Thursday, August 6, 2009

Repulsion/Pig Destroyer/Brutal Truth, 07.31.2009. Thoughts and Observations

Last Friday I picked my sad sack of old bones off the couch and rode the train into Brooklyn to catch Repulsion, Pig Destroyer, and Brutal Truth at the Brooklyn Masonic Temple.

The hottest new heavy metal venue!

You're probably thinking what I was thinking when I first heard about this show--Brooklyn Masonic Temple? I'm not Jewish and I know very little about the religion, but a temple is just about the last place I'd expect to see Repulsion, Pig Destroyer, and Brutal Truth performing. It's a huge, old stone building and the bands played in what looked like a school gymnasium. It's actually a pretty cool place, except for the fact that there's no air conditioning and once the bands started playing you could cut the BO with a knife. It was especially great when everyone would go outside between bands and loiter on the sidewalk and the locals would walk past and gawk at the mutant showgoers. For those of you that don't know the Brooklyn Masonic Temple is located in beautiful Fort Greene--a trendy, prohibitively-expensive brownstone neighborhood filled with the kind of annoying, wealthy thirtysomethings that make me green with envy.

I should mention that Mr. Albert Mudrian, Editor-in-Chief of Decibel Magazine, was kind enough to put me on the guest list so my cheap ass didn't have to pay to get in. He was also nice enough to put SkullKrusher on the list, but he decided to bail at the last minute to go out on a date with some chick he met on eHarmony. The sad, pathetic old loser claims he got laid, but I know better. My guess is that his date went something like this.

The show was sponsored by Decibel who were giving out magazines like Auntie Anne's gives out pretzels at the mall. I also received a drink ticket upon entering that entitled me to one free Ardbeg cocktail. Being the alcoholic that I am I had to indulge. Half-assedly mixing fancy, smoky scotch with ginger beer, however, was not a good idea. Instant headache.

Real life radiation sickness.

I have no idea why, but Repulsion played first. They weren't nearly as haggard as I expected for guys in their mid 40s that grew up in Flint, Michigan. Turns out only two of the guys were original members and the other two scabs were from Exhumed. Worst of all--NO DAVE GRAVE!!?? (WTF!?) They ran through most if not all of Horrified and did a Venom cover, but honestly the sound was so shitty I could barely make out what they were playing. All you could hear was the guitar and some tap-tap-tapping of drums in the background. The vocals were almost completely inaudible (at least from where I was standing). Why is it so hard for metal bands to not sound like complete shit live? When will people learn that triggering completely ruins the sound of drums? To top it all off I saw some of the worst stage diving I have EVER seen during Repulsion's set. Some mongoloid got so excited he even hit Scott Carlson in the face with his microphone. For an idea as to how awesome Repulsion was live back in the day watch this.

Pig Destroyer's DJ hard at work.

Next up was Pig Destroyer. I was a big PD fan in high school and college, but I haven't listened to or paid them any attention in years. They still sound exactly the same as I remember--fast modern grindcore with chugging thrashy riffs--but they now have a DJ who plays samples, twiddles knobs, drinks beer, fistbangs, throws water at the crowd, tells people to mosh, and who at one point pulled out what looked like a belt sander and proceeded to re-enact my favorite Razor album cover. If this guy's actually getting paid he might just have the best job in the world. I like how Scott Hull wears Under Armour wristbands when he plays. Kevin Sharp stood next to me the whole time and he still wears that stupid cowboy hat, has a huge beer gut, and was wearing mandals.

A couple of sad old men.

I stuck around for most of Brutal Truth's set, which is a lot longer than I should have. I was really into Need to Control when I was in high school, but if you put a gun to my head now and demanded that I recite the lyrics to a single Brutal Truth song the walls would be painted with the contents of my skull. The singer/guitarist from Lethargy (now there's a band that actually should reunite) is playing guitar for them now, which I didn't know. I wonder how jealous he is that Bill and Brann went on to fame and fortune with Mastodong while he's stuck playing with a washed up, reunited band no one cares about? The only good thing about Brutal Truth is Rich Hoak. He's a terrible drummer--my 80 year old grandmother could play a faster blastbeat, but he makes the most hilarious drumming faces. I also managed to take a picture with Dan Lilker and he is easily a foot taller than me and very hairy. He was, however, too embarassed to show his baby teeth. Note his patented pose, which he ALWAYS uses. See proof here.

