Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Heavy Metal Jock Jamz: What's your playlist?

With Mr. Olympia right around the corner, it's time to get serious about blasting your quads and getting shredded! There's no time like the present to get cannonball delts, crisp serratus, and lats that flare like the hood of an angry cobra! Since I am guessing most of you are either shut-ins with the physique of an AIDS patient or flabby Relapse beardos who haven't seen the outside of their mother's basement in a decade, I figured I'd share my Heavy Metal Jock Jamz and do my part to keep our readers get diesel!

Thanks to my Apple internetPod, my playlist is constantly changing. I can just put in a new tape when I get bored with the last one, so it's never the same twice. Still, I find that my Jock Jamz consistently fall into a few categories:

Infernal Revulsion are one of the many reasons why Japan is the leading producer of anime tentacle porn, Pokemon, and wigger slam.

Slamz & X Breakdowns X
This is a no-brainer: what would a gym playlist be without the fucking slamz?! I have written about this topic extensively so I won't duplicate all that here. Instead, here is a little checklist that you can use to evaluate any given slam band. Give them one slam for every time you answer "yes," and if they score 4 or higher, they are gym-worthy:
  • Camo shorts (extra point if they're arctic camo)
  • Puffy vests and/or parkas
  • Band is from Russia or Texas (extra point if they are more than 75% Mexicans)
  • Band name ends in "-ment" or "-tion"/"-sion"
  • Video features wiggerish arm movements, crab-walking
  • Bassist has his instrument below knee-level
Try it out and you'll see how quickly it will help you sort your slamz. For example, the clearly gym-worthy Katalepsy score a whopping 5/6 slamz, while Wormed scores 0. The checklist helped us realize that it is critical to choose occasion-appropriate slamz: Wormed are a great band, but not good gym material because they are too smart. Nobody wants thinking man's slam in their ear while you're trying to focus on your deadlift form.

Jer-Z will not be disgraced!! And look at those fucking puffy vests! Damn son! Get your ass over to the Willowbrook Mall and cop one for yourself!

The AC bro from Emmure and Jonathan from Forever The Sickest Kids both enjoy wearing colorful New Eras. I'd like to think that says that we can all be friends, whether we are scene, preppy, or 'core. We all love Hollister and New Era, and at the end of the day that is more important than our superficial differences, right?

Another genre for you to check out is what I like to call "scene wigger moshcore," which is basically shit like Emmure, The Acacia Strain, and Liferuiner. I coined this term because they have chinstraps and New Era hats like your standard-issue mosh wigger, but this bands rock them in bold colorways that would look right at home on Breathe Carolina or Dot Dot Curve. Anyway, all these bands basically sound the same: the ultimate expression of the 90s moshcore formula in a Zao-meets-Adamantium way. So basically, the fucking definition of gym-core.

Emmure's new album is brutal as fuck and full of sick XbreakdownsX and drama-inciting lines like "ask your girl what my dick tastes like."

When to play it: Pretty much anytime you want to feel fuckin' hard, for example when you are annihilating your abs with insane volume! Just put on some Cold As Life while you bang out a zillion reps, then mean mug the gym mirror, and be like, "750 crunches, what now bitch?! This gym ain't got shit on my steez!"

They look like Michael Moore, but these bros know how to write a fucking mosh riff that takes your mind off the pain of being alive for at least a few seconds.

Now let's talk about a very gym-worthy subgenre of hardcore that I like to call "regretcore." In a nutshell, it's the soundtrack to the moment when you look in the mirror, realize you're in your 30s, and that your life is a fucking mess because you're a fuckup who makes retarded decisions that you may not be able to fix. If you have had this moment you know exactly what I'm fucking talking about! Basically, it's "I'm honestly afraid I may have ruined my life forever" put to music, and it's so brutally honest that it can be a little hard to handle, like seeing your dad cry. Let me explain more...

Most of you already think I'm a gay poser, so whatever. When I wasn't listening to Pyrexia, 7 Minutes of Nausea and Dystopia in high school, I was jamming bands like All, Descendents, and later Blink-182, Saves The Day, etc. All their songs essentially amounted to "Wah wah, I like this girl but she doesn't like me back." That sucks but at the same time is kind of fun- you sit around with your friends and complain about chicks, go skate behind 7-11, and hit up Taco Bell. You forget all about it by the time side one of "Thrash Zone" is over.

I love regretcore so much that I got a Death Threat tattoo (the one on the left that says "Now Here Fast"). I am so gay that I got a matching Chris Isaak tattoo (the one on the right that says "Forever Blue").

