Friday, September 25, 2009

Warbringer's balls don't smell, and they like Sacred Reich

I recently made fun of Municipal Waste in Terrorizer for banging my ex and having smelly balls, among other things (read it here). I also called them phonies who tried too hard, along with other neo-thrash bands like Toxic Holocaust and Warbringer. It turns out that I may have painted with a brush that was a bit too broad (would hardly be the first time). Several people who I respect emailed or IMd me and said, "Bro, you fucked up, bro. Warbringer are the real deal, they're legit bros, bro," so I started to think I had made a mistake. I was still skeptical, though- I rarely make a false poser-accusation. I figured a good way to find out would be to go directly to the source and run them through a battery of tests.

In the interest of full disclosure, I should note that Century Media owns a controlling stake in Metal Inquisition, with Decibel/Red Flag Media's shares rounding out the mix.

They were game, so we asked Warbringer to watch the following videos and rate each one as follows:
  • Is the band True or False, and why? Think about all the dimensions of their personal brands: the music itself, their image, what you think they do for a day job, what their fans are like, and if the people in the band are fat. Say a little bit about your thoughts on each video (a few sentences/a paragraph).
  • Choose two finalists from the pool, one band who is The Truest and one who is The Most False and say a little bit about why you chose them.
Here is what they had to say:

Forced Entry "Bludgeon"
Hell yeah! This rules! Sweet headbanging rhythms and nice lil solo near the beginning. There's a lot of random stuff going on in this video... it has a guy grabbing a rifle and getting ready to shoot something out the window, then someone jumps into a swimming pool with a guitar and more random havoc intercut with relentless live and rehearsal performances. Forced Entry are an underrated band, probably due to being overshadowed by the Seattle grunge bands. Seattle actually had a lot of good metal bands around that time like these guys, Metal Church, Bitter End, Sanctuary, Panic and more. Definitely true!

Nitro "Freight Train"
Not only does Michael Angelo Batio's guitar have 4 necks, but it descends apparently from the realms of the beyond into his hands for ultimate ridiculous shred. Jim Gillette apparently used to shatter glass with his falsettos too. Also he has a palm tree growing from his head, which he displays proudly here. This had got to be some of the biggest hair of any hair band - can it be real? And this guy eventually hooked up with Lita Ford and is now some hulked-up MMA guy. This wins due to complete over-the-top factor, being more over-the-top than just about anything ever.

Burn Halo "Dirty Girl"
This is the new band from 18 Visions' singer. I hadn't heard of this band, and don't really know 18 Visions either, but looking at the video this is quite a departure from what I know of that. This seems pretty manufactured, and pretty uninteresting. It's kind of along the lines of corporate cock rock aiming to get some radio play. The guys in the band all make "look at me" faces the whole time. At least there are some babes in the video, I guess. False.

Prong "Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck"
This song is a classic for its time. I could imagine some gothy looking stripper dancing to this song, it would work I think. Don't know what to say about Tommy Victor's mesh shirt and pleather pants thing, hard to say why that would be. But here all is well, and pretty badass. At around 30 seconds- "Catch the ball next week with Alice in Chains at its new time at midnight!"

A Day To Remember "Downfall of Us All"
Can't say I like this at all. I had never heard of happy hardcore in this context before. Judging by this I don't think it's such a great idea either. The mosh parts don't seem like such a juxtaposition because even those parts sound happy and uplifting somehow. The whole thing sounds like they could easily be singing about Jesus, and that I just can't get behind. False.

Sacred Reich "Independent"
Ok now we are talkin! This song is pretty badass. We toured with these guys a little bit in Europe this summer and they were all rad dudes. The video is pretty much a lot of shots of them, playing metal and being badasses, and all these motivational messages that flash across the screen. This is fine though, as one of them near the beginning just says "YOU RULE!". Allrighhht!

Hollywood Undead "No. 5"
This video was directed by Jonas Akerlund, the original drummer for Bathory, eh? That is a fucking bummer. Well, regardless, this is a good example of white dudes totally sucking at being rappers. Oh well, at least we can get a fucking robot to sing the chorus for us! Robots are pitch-perfect! Marvel at its digitized sheen! False.

Emmure "Sound Wave Superior"
Whoa, this is fucking gay! I had never heard this band before, but if this is widely hated, it must be because many people have functioning ears. The wiggerness doesnt help get them out of the suck sector either. And whoa... now the singer (maybe its just the hoodie that makes him look chunky?) is in bed with all these hot chicks, and he looks really out of place. Also the whole song is a chugging breakdown. The whole song! Is falling asleep brutal? False!!

Wasted Youth "Good Day For A Hanging"
Classic old-school L.A. punk/hardcore. I definitely know the name. This features the guitarist in Velver Revolver and the drummer from Queens of the Stone Age but there are no sonic connections between those bands. Wasted Youth is better than either I think. Lots of moshing and playing drums on rooftops, playing a backyard party and badassery like that. I give a hearty thumbs up.

Blessed By A Broken Heart "Mic Skillz 2"
This is clearly a joke, very silly stuff here. "Go ninja, go ninja, go!' So while I can't really give it a stamp of trueness it is one of the more entertaining videos on here to watch. The video is just going for the over-the top angle and the song itself is ridiculous part after ridiculous part, so I guess it at least succeeds at being ridiculous. Shredding is good though!