A short sweaty Italian and a tall sweaty Jew.

There were so many gross, sweaty, fat shirtless dudes at this show I wanted to puke. There were, however, a surprising number of attractive females who looked completely out of place. I made the mistake of not weaing earplugs because I hate them and because the show didn't seem that loud, but of course my ears were ringing for days afterwards. I am officially an old man. I even spotted a couple of nerds walking around with copies of Infinite Jest in their hands. Who the fuck reads at a metal show?

The next day I went to work and afterwards went to a beer garden and drank for eight hours straight. I proceeded to lose my wallet (which was kindly returned to me by a lady sitting behind me) and both of my credit cards (did not find them). What a fucking weekend.


  1. Let's see yer pic without the photoshopped hair GHB.

  2. re: Infinite Jest

    Read BCO, it's "Infinite Summer." I mean, people in Brooklyn trying to show how smart and complex they are by walking around with that book? Not surprising. At a Repulsion show? It had to have been dark in there, they could hurt their eyes. Glasses are not metal.

  3. As I've gotten older, I've really begun to question my devotion to metal.

    Maybe if I never picked up those thrash albums in junior high, I'd be rocking a giant diamond and chilling in a McMansion instead of spending my Friday night at this show.


  4. not all temples are jewish. you're just saying that because this was in brooklyn aren't you? you anti-semite!

  5. anonymous, what photoshopped hair?

    night owls, i know the offending individuals. it was a joke.

    zena, what'd you think of the show? in particular, the lack of proper ventilation and air circulation?

    lucho, what the fuck does a wop from jersey know about temples?

  6. I skipped that show down here. It was either drive an hour to Baltimore or stay in my own town and hang with equally fat sweaty dudes at a Saviors, Ol' Scratch and Sourvein show in western Maryland. "Muhr-lund dewm metuhl" in full effect.

  7. HEY! in my defense i had a really good time with a VERY lovely (read: HOT) lady. and, yes, sex was had, and yes it was good. i did not meet her on eHarmony, i met her on an awesome site for christian black singles.

    mr balls i know you are just hatin' cuz you're jealous!

    i REALLY, REALLY wanted to see Repulsion! i love that band and i wanted to see if scott remembered me from back in the day. probably... we drank a lot on the cathedral/flotsam and jetsam tour... that being said without dave grave, it's not Repulsion... sorry...

    oh, and everyone needs to follow my twitter,

  8. fort greene used to be so awesome, now you have all these douchey rich but too cool for manhattan types who scoff when lifelong residents hang out on their block.

    that said, i saw neurosis there and it was fantastic. skipped this show because i was lazy.

  9. Vincent, at least i had a good excuse!
    kidding, of course. being lazy is the best excuse of all....

  10. that scotch was the worst tasting booze i might have ever had; free or no.

  11. I haven't seen once single twitter post about said "sex". Just some shit about taco bell and your pizza habit. I'm really starting to question your version of this story SkullKrusher.

  12. Semi-interesting thing about Rich Hoak, he's good friends (from childhood) with Superchunk drummer Jon Wurster.

  13. Gene! great post. way you got action. shame on you.

  14. Robert H, i didnt mention anything about sex, cuz i'm a gentleman... and my addiction is not to taco bell, it's to meth.

    savage, how can i prove i passed on Repulsion for some sweet action? short of a video (which i dont have cuz, like i said, i'm a gentleman), i don't know how to prove it.

  15. But how would you have know that by passing on Repulsion that you were guaranteed some tail?

    you had to say "i might get some, i better skip Repulsion just in case".

    BTW, why the HELL Was Repulsion the opener?

  16. Mudrian's website has sample pages from what's likely a real page turner, his history of grindcore book. Here's a sample-

    " album from speedy
    California thrashers The Accused called The Return of Martha Splatterhead..."

    California, eh? Sarge, if I were you I'd be insulted!

