    Emperor- Prometheus

    may more but i try not to be so negative nowadays ;)

  17. "Sound of White Noise" is a very good album. Sorry. Belladonna-era Anthrax was my favorite band as a kid, and I thought "...White Noise" was good right when it came out. Still do. It was AFTER that one that the band truly went to shit.

    "The Art of Rebellion" isn't terrible either. Definitely way too far gone in a couple of tracks, but still solid. I didn't give up on ST until "Suicidal for Life", which still hand a handful of cool tunes, to be honest.

    And some of the comments here are just plain retarded. I think I now have to full-on hate some of the people who have commented on this thread. Seriously. People who think Exodus was only good with Baloff should shoot themselves, and some of the albums cited as "shitty" above are absolutely fucking excellent records. Ridiculous...

  18. Desultory: "Swallow The Snake". I can't believe that such a great band could record such a crappy album.
    Paradise Lost: "One Second" (I disagree about Draconian Times. I think that's a good album).
    Some people mentioned My Dying Bride, and Dismember. It's true that those albums aren't good, but then those bands were able to record pretty good albums ("The Light At The End of The World" by MDB and "The God That Never Was" by Dismember are awesome albums, so I forgive those bands. However, there are bands that will never be forgiven, no matter what they put out in the future, like Sepultura).
    Then, we can add almost all the Thrash Metal bands from the 80s that recorded something during the 90s.
    Katatonia: "Last Fair Deal GOne Down" and Anathema: "Judgement". These 2 aren't really bad albums, but it's when I gave up on these bands, when I realized they were never gonna go back to Dance of December Souls and Serenades.
    One more thing, I remember when The Sound of the white noise came out and that stupid album was getting great reviews by critics. I can't believe I wasted money on that album. I don't remember listening to it even once.

  19. The Sound of White Noise is the only Anthrax album I own. The only one worth owning IMO.

    Come on. "Only"? "Black Lodge"?
    Those are great fuckin' songs.

  20. the MOD video makes me want to die a million times. ugh.

    the first celtic frost album i owned was Cold took me years to find out they were a good band at one point.

    i know lots of kids kept saying that anthrax was great, but the vocals were too high...if only they had a different singer. well, we all got our wish...and look what happened. who would have thought that belladona made them better!?

  21. the MOD video makes me want to die a million times.

    dying 100 zillion times by the most excruciating means imaginable would be preferable to watching that video even a single time.

  22. Also, I forgot to mention - since you probably hate it - that I fucking LOVE Dag Nasty's "Four on the Floor". Awesome, awesome album.

  23. overkill - i hear black
    exodus - force of habit
    kreator - renewal
    sacred reich - independence
    sepultura - chaos a.d.
    forbidden - distortion
    nuclear assault - something wicked
    demolition hammer - the one after epidemic of violence, i forgot the name because i resold it very soon after buying it.

    these are all i can think of now. most of the obvious ones were already mentioned (metallica, anthrax, megadeth, sabbat...). basically all thrash bands that i used to like came up with some lame-ass shit albums after metallicas black album. you could really notice how they (or their record labels) were all thinking "slowing down is the way to go...if metallica can cash in with that, we might try it as well"

  24. wait wait wait! DRI crossover sucks? this sounds a whole lot like the "i like the first album and the demo" point of view. i get that by Crossover, they were playing fairly metal stuff...and the songs were long by comparison...but hot damn..that album was dope!

  25. The Art of Rebellion and Suicidal for Life are the best albums of ST for me... great drumming, bass line and riffs. Maybe I like both albums because they were the first ST records I heard...

  26. I fucking LOVE Dag Nasty's "Four on the Floor". Awesome, awesome album.

    me too! the first song on that album is maybe my favorite dag nasty song, i love it. the thing with DN is they're hit and miss, you know? every album has some great songs and some crappy songs.

  27. important thoughts on heavy metal from me:

    a) Sound OF White Noise is a good record. It's basically a more improved Persistence Of Time with shorter songs. However, I'll agree that they TOTALLY went to the shitter after that one.

    b) What the fuck is the deal with Mike Muir and his "wiggerish arm movements"??? I know Muir's schtick was that was "cyco", but maybe he's just a fucking idiot. I watched those ST clips on YouTube and there's nothing good about any of that shit.

    c) Celtic Frost has never done anything bad, ever. I will defend everything that band has done including Cold Lake.