Evildead "Annilhilation of Civilization"
Fucking awesome thrash! These guys were from L.A. and underrated. Guitarist Juan Garcia is alone true as he's been in so many good bands like Abattoir and Agent Steel and is still always playing around. The band is dressed like a fucking metal band, with the exception of the neon colored red hot chili peppers shirt. But that is ok. Then there is starving children, all kinds of creatures being brutally murdered, AIDS, and all kinds of horrible stuff. Then at the end there's some politicians. Those bastards! Look what they've done! True!

Winds of Plague "The Impaler"
This is probably a little more wigger than Emmure, it looks like a rap video basically. The music is a little better though, as once in a while the guitars are doing some not-chugging. Then it shifts from being in the club to being on a field of skulls, which is a clear improvement. Unfortunately then they decide to break it down for reals at this time, and that is a clear not-improvement. Pretty false I'd say.

The verdicts
For truest I would have to give it to Evildead, just for having probably the coolest song on here. Riffs and headbanging will always prevail.

For lamest it would be a split tie between Emmure, for trying so very hard to look tough, or Hollywood Undead, who rap about myspace and other such things.


Closing thoughts from Sergeant D
It's too bad they don't like any new bands like A Day to Remember, but the fact that they even know who fucking Bitter End are makes them OK in my book! And if they are into Dumt then I will erect a shrine in their honor.


  1. when warbringer first started, they were called onslaught.

    they were apparently unaware of the existence of the actual onslaught.

    poser alert! fuck this band.

    oh, and one of the last times i was in chicago, i went to metal haven and they had around 30 XXL warbringer shirts on the rack. i'm pretty sure that's funny for some reason.

  2. I think Warbringer are alright.

    Not exactly orginal, but still decent Thrash.

  3. I saw Warbringer play live at that Scion/Toyota/Omni-Corp all-day rock fest in Atlanta. They were a really good live band. Definitely more fun than hanging out with the beardos downstairs watching Krallice, who were playing at the same time...

  4. Funny I never noticed this before, but is Johnny Plague repeatedly shouting "Wiiiggaaaaarr!" after that horrible breakdown? I smell an in-joke there...
    And I really, really like WOP!

  5. Where the hell did you get to know that awful band Emmure??? I can't believe you exposed me to that shit. The whole video/song is awful, but the worst thing is that the singer doesn't even know how to do playback of their own song! It gets extremely annoying! How can someone that is growling that way opens his mouth that much??? Maybe this is the next Milli Vanilli case?

  6. they might be good dudes, but their music blows.

  7. loved this format. more of this.

  8. Where the hell did you get to know that awful band Emmure??? I can't believe you exposed me to that shit.

    I love Emmure, especially their new record! I'm way into them, Acacia Strain, Liferuiner, ABACABB, etc.

  9. Sacred Reich and Nitro are two of my favorite bands of ALL times. Thanx to the Sarg for introducing me to the latter in '97. Fuck you if you think that's funny.

  10. Jesus fucking christ on a pogostick! When did Jame Shart start dressing up in an Ian Astbury costume? Has he always sang like that scrote from Buckcherry? I never listened to 18V, so I admit I'm lacking perspective here. I am thoroughly confused.

  11. sacred reich did that stupid song "31 flavors"...

    that shits just embarassing- so dont hold them up TOO high

  12. When did Jame Shart start dressing up in an Ian Astbury costume? Has he always sang like that scrote from Buckcherry?

    He started singing like that on "Vanity," which I think came out in 2001, but didn't fully convert to a rocker until their last 18V record in 2006. In the early days they were borderline death metal, which was pretty remarkable for a hardcore band in 1997:

  13. Of course this guy's going to dig anything oll and poo poo ADTR and Emmure (granted these bands are horrible). So in short neo thrash dude whose band brings nothing new to the table shits on new bands that are third wave Poison the Well, Disembodied, and Dimmu Borgir.

  14. LA's Wasted Youth. loved em as a hardcorepunk band. Flipside gave that LP the old thrash metal heroes or punk rock zeros..take your pick cuz it's one or the 1989.the guitarist Chett Lehrer is the younger brother of the Circle Jerks original drummer...LUCKY. This is just really bad, wank-metal. MOSLEM BIRTH.

  15. About the name switch from "Onslaught" to "Warbringer", I have to say there's a lot of cases where someone chose a well known name for his band, and I really have no idea why they did and still do this.

    When a young "death metal band", in late 2000s, chooses a monicker like MASSACRE, or REVENANT, or even ATROCITY, then I seriously doubt about their IQ.
    Nowadays there's Metal Archives, after cant't be wrong!

  16. Total Posers!
    These little fuckfaces didnt even know who Bill Metoyer was in some other interview I saw with retro homo band!
    But your like 22 yrs old wearing a Kreator "Pleasure To Kill" (the bible) shirt, a record that came out when you were just being conceived!? SUCK MY DICK!


    Bands like this are why I have no interest in metal anymore unless its the old stuff! -LEE

  17. Just saw these guys open for Obituary last night and they were damn good, real high-energy and good tunes.

  18. That guy from Emmure looks like Fred Durst got ass raped by Angus Young, and had a fetal alcohol syndrome baby.

  19. RE: Emmure guy: I was thinking Beaver Cleaver after a 3 yr. stint at a medium security prison.

  20. This comment has been removed by the author.

  21. Eh, these guys are OK, but the neo-thrash shit is getting old. Plus, not knowing Onslaught existed-that's pretty poser. On the other hand, liking Evildead and the Reich is cool. And yes, Jared, having a rack of 30 XXL shirts is fucking has Wolf's name not come up in this conversation, or Early Man? I mean, I like both bands, but I'm surprised you let them slide...

  22. thrash is the most boring of all metal...seriously why would you want to revive it.

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