Fast forward to 2009, we're all in our 30s, and shit is way too real. I ran into a friend of mine who I hadn't seen in a bit. His wife just left him and I wanted to see how he was doing. The dude is a LEGIT hard motherfucker who has fucked up a lot of people, but he's human like the rest of us and nobody shrugs off a divorce. I asked him how he was doing, and he just said, "Well, I had the gun in my mouth last night but I couldn't do it." I was also getting a "divorce" after 8 years with my ex and I was pretty much in the same place, so all I could do was nod in agreement and say "I'm with you, dude." In 10 short years, we went from "The girl who works at the mall doesn't like me, boo hoo" to "My wife left me and I literally want to die."

Regretcore is what happens when you get a hardcore band made up of dudes in their 30s who are fuckups like my friend and I. Instead of singing about how the cute girl who works at Dairy Queen has big boobies, they write songs about trying to pick up the pieces of your life after a divorce, rehab, or prison. They don't have songs about how hard their crew is, their songs are self-directed pep talks that go something like, "Dude, I won't lie, you fucked up pretty bad. But don't kill yourself. If you're lucky you can maybe get a job at a gas station or something and piece together a few scraps of self-respect."


While bands like Sheer Terror, Crowbar, and Life of Agony paved the way, Terror are pretty the Led Zepplin of this subgenre: they're not regretcore, but it couldn't exist without Scott Vogel being a charismatic fuckup who writes uncomfortably straightforward songs about it. Lines like "Time and time again, I've fucked things up. All my hopes and dreams have been gone so long" are a trademark of the genre: Chris Barnes-like statements of fact that were probably written in a moment of tearful self-hatred after a week long coke binge and maybe beating someone half to death for reasons you can't remember.

Furious Styles is the hardest thing out of Seattle since Everything Went Black, check it out and maybe they'll give you a glimmer of hope that you can salvage your pathetic life. It didn't work for me, but who knows, maybe you're not as far gone as I am.

Death Threat is another cornerstone of regretcore, with brutally simple lines like "When you've got nothing you don't give a fuck" and "I know no other way to take the pain. Insted of trying to make things better I get fucked up everyday." You really don't know what to say because that really says it all in the most straightforward way you possibly could. Perhaps the ultimate regretcore line, though, is from post-Bulldoze band Terrorzone: "I regret what I did, though I had to do a bid." Translation: "I went to prison because I lost my cool and fucked some dude up, that sucked."

When to play it
Regretcore has no equal when it comes to gym motivation! When you have to dig deep and squeeze out those extra few reps, there's nothing like a little voice (I like to imagine it's Scott Vogel) whispering in your ear, "If you don't stay in shape no woman will ever be attracted to you and you'll die alone. Now give me one more set of squats, you fucking loser!"

Burn Halo is the new Douchebro Anthemcore band from 18V singer Jame Shart

Douchebro Anthemcore
Whew, that was heavy! Sometimes you get burned out on the regretcore and you need to lighten things up a little, using positive imagery to motivate yourself and get your hustle on. For that, there is nothing than a good Douchebro Anthem- what we used to call "hard rock." Sometimes you just want to forget your troubles, forget that you're a worthless trainwreck who wasted your potential, and just think about making (really fun) poor life choices, usually some variation on getting fucked up with some hotties at a party or club.

There are a lot of options when it comes to Douchebro Anthemcore, because there are a lot of douchebro that start bands, and apparently it sells because labels keep putting it out. It really depends on what kind of douchebro you're looking to be.

Some guys are more of the sensitive douchebro, so maybe they'll put on some Cold, Staind, or Hinder and think about how much tail they would get if they played an acoustic set at some "hole in the wall club" so it would be "really intimate." Then they would get really intimate with some recently divorced office hott who got shitfaced and left at the club alone by her equally shitfaced friend who promptly abandoned her when she met some dude.

The best part of this video is the retards who got Avenged Sevenfold tattoos- specifically, imagining the burning embarrassment they feel every time they see that this video has nearly 2 millions plays.

Me, I'm more of the aggro/party douchebro, so you'll find more stuff like Papa Roach and Avenged Sevenfold on my Heavy Metal Jock Jamz. I'll be flexing in the mirror, practicing my flirty pout that will melt the office hotts' panties off and playing air guitar to "Unholy Confessions" or "Last Resort."

When to play it: When the only way to cope with the crushing despair that comes with realizing you're a piece of shit is to act like an even bigger piece of shit.


