Thursday, June 5, 2008

A SkullKrushing Vinyl Collection (part 3)

Welcome to part 3 of "A SkullKrushing Vinyl Collection," brought to you today by Megaforce Records. If you care, here's parts 1 and 2.

So, here's a few more records from my crates along with a few more stories from my... my... my... my... I don't know. Something that rhymes with "crates"

Alright! Laaz Rockit! What could be better than a cheesy California thrash band? Well, a cheesy California thrash band that misspells the words in it's name on purpose, of course! Well, this is a test pressing of the Rockit's second effort "No Stranger to Danger " that came out in '85. I scored this jewel for $3 at Jerry's, of course. Jerry's is to record stores what double-sided dildos are to the world of adult toys.
I think it's pretty cool to own a record like this, 'cuz when I tell ladies about it, all they wanna do is rip my Testament shirt off and lick my hairy chest. True story. OK, maybe not.

You can file these 3 records under the "You are the luckiest SOB I know" category. When we were in Amsterdam on tour in Europe with my band, we met a guy from a label who wanted to put out some shit of ours. The label had done cool releases before, so I was going to agree anyway, but I guess he felt I needed a little incentive. He offered me his entire Maiden collection. All 11 pieces. I took it all, of course. These 3 picture disc singles are just a sample. If you ever come to my house I might let you see the rest. But, you have to show me your boobies first.

We all know what a dbag Danzig is. The quintessential egomaniac with a Napoleon complex and a serious case small-dick-testosterone-surplus. I got this double 7" bootleg in Eastern Europe somewhere during the same European tour with my band. The sound is so bad, I can only barely recognize one song and it's Samhain, not even Danzig. Still, this is one of my favorite records in my collection. Why? It comes with a poster, dude!

I saw Excruciating Terror in Berkeley once. It was at a Fiesta Grande, so you know the audience was chuck-full-o-PC fags. All these pseudo politically involved bands had been playing and then ET went on. Someone started screaming at them about a song of theirs being racist or sexist or something. I don't know if you have ever seen these dudes, but I wouldn't wanna fuck with them, that's for sure. Anyway, the singer looked at this hippie in the audience and asked him: "Hey, what do you say to a girl with 2 black eyes? - Nothing, you already told her twice." The place went nuts with boos and ET exploded onto their brutal set. It was classic! I got this 7" from Wild Rags, where I'd gotten their demo a few years back. Man, Mexicans can really rock.

I really don't know what to say about these 2 records. Maybe I should say that it's fucking bizarre that nerds out there have offered me up to $300 for the AC / Meat Shits split. Maybe I should say that I'm often embarrassed to own these. Maybe I should say that I own more than a few Meat Shits cassettes. I really should kill myself and this world a better place. Especially for my family.

I'm finishing up with OZ for two reasons:
1. OZ is the awesomest thing to come out of Finland since Mika Hakkinen.
2. I'm working on another classic post on these rockers for next week.

Funny to think that Megaforce records lasted as long as they did putting out shit like this...


  1. I just wanted to point out my post on Fire In The Brain

  2. My skull has been really krushed.

  3. am i alone in feeling that the excruciating terror demo was WAY better than anything they ever put out after? the snare sound on the demo is annoying but great. like a grind version of 311.

  4. What the fuck is a Laaz Rockit?

    Seriously, though......
    I've been wondering this for years and there's a good chance I'll feel even dumber when I find out.

  5. look up "LAW Rocket" on wikipedia.

  6. Wow! So they were really trying with that name, eh?

  7. i remember there being a few bands with the made up word metal names. it wouldnt work unless the made up name made you think of some heavy metal,metal massacre 1 - 7 ass shit,or there was those sorry fluffy head band ones in bam like "lillian axe" or "lixx array"..but "laaz rockit" is pretty heavy metal for not knowin what the hell it means till you look it up.

    but who cares..laaz rockkit is weak....

  8. I always thought it was just stupid slang for "Let's Rock It" or something. Oh well.

  9. Jeez, did you guys miss the gratuitous 'LAWs rocket' in EVERY action movie from the '80's?

    Incidentally, their third(?) album, 'Annihilation Principle', kicks serious ass.

  10. i remember these clowns played in stockton once and the singer hung out all day with wet hair cuz his fro was all big and he kept it wet to look like some kinda "sweet" long hair,and then he got on stage and it got all puffy and we laughed cuz he knew he couldnt keep wetting it and just had to "laaz rockit" or something

  11. wow dude I would totally show you my boobs to see your maiden collection. *drool*

  12. a) I have that oz record on cassette, but who cares so..

    b) did anyone see the meat shits at the knitting factory in hollywood? (with anal blast and anal cunt) They now resemble a Mexican One Life Crew/Blood for Blood with three singers not counting Robert Deathrage who seemed to have passed out or be dying on stage after a couple songs and spent the set in a folding chair with his head down

    new singers kicked ass though - I would'nt tell em otherwise