  28. More importantly I think is the trend for once great bands to put out a one mediocre album that serves as a harbinger to the iminent downhill slide...on their own, these albums aren't terrible per se, but they certainly signal the beginning of the end.
    Most have already been mentioned here...
    The Black Album
    Divine Intervention
    Lights, Camera, Revolution
    anything after Legion
    Danzig is of course another prime example (lost me after Lucifuge)
    the list goes on...
    I think all of these albums have a few good songs on them but as albums, they are perfect examples of descent into suckage.

  29. jason, good point. mediocre records are leading indicators of descent into suck!

  30. Bulletboys - Acid Monkey
    Europe - Prisoners in Paradise
    Bon Jovi - Crush
    Skid Row - Subhuman Race
    Ozzy - Ozzmosis
    and my personal favorite of a disaster: Megadeth - Risk!
    i kinda like "Breadline", but for the rest of the songs on that album all i can say is what the fuck!?? "Crush 'Em"!!!!

  31. i never got into crossover. i think four of a kind perfected that style and was a good mix of the speedy earlier stuff and chunky thrash. it was a noble attempt, but did nothing for me.

  32. Add to my list above:
    Sepultura "Chaos AD" (1993 = shitty year for extreme metal!)
    Nuclear Assault "Out of order"
    Paradise Lost "One second" (they went too far with experimentation, overproduction and overarrangement)
    Anathema "Fine day to exit"
    Tiamat: anything after "Wildhoney"
    Lacuna Coil: anything after first EP (they were a completely different band on their debut, anyway...)

    ps. Jason: I agree!

  33. A lot of good additions, but I like "Focus" and even the new album. Maybe I'm the minority?

    Off the top of my head:

    Pyogenesis: Unpop (Ignis Creatio is their best work and everything else after that was inferior. I love their doom/death era, but I listen to their faggy pop-rock albums and Liquido too. Unpop, however, is just plain bad no matter what your genre of choice is).

  34. A lot of people swear by the Ethereal Mirror, but I was mega bummed by NOT being mega bummed when I heard it. The uptempo grooves and forced hippy vibe to it made wanna barf. That line --"Do the Martian Bossanova" or whatever is what got me.....gross. I know a lot of people love this one, but I'm a "Forest of Equillibrium" guy till the end.
    I thought Draconian Times was Just Paradise losts version of trying to jump on the whole Black Album schtick, of which I thought they did a shitty job (COC's version "Blind" though...what a ripper!Everything after that, yuck)
    Oh yeah, and speaking of Ministry (sort of) let's not forget Slapshot's weird and terrible "Blast Furnace" record......

  35. Man that M.O.D. video was very painful to watch. I had no idea Bill has fell to that kind of slump. Mybe we should take up a collection for him?
    M.O.D. hasn't put out anything good since USA for MOD.
    Ozzy hasn't done anything past the first three(and batm is only half good).
    Metallica and Slayer are the obvious ones.
    I checked out some new Agnostic Front the other day and boy did that suck.
    I call foul on the Sacred Reich post. They have never put out a bad record.


    Grin fucking rules. Don't you think Tommy, Ron and Marky were a tad bored of wanking every which way after almost ten years of doing nothing but? Even at its worst, there's a lot worse groove metal from that time. Case in point: Pantera.

    Nocturnus' Thresholds record isn't amazing, but I mean come on! It has a song about Metal Gear on it. Didn't anyone fucking read my interview with Mike?

    Heartwork is no Necroticism, but it's fucking gold. Also, Into the Pandemonium is a goddamned masterpiece. Sure, "One in Their Pride" is awkward, but the deathly beauty "Rex Irae" just rules.

    Carcass- Swansong
    Celtic Frost- Cold Lake
    Slayer- Anything past Seasons
    Sadus- Elements of Anger and Out for Blood. Jesus, Steve...what the fuck? "Down" is practically Slipknot.
    Salem- Necessary Evil. From awesome Middle Eastern black/doom/death metal to generic chugging...all in one step.
    Uriah Heep- Abominog. Bought this on LP this summer, stoked as hell...and found it to be everything I hate about 70s bands going into the 80s.

  37. Speaking of Junkyard, if anyone's interested...

  38. What about the huge downturn between Cromags- Age of Quarrel and Best Wishes?

  39. Anthrax? Nope. There are about as many good songs on TSOWN as any other Anthrax album and I like John Bush better as a vocalist.

    I think Dag Nasty's "Can I Say" album is pretty solid start to finish, and I even like "Field Day" if I think of it as a totally different band with the same name, which it kind of is. "Wig Out At Denko's" was pretty much shit, though.