What's on YOUR Heavy Metal Jock Jamz playlist? What makes YOU want to blast your quads??


  1. i havent heard "douchebro" before,but i think its closely related to what i call "construction rock"- that shit that dudes on construction sites listen to like godsmack,disturbed,hinder,3 doors down,puddle of mud,and that kind of crap.

  2. Haha, "regretcore". Epic win. No mention of Pantera, though? That's the first band I think of when I'm making a weightlifting mix. Cryptopsy's "None So Vile" also gets heavy play when I work out...which is not very often, as I weigh 120 pounds and am very scrawny. :(

  3. Killing Joke's album with Dave Grohl gets a lot of gym time and that new Behemoth single has been on my playlist for about a month now. Keep of Kalessin's "Crown of the Kings" has been on there a while too along with Arcturus - "Kinetic" and plenty of Bloodbath.

  4. WOW! hard to NOT head bang to those videos! ridic xbxdowns! I never knew a7x was sooooo good!

  5. Neglect. Best hardcore band ever.

  6. Gosh, how do you manage to hit the gym while listening to metal? I have to confess, the gym is one of few places that I can't listen to metal...or I'll just give a fuck and go home again.

  7. Best post in a LONG time.

    Personally I have no use and no patience for anything but first Cro-Mags, second Integrity and second Earth Crisis. Might break out 100 Demons or the S/T Crowbar if I get that far.

  8. everything went black (STL) is great. they may qualify as regretcore, as brandon tends towards being a depressive hateful drunk. love the dude, though.

  9. Shit, how DID I leave Pantera off?! "Far Beyond Driven" is pretty much proto-regretcore for sure. "I'm Broken" and "5 Minutes Alone," etc = you're slashing your wrists!

  10. negative male child would be lamentcore i suppose. They go on about how they fucked up and also tell you not to snuff yourself. On the other hand every song by neglect is about how you should kill yourself because life is a shit pile. Except the one song about how cops suck, and another about how work sucks.

    neglect makes 16 and grief sound like happy people.
    workout wise, all i need are the songs prison weight room and blasted beyond belief by schnauzer on repeat.

  11. Sgt. D = still the king.

  12. Gotta have that 'New Yawk Haad Coah'... Madball, Cro-Mags, Warzone, Murphy's Law. Back when i was in High School and weightlifting for the swimm team, i remember that 'Tallica's '...And Justice For All' was a big player. There was even a tape in the weight room that skiped the entire first half of 'One'.

  13. ZAO reference = all is well with the world.

  14. Love the Willowbrook Mall Refrence. LOL!!!!

  15. totally have to agree, Neglect are the godfathers of regretcore, and Negative Male Child are a pretty close second although they were just a tad more i get scene points for using the term posi without quotes around it? aversionline had a post awhile back where you could download the Negative Male Child cd...

  16. Best post ever. Especially regretcore.

  17. you sum kinda internet faggit? Real men don't go to the gym, they punch holes through 6ft of solid concrete while listening to MANOWAR. That's what ufc george pierre does anyway.

  18. This shit was way too real.

  19. The weight room would get "easily assaulted" If I hear any Ringworm or Bolt Thrower.

    Oddly enough, Im a total pansy and you wont see me in said weight room anytime soon.

  20. Commiserating with all the other NEGLECT fans. Singer slashed his head all open with a torn soda can when I saw them play at a skate park when I was 16. Double my age and now I think I understand.

  21. I love working out to good old fashion Florida Death Metal, Autopsy, Venetian Snares, D.R.I., and Coroner.

  22. I'm from NJ, in fact I live about 1/4 mile from the willowbrook mall. That being said, the Fury of Five video blew my fucking mind. It was so outrageously wiggerish and surreal that I couldn't even laugh. It reminds me of Vanilla Ice's mid 90s gangsta-dreadlock-phase, but not that much. It's so far out there that vanilla ice is the closest anchor to reality I can think of. I've seen it all and I still can't believe that exists.

  23. I definitely appreciate Neglect in principle, I just don't think their music aged very well ya know? Very good in concept, though!

  24. Yes Pantera sticks way out front in my mind too. I think someone should make a Youtube video with nothing but dudes pumping iron and posing in front of mirrors with Fucking Hostile playing in the background. I also think Biohazard, Madball,(early) Intgity, Cromags, and Hatebreed would all be nice adds.

  25. Hatebreed - 'Satisfaction Is The Death Of Desire' = sweating just listening to it in my car from the toughness overflow. Indomitable!

