Friday, January 25, 2008

Overkill Gets A Documentary, While Tankard Continues To Be Ignored.

I don't think this is what Karl Marx had in mind when he proposed that the masses should have access to the means of production. As a result of consumer-grade DV cameras, and inexpensive software, even Overkill's ex-drummer is now a filmmaker. Ingmar Bergman, watch out! I guess it looks well done enough. The primary issue I have with this is that it elevates what was at best a third rate thrash band, to a status they simply don't deserve.

How on earth Overkill got all this attention, while bands like Tankard went unnoticed is still beyond me. If you doubt for a second that the German thrash unit known as Tankard were/are simply amazing, just look at this picture of the band! Striped pants, receding hairline, gel on the mullet, eyeglasses that came free with an eye exam, sweet vest with patches...oh, did I forget to mention the fatso sitting there, nearly naked with his belly flopping over his thigh? Is that not enough for you? Damn, thrash metal fans are so hard to please!


  1. The cover art on this DVD is amazing. I'm not being sarcastic at all, because I don't even know what sarcasm is. You should check out the cover art. For real. I mean, you think Suffocation has cool cover art, but this DVD... I mean... WOW.

    I do kinda want to see it, though.

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