    My picks...

    Celtic Frost - "Cold Lake." Come on. This is just shit. At least "Into The Pandemonium" was weird and ambitious.

    Metallica - The Black Album. Yes, it's obvious, but I don't think it can be said enough. If we forget the past, we repeat it.

    Hatebreed - Anything after "Satisfaction Is The Death of Desire." Once their songs topped the two-minute mark, the blatant stupidity made it hard to enjoy them.

    Emperor - "IX Equilibrium". This is when they stopped writing songs.

    Burzum - anything after "Filosofem." The only different between this stuff and music from your local New Age bookstore is prison. And anti-Semitism.

    Helmet - "Monochrome." Even "Size Matters" had some of the songs Page Hamilton wrote for Gandhi going for them.

  40. Accept - Balls to the Wall
    Celtic Frost - Cold Lake
    Kiss - Dynasty
    Iron Maiden - Somewhere In Time
    Exodus - Pleasures of the Flesh
    Venom - Possessed

  41. Accept - Russian Roulette
    Ratt - Reach for the Sky
    Motley Crue - Girls, Girls, Girls
    Quiet Riot - III
    Van Halen - 5150
    Judas Priest - Turbo

    yeah I'm talking about some Glam bands here so what? wanna fight about it?!!
    These bands ruled the earth at one point, then... epic fail...

  42. I guess your first paragraph doesn't really jive with the list. I mean are we talking about bands that made bad albums but then followed it up with good albums? Like Judas Priest making that awful Turbo album but then coming back with Painkiller? Or bands that "jumped the shark" and started to make shitty music from which there is no coming back?

  43. Pestilence - Spheres

  44. Carcass-Heartwork
    Celtic Frost-Cold Lake
    Judas Priest-Turbo
    Slayer-God Hates Us All
    Cryptopsy-The Unspoken King
    Metallica-Every album since "Master of Puppets"
    Voivod-Angel Rat
    Bad Religion-Into the Unknown
    Judas Priest-the latest two albums
    Iron Maiden-Virtual XI
    Agalloch-The Grey
    Waking the Cadaver-EVERY FUCKING ALBUM

  45. Oh yeah, agree fully re: SOD & Suicidal. First album wonders, both of them. Mike Muir is a retard & Billy Milano is a fat, noisy, obnoxious asshole.

    Exodus lost me with "Impact Is Imminent", it's when the goofiness just became too much. If I want silly, I'll listen to one of the many "joke" bands out there like Scatterbrain or Sunno))).

    Re: Anthrax, "SOWN" was OK I guess, although to me it sounded like Anthrax doing Armored Saint as opposed to John Bush singing with Anthrax. I don't think anyone mentioned that "Killer B's" thing they did but yikes, what a pile of garbage that was. See above re: silly.

    "Divine Intervention" is definitely an obvious one, it was like a married due realizing his wife was already as hot as she was ever going to be & it was mostly downhill from here on in.

    All time, I have to go with CF's "Pandemonium". I was a big CF fan at the time & after getting through side one I knew it'd be banished to the "embarrassing" pile, alongside "Shout At The Devil" & the Witchfinder General picture discs. Mexican Radio my ass. It still annoys me when people try to paint that album as some kind of artistic triumph. It stinks.

  46. Anything after "Satisfaction Is The Death of Desire."

    have to agree with you here. the 7"s were their best material. after that it kind of turned into a cartoon for moshers who weren't smart enough to get the joke.

  47. I'm glad to see that someone else views Scatterbrain and Sunn0))) as equals. I like both.

  48. I'm sorry but if anyone goes out of his way to say that metallica sucked after 'master of puppets' is vying for much needed attention or simply a poor sap who failed to understand the majesty that was ...and justice for all. You sir are despicable.

  49. A bit late, but anyway:

    My Dying Bride - 34,7 whatever%
    (although Like Gods of The Sun was dissapointing, it still didn't suck like this one)

    Anathema - A Fine Day To Exit
    (why did they suddenly want to become Radiohead?)

