Monday, March 16, 2009

Glen Benton—You lied to all of us. You said you'd kill yourself.

I don't know if any of you remember, but in interviews throughout the 90s, Glen Benton said that he would kill himself in the year 2000, which is when he would turn 33. He often referenced the song "Sacrificial Suicide", and its line "Sacrifical suicide, Ritual to end my life." The whole reason why he would kill himself was unclear, but had something to do with living a life that was opposite to Jesus. If I remember correctly, Jesus died at 33, so I don't know how ALSO dying at 33 would be the opposite of...well, dying at 33. This gets into a whole thing of what kind of satanist Benton claimed to be. If you are ever really, really bored start looking into this...what kind of satanist so and so is/was. Some believe in god, but worship satan as Benton did. Euronimous believed in theism, and said all humans should be slaves to religion. Some believe an inversion of christian dogma is stupid, some think it's goes on and on.

But back to Benton finally ending our collective pain by dying on purpose. As a result of these interviews where Benton promised that I'd finally be rid of him, I eagerly awaited the year 2000. Unlike other people, I wasn't anxious about Y2K. I was not psyched about listening to the Prince song five million times, oh no. I had higher hopes. I had hopes of Glen Benton finally being dead. Sadly, it was not to be. As you can tell my the semi-recent picture of Glen with a basket of fruit, he's still very much alive. I also know he's alive because he recently commented on the VH1 show "Rock of Love" on his MySpace blog. I thought he'd be more of a Tool Academy kinda' guy...but either way, he's still alive. Lame.

Glen, I know exactly how you feel. This is exactly the face I make when I realize you're still alive.

Glen is in his 40s now. He's a dad these days, and often talks in interviews about taking his kids to school, doing laundry, and about how he wears a hat to cover up his forehead from time to time.

What Benton's kid probably looks like.

While I applaud his ability to not take himself very seriously these days, I can't help but remember how he portrayed himself back in the early 90s. You can attribute his stupidity to youth, but I never acted like a complete asshole then. I've been criticized by some readers for bringing this very thing up about numerous bands on many occasions. Let me be clear, as a youngster, I never thought that Glen Benton was an evil overlord who lived in a dark castle somewhere. You see, I lived in Florida at the time that Deicide were getting popular, and I knew he probably lived in a horrible apartment just like the one my family lived in, but in Tampa. Still, it was easier to take him seriously before he started claiming he had seen bigfoot.

Even manly men end up living in apartment buildings like this in Florida. Even if you're into satan, get ready to live in a light yellow, baby blue, or seafoam colored building called something like "Biscayne Breeze".

I understood the theatrics that went into music, even as a kid. I knew that Ace Frehley wasn't from outer space, I knew he was from some neighborhood like Astoria in Queens. So I'm not a complete moron, I guess I just hate it when people break character. You know how some people loved Jimmy Fallon cracking up right in the middle of an SNL sketch? I hated it (Hope our non-american readers excuse the ameri-centric reference.) To me, it would like if Jason Voorhees stopped mid-movie, suddenly started making a fruit salad, took off his mask and started flossing while listening to a self-help audio tape. We all know it's a damn movie...but it would suddenly become a terrible movie. Right? I know that with time, people in bands have a hard time keeping up the persona. They're not actors in a movie, after all. I get it, they are suddenly married, they have kids, and with that comes a membership to Costco or Sam's Club. Soon, they find themselves buying shampoo by the gallon, all in the name of savings.

Glen had to get married in a church at his wife's request, according to the steroid-induced ramblings of the Hoffman brothers. Clearly the guy is scared of his wife, and must have a good sense of humor. I understand, its real life. But perhaps folks like Glen should have been less idiotic, and should have never started portraying a fictitious character to begin with, even in the name of theatrics. Perhaps they shouldn't have burned a damn cross on their forehead, nahmean? You know why I don't have to wear a hat to the store like he does? Because I never burned a cross on my face. Duh. It's for that reason that I always liked Obituary. They're just some dudes who play music, and that's about it. As a little kid, the whole theatric presentation that Kiss had was appealing to me, but I was like six then. At some point you stop being amazed by swords and fake blood...and you just want a good riff. You know? Perhaps I could present my point of view more cohesively, but I'm tired right now.

Okay, I'm probably putting most of you to sleep. Let's get back to Glen and his promise to kill himself. While he was all about it back then, today he has gone as far as saying that his promises of killing himself were "asinine remarks." He may see his comments from the 90s as silly, but I saw them as a legally binding verbal contract. I counted on being free of his music in 2000, and planned my life accordingly. I had dreams of happy days, fantastic years free of Benton and his receding hairline. Now, I'm stuck having to put up with him for who knows how many more years. Ugh. What an unfair world we live where Pauly Shore is taken from us, while Glen Benton still roams the streets. Oh wait, what? Pauly Shore is still alive? Well, never mind.

If any of you are still half-way interested in the aging biker fatso that is Glen Benton, watch the video below. In his video, you will see Glen answer questions from the audience at a show. Have you ever wondered how many times has Glen Benton burned the cross on his forehead? Did his mom ask him to stop burning the cross on his forehead? Find out.