  17. savage, you are absolutely right, but i was getting that vibe, you know? we started hanging out around 3pm, by 6 i was well on my way. i'm gonna ask her if i can twitter about it and if it's ok with her, i'll reveal some details...

  18. Hey Zena Metal
    I just checked your blog and I must say that you mam, are no metal head, you get your jollies going to see RANCID? and Ratt isn't quite metal, it's pop rock. Stop trying to act like you know anything about Thrash Metal, because if you were actually really into metal you would not be caught dead a godawful RANCID show. Start shopping for regular non hot topic clothes and get yourself a doctor or a lawyer before it's too late. Leave METAL for true METALHEADS!

  19. Seattle, California...who cares where the Accused came's all the same. The Left coast, if you know what I mean.

    By the way...much in the same way that the outer banks, and Jacksonville have never counted as "east coast'...I think people don't normally think of Seattle and Portland as "west coast". Seems to me that West coast is california only...with seattle and portland being pacific northwest...aka: hippie land

  20. This comment has been removed by the author.



  22. Seattle, Portland (and to a lesser extent Olympia and Tacoma) are islands of hippie surrounded by rednecks and militants.

    Washington is as good of a state as any to start a compound and stock up for the upcoming race wars.

  23. re: people reading books at shows - i thought what i saw was a one-off, similar to Extra Hot Sauce's "Taco of Death," or the "noise projects" black metallers invariably put out once they start steady banging some broad, but I JUST SAW THIS VERY THING at a recent trend fuck fashion brodown (skeletonwitch/saviors, ruled). i couldn't note the specific text, but it looked substantial and the bespectacled dude sure looked like he wanted to be seen reading it. i resolve next time i witness such a thing to slam said book shut and then start to quizzing as to characters, themes, and motives. failure will be punished, and punishment will involve a urinal, the "Ram It Down" bonus tracks and possibly a Wet Willie/Rear Admiral.

  24. Kevin Sharp looks like he just got back from a Kenny Chesney concert.

    Carlson and Olivio moved to California to play in some shitty pop rock group called the Super Bees, which explains why Dave Grave and Aaron Freeman aren't in the band anymore. Still, being on the other side of the US is no excuse to employ members of Exhumed.

  25. @ PoserDisposer,

    First and foremost, thanks for checking out my blog while I work on a redesign, hits are always welcome!

    As for your assertion that I can't be a "true" metalhead because I'm a poly-genre music fan: that's just ignorant. I have absolutely no inclination to prove my metal-ness to you—or anyone—because I'm too old for that shit. Plus, I'd bury you in scene points ;)

    Truly, though, you are doing a great service. Lord Satan knows, heavy metal is *such* an accepting and inclusionary genre that we simply NEED a Poser Disposer.


  26. I just stumbled actoss your fun blog and noticed this big flyer with the indian skull headdress - and realized, hay, once again someone may have "liberated" one of my pics from my damn Flickr account (damn you, internet).
    I realize this may get me nowhere, but any idea at all who created that poster/flyer layout?

  27. sorry, i have no idea who made that flier. i stole it along with all the show pictures i posted from the internet!

  28. I liked this one. It was about things I understand. Not like that last one from Lucho, where he rejected his Family.

    Man, I thought we were all, like, blood brothers under the banner of Metal. Warriors of the World united by the cold steel of solos.

    Then I find out I'm so wrong. Man, I could cry.

  29. Fat old men who make fun of metal take a dive again with another unfunny post

  30. The second reason why I don't go to shows nowadays (the first, obviously, I'm a lazy old fart), is the always shitty live sound.

    I'd never go to see Brutal Truth nowadays, they never were special, but Gurn represented 80% of their potential.

  31. Cheap used copies of infinite jest can save you money on toilet paper.


  32. Repulsion used an old photo of the classic lineup for the promo for the show too. False advertising I say. Dave Grave gave the band noteriety and the created blastbeat of course, Freeman rounded out the group with master riffage and was way cool when I met him years ago at an Indiana show when Olivo was in the army. He said they were waiting for him to return and that only those 4 were Repulsion.
    I say bring the back the WHOLE band, not just 2 members.Just look at this video of the classic lineup - FUCK YES.

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