    The Gathering - If_Then_Else
    (they got all trip-hoppy on this one)

    Katatonia - The one after Last Fair Deal Gone Down

    Tiamat - Skeleton Skeletron
    (big disappointment after the great Deeper Kind of Slumber - they never really recovered after this album)

    Cathedral - Carnival Bizarre

    Iron Maiden - Virtual XI
    (they gradually got worse after the mighty Powerslave, but they were still decent until they released this crap. The only song I almost enjoy is the last ballady thing written by Gers/Bayley)

  50. Hatebreed....uh.
    I think they pretty much always sucked. Even at the pinnacle of my worship of all-things-Victory and an out-and-out obsession with the likes of Integrity/Bloodlet (even Snapcase, but don't tell anybody)etc...I think I always knew that Hatebreed sucked. So...I guess they do fit into this post in the respect that as a band, they represented hardcore jumping the shark...and I REALLY liked mid 90's hardcore.

  51. I forgot "Forbidden "Distortion": they suddenly became "groovy" and badly sucked...

  52. Shittiest album of alltime goes to Celtic Frost's Cold Lake!!!!!

  53. 90% of all metal ever made.

  54. I'm glad that several comments here have pointed out Sepultura's Chaos A.D. as the point where they started sucking cock. I heard some seagulls on one track and the cassette tape flew out the window.

    S.O.D.'s Bigger than the Devil was just god-awful. Those assholes should be beaten for shit-staining their own legacy.

    Good calls on both Megadeth's "Countdown.." and Death's "Individual..."--both are cheesy dreck.

    No one has mentioned Testament-"Souls of Black"--what a fucking disgrace!

    Danny is a fucking ASSHOLE drunk!

  55. Bon Jovi, everything after Keep the Faith.

    Sarge, you're way off on The Art of Rebellion. Might be gay and quasi-artistic compared to the rest of their catalog, but it also contains some of their best, most intricate, and most heart-tugging shit ever. I know that some of these words don't even go in the same sentence as ST, but fuck it. If my gut likes it, I ain't gonna front.

  56. the only bad judas priest albums are jugulator and demolition. bear in mind that i say this without having heard nostradamus. anyone who shit talks turbo can eat me.

    also, i believe someone said that accept is good up until russian roulette. this is the correct answer.

    lastly, the only good anthrax album is fistful of metal.

    okay, i'm done being correct on the internet now.

  57. The Cro-mags demo was awesome but when the proper album was released it was all cleaned up & gay-ified, I was so disappointed.

    Also, Corrosion Of Conformity "Blind". That singer on that album was fucking terrible. "Vote W/ A Bullet" aside.

    Trouble's "Run To The Light" was a real dud, so much so that they ditched the whole Jesus angle shortly thereafter.

    When I was like 10-11 yrs. old I was heavily into Kiss. They released those 4 solo albums & I had to nag the living shit out of the parents to get them to "advance" me the allowance money in order to buy all 4 at once. It turned out that only Ace's was any good, the other 3 were totally un-listenable & the posters they included were so beyond gay not even idiotic 11 year olds would tack them up. What a rip-off.

  58. way way late here but:

    c.o.c. - anything after animosity.
    d.r.i. - anything after dealing w/ it.
    cro-mags - done @ age of quarrel
    dag nasty - separate but not equal band after can i say.
    exodus - bonded by blood & out...
    anthrax - decline after among the living (though the greater of 2 evils is very listenable).
    celtic frost - mexican radio rules. 2 post into the pandemonium albums not worthy.
    metallica - over for me w/ master of puppets. post-cliff garage days lp (the 1st one) is cool.
    megadeth - killing is my business & everything after sucks.
    slayer - reign in blood & god hates everything after it.
    trouble - i'd leave it @ the skull.
    maiden - post-powerslave, do. not. want.
    suicidal - 15 song demo & s/t & maybe war inside my head from join the army.
    die kreuzen - anything after s/t.
    agnostic front - cause for alarm (but why do i still enjoy it?)


  59. Anthrax - I am the man

  60. Late, but it looks like no-one else mentioned Discharge's "Grave New World"- the quintessential disappointment.

    One of my friends told me that the Cro-Mags had gone back to hardcore with "Near Death Experience". I listened to it once, and brought it back to the store, claiming it wouldn't play.

    I remember I was crushed when "South of Heaven" came out- looking back it's not the weak assed sellout it sounded like in 1988.

  61. Grave New World is an album I have been defending since the day it came out, and I've never met ANYONE who has liked it. That being said, I still think it is one of my favorite albums. Yes, I said it. No, it's not the old punk Discharge, but get the fuck over's their attempt at metal with hippy lyrics and insane riffage. As for Anthrax, after Fistful of Metal they flat out sucked balls (No matter what idiot was singing).

  62. I dig Sound of White Noise! Ooooooooonnly!!!