Friday, February 6, 2009

Metal Inquisition invades Metal Injection's Tr00 and False

We are happy to announce a new weekly addition to Metal Inquisition's output. We have taken over Metal Injection's weekly Tr00 & False column, in which we review the week in metal and tell you which way is up. Please point your browser to Metal Injection and worship at our feet.

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  1. I can't believe you plugged A7x, the lamest, most abhorrent anthemic kiddie band to ever disgrace the tag of metal... S.D.

  2. I like Master. Their self titled debut is one of the few death metal albums I can still listen to. Most other albums by DM bands have not aged well. Exceptions are Pestilence, Repulsion and Obituary´s "Slowly we Rot". And Autopsy.

  3. re: a7x- like i said, i like a lot of shitty shit! so if even *i* don't like your band, well, you've got problems.

    re: master- there are certainly worse bands but that record is so boring! it's just nonstop double bass and riff salad. it just sounds like one long, dull, song.

  4. Man, that tiny fraction of the new Believer sounds awesome! Mentioning Tool as one of Gabriel's influences makes me a little edgy though...they always came across as beardo grunge to me.

  5. I think it is terrific to see the venom and bile that is MI spread to other forums like an itchy, blistery rash. God, you guys are going to piss off a whole new demographic. At least the majority of regular MI readers know what they are in for...keep up the good work.

  6. @ Sarge: The props I gave to Master´s debut are mainly due to their version of the "Pledge of Allegiance". I love the anarchic punk spirit of Master. OK, the music sounds mostly like Venom meets Motörhead on a serious speed overdose, but still, I like it.
    PS my mention of Pestilence as still listenable refers to "Consuming Impulse" only. Their later stuff does not interest me at all.

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