Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Does David Vincent Like To Eat Cake? Does He Eat Lemon Pie? Does He Like Microwave Ovens? Does He Like Jacques Cousteau? Find out!

The rapid-fire line of questioning in this unbelievable interview will change the mind of any American who dislikes the French. This guy is my idol. Period. Notice that this interview is from 1989, but the interviewer was already on to how unbelievably cheesy David Vincent was. Amazing.


  1. OH SHIT!!! HAHAHA! I used to know the interviewer guy! That's Laurent, editor of the funniest/silliest zine in France, Roger Mag. Totally hilarious dude and zine, I still have a tape of his old hardcore radio show from 1987 or 88. He was this brilliant, very clever dude... but never serious. I think he lives in Montreal, Canada now.

  2. brilliant! clearly, although this was shot in 1989, he is from present day. he obviously wrote his questions in 2008, then stole a time machine from nocturnus and went back in time to mock david vincent.

  3. people think this was funny?
    the interviewer is a retard, and Vincent should have told him to f--- off immediately instead of wasting his time.
    I am pretty sure if I tried acting stupid like this when I once interviewed Richard Brunelle,then both him and their manager would have booted me not only outof the room but the club, sheesh!

  4. Shiiiit this is awsome this must also be the guy who edited the "peardrop" zine back in the days as there are many "cuisine questions" I remember Piotr from Vader going on and on about Polish dishes in an interview. He even told the guys in Bewitched (swedish black metal) he dodnt' feel the ABBA influences in their music. Funny as FUCK.

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