Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Merauder: Who gave these Ricans those rock guitars?

Body Count wasn't the only band smashing genre boundaries back in the 90s. Merauder, Dmize, Bulldoze, and Darkside NYC managed to combine the brainless aggression of metal and the terrifying disregard for human life of gangster rap into a delicious blend that we called hardcore. It was a little bit like my favorite Body Count song, except they were Puerto Ricans:
Here come them fuckin niggas
With their fancy cars.
Who gave them fuckin niggas
Those rock guitars?
Who let em in the club?
Did you make em pay?
Who let em on the stage?
Whose lettin em play?
Dont they know rocks just for whites
Dont they know the rules?
Those niggas are too hard core
This shit aint cool.
Those blacks want everything in the fuckin world.
That nigga plays so good,
He took my muthafuckin girl.
There goes the neighborhood
There, there, there, there goes the neighborhood.

Usually we just make fun of stuff on this blog, but in this case I'm not going to. First of all because I'm scared some DMS dude will reach out of my computer screen and hit me in the face with an eightball in a sock if I do. Second, because Merauder fucking rule and I still listen to this record all the time. It takes me back to the bad old days of the 90s when Lucho Metales and I did silly things like listen to Snapcase and 108.

That said... the video is pretty fucking funny. Watch for yourself. And when you're done, watch this infamous Agnostic Front clip.


  1. Have a nice day.

  2. Hey, Snapcase was pretty fucking rad.

  3. The Merauder live set from Cbgb that I have has some of the funniest fucking stage banter I've ever heard.

    That AF video is still one of my favorite things I've seen. The drummer is the only dude who even tries to make shit look real and Kabula has a guido fro.

  4. yes!

    i fucking love this band.

  5. Is that Kabula or Stigma? I have a suspicion that Roger faked the guitar for the vid (The chords were correct)and Stigma played bass to cover that they didn't have one.

    Is that Raybeez on drums? I've never seen this and I'm facinated... I'll end my speculation. I wanna know what the fuck that was though.

  6. If they took Robert Trujillo, cloned him 5 times, and never let him meet real black people, this would be the result.

  7. I'll take the Agnostic Front bassist over any dude in Marauder in fisticuffs or games of chance.

  8. merauder, wow. the braids give me the douche-chills. a guy my brother and i knew well was in a band that toured with merauder. he said they were nice enough, and were kinda smart. why? they purpusefully made shirts that said "brooklyn", and "NYC" with guns on them strictly for european tours. why? they outsold any other shirt they ever made ten to one.

    i've seen a couple of AF videos from odd tv shows like this, where stigma is missing. based on that one argument they have about if they are from the ghetto or not (i'm sure its on youtube), stigma probably walked off in anger and roger had to be the one to pretend to play.

  9. Some of the scariest dudes at shows in NY were from Marauder. One CBs show comes into mind with Sob (RIP), shirt open, gun and knife in waistband, looking for someone who 'did him wrong.' I believe there's a story of Minus (their first singer) 'moshing' with a chain or wrench at the Anthrax during a BURN gig.

    Great band, silly video but awesome song.

    ps- Their MySpace has Jorge holding a Skrewdriver LP. lulz worthy for sure.

  10. Merauder were great when they had the midget singing for them, Minus.

    Dmize were the shit and I went to high school with Beto, the guitarist.

    Bulldoze were SICK!

  11. By the way, the "Master Killer" LP was recently re-issued on vinyl with all new artwork and photos.

  12. i've been wondering when we were gonna start seeing some posts about 90s nyc hardcore on here.

    i lol'd @ DMS guy hitting sergeant d with a cueball in a sock.