  26. Cardio varies, but the other components need only two records.

    Strength training: Only Living Witness- Prone Mortal Form

    Abs/Core: Quicksand - Slip


  27. Toe tag, arkangel, prowler, bun dem out, shattered realm, bad luck riot 13, stampin ground (ugh), haymaker, are all good for getting mad shredded or whatnot.

  28. I love the "regretcore" term . For cardios I love trash metal fast shit like, Exumer, Sacrifice, Dark Angel,... Fro weight lifting: All out war, No retreat,Sworn enemy, Length of time and Stampin´ ground do fine for me.

  29. nobody mentioned Boston's kings of white trash Blood for blood? That singer was never near a gym but their music could make you stop a mad bull bare handed.

    Somewhere in the middle between douchbro's, regretcour toughies and college pansies you've got Unbroken. They get my fluids boiling pretty fast.

    I dig the mentions of Arkangel and Length of time, ad Liar to that. Beklgian tough guy metalcore is the toughest in europe. Yay! Backfire and Ryker's where pretty hard too.

    Carnivore, anyone? Jesushitler either makes you burst out in laughs or burst your tendons.

    I only cycle though, what the fuck do I know about lifting weights. If I'm going uphill Integrity's 'Armenian Persecution' doubles my pace in an instant. If the pain gets too much some groovy beardo upbeat stoner like Los Natas or Fu Manchu sooths a little, whithout detracting from the effort.


  30. holy shit, this is one of the funniest things i've ever read!!!

  31. as it turns out, the NYT says its cool to not be in shape. if they say must be true

  32. I would put on some black flag or early rollins band if I were at the gym. I dunno, but I think that guy was pissed off about something... seems like it would be perfect for punishing yourself.

  33. Who wants to work out. Here's something to inspire laziness. All this metal doesn't make sense. I don't know why you listen to death or black metal if you want to hear something evil. If you want to essence of the apocalypse this is more like it. Wild Rags should have been all over this.

  34. I jam lots of Merauder, Judas Priest (for the gay gym rat vibe), Asphyx, Bolt Thrower, and I've been diggin' the new Mammoth Grinder too. For cycling, man I don't even want to get started, but suffice it to say I'm too fucking scared to wear headphones riding in the city anyway.

  35. another vote for bolt thrower. other recent plays: death breath, dead congregation, entombed, morbid angel, early metallica (all-time #1 gym jam: "the four horsemen"). pretty much anything simple, midtempo, and repetitive is what i want, particularly on legs day.

  36. Sometimes when I have Merauder, Biohazard, Body Count, Cro-Mags, etc. on in my ehadphones at the office I'll be doin' "air-weights" just because it seems like the right thing to, but then reach up and pretend to be scratching my ear or some shit if some square who wouldn't understand catches me. For the more metal-orientated guys on here, though, "Know Your Enemies" by SkinLab. DUGGA-DUH DUH-DUUUUH YA GOTTA KNOW YOUR ENEMIES, DUGGA-DUH DUH-DUUUUH BEFORE YOU MAKE THEM YOUR FRIENDS.

  37. another good choice is Rampage:

    as well as Smashface:

  38. you cant beat a band that sings about crying to the bayside cd... (Emmure)

  39. Fucking BLASPHEMY. Music by power-lifting black metal skinheads, for power-lifting black metal skinheads.

  40. ah fury of V! They actually put on a decent show back in the day, I saw them a couple times with VOD and they were dressed pretty much like this video

  41. my bassist turned me on to this... she thought the regretcore part was fucking hilarious... I read it... put on Merauder... went for a 5 mile run... and then cried.

    Regretcore is real.
    And livin it fuckin sucks sometimes.

    Thanks for posting that... rest was fuckin funny as hell. But my life is so fucked I can't even laugh.

  42. Loved that regretcore part ! :)

    Workout music for me : Merauder, Terror, MAdball, Earth Crisis, E Town Concrete, Pantera, Covenance, Dying Fetus, Misery Index, Downset, Body Count, Stuck Mojo, Criminal Element, Rag Men, Pennywise, Knuckledust, Deviate, Irate, Skarhead

    that stuff works perfectly :)

  43. Also forgot Enemymind, badass death metallified beatdown a la early Shattered Realm, and some Pyrexia also !

    pretty much all the pissed off, groovy, powerful stuff !

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  46. SO many times I read stupid post but this time I must say i'm impressed! Well done! Cheers!

  47. Fury of Five are members of Ugly Kid Joe? I haven't followed this music in a while