  1. "It's for that reason that I always liked Obituary. They're just some dudes who play music, and that's about it."
    Dude, seconded. Obituary was the first death metal band I got into (excluding Dethklok, whom I love but aren't a "real" band, per se), and I think a big part of what drew me to them was the fact that they didn't pretend to be these evil, Satanic guys. I mean, I like early Deicide, but Glen Benton is just ridiculous. Didn't Benton meet Euronymous in the early 90's at some point and think he was crazy? I remember reading about that.

    1. So dont listen to his music then fuckhead

  2. I started with Obituary, too.
    And I know that's weird, I know that a lot of blabber-bashers will laugh their asses off, but I never, never wanted to buy a Deicide album after I was aware of what Benton did, and probably still does to animals. everybody who kills animals for fun is banned from my life, period.

  3. All this bitching about Benton makes it seem like this was written by a trve kvlt Norwegian BM'er. Are you sure this is not a Fenriz guest post?

    About Benton's ex-wife: she must really be evil/batshit crazy if a judge in conservative Florida gives child custody to the guy with the upside down cross burned on his forehead...

  4. From now on if someone murders Benton, you're the number one suspect.

    Seriously, this post is a lawsuit waiting to happen.

  5. In Bentons defence in all fairness this sort of douche-baggery is very difficult to pull off, and he has brought literally seconds of (non-musical) entertainment to literally tens of people!

    On the flipside you have Varg who lives it through to the mind numbingly retarded climax, who continues to spout his innane jibber jabber with full conviction past the point when most people think yeah maybe nows the time to let it out the bag that it was all just a big joke.

    Still both equally entertaining

  6. CW you are right.

    lawsuit? this is about benton doing this to himself, and the fact that he didn't. that's all.

  7. That video of Benton's attempts to stir intriguing and intellectual debate about his various experiences is amazing. I half expect him to sit down on one of those stools with the long metal legs, with his right leg up crossing over his left, and light up a cigarette while he fields the questions. It's awesome how he's just trying to get a casual chat going and gets all offended by some douchebag moshers aggressively shouting song titles at him.

    First time I saw Deicide here in Glasgow, about 4/5 years ago I'd guess, they played their first song and then Glen said "Alright, this next one's our last song..." *Pause* "...just kidding!" *Cheeky Grin*
    Due to his chubby appearance and surprisingly jovial demanour, it was that same night that I forever dubbed him "the Santa Claus of metal".


  8. i (ironically) got into Deicide and Obituary at the same time in High School...i had both bands blue grape sweat jamz so i was definitley a dedicated fan of both!

    Though Glen did seem to embarrass not just himself, but even me back in they day in interviews/ad campaigns (despite the 1st 2 albums being awesome), I think ironically he's more down to earth today. I like a world with a chiquita banana costume wearing Benton instead of someone trying to prove something all the time, ridiculously at that.

  9. i first saw deicide in 1992. glen still wore that weird demon mask on stage throughout most of the set, as well as that huge chest thing with nails and an upside down cross. he spoke only briefly between songs, barking out stuff like "i smell a christian in the audience"....that was about it.

  10. dudes, color me poseur, but who is bob larson??

  11. I read Choosing Death a while back, and at one point, Glen is bitching about how hard it is to keep playing death metal, and at one point he said:

    "It's hard, but what am I gonna do, work at Checkers?"

    Um... could you, please? It's not like you're doing anyone any favors by sticking with it, brohan.

  12. Based on that video I am almost certain that at some point in time we will see a Glen Benton spoken word tour, and I for one cannot fucking wait, ha, ha...

  13. I had Glen down as a douchebag until a couple of years ago, when I read an interview with him and to my surprise found out that he has a sense of humour. I laughed my ass off reading it! Glen is cool in my book. And about that "broken promise" stuff - I am sure we all boasted about what ridiculous stuff we would do when we were older a couple of years ago - the difference is that we didn´t do it in public. Glen Benton, you rule!

  14. l@savage

    Bob Larson is a florida-based christian evangelist who had weekly radio and tv programs in the 90's and he had a hard on for Benton. Benton often baited and mocked him as a call in guest on his program resulting in a long-standing fued that bossted the profile of both parties involved.

  15. First interview with Glen Benton I read was kinda embarassing, and I too was 14/15 at the time and found that whole satan 'n suicide at 33 blabbering slightly over the top. Still it's somehow cool to see Benton has lowered his guard... and the sight of his beer belly makes me sympathize with him.

    Good call on the spoken word tour. Maybe a double bill with Rollins?

  16. There is a post with Benton calling into Bob's radio show right here on this very site. That would be some vintage M.I. material.

  17. benton/rollins...genius. henry rollins would probably find it demeaning, but really they both have the same amount of talent for it. as far as animals...look, i'm a lefty idiot myself, but killing a squirrel is no worse than eating meat. i happen to not eat meat, but i'm just saying, its about the same. there's better reasons for hating all the horrible albums.

  18. Only good Deicide album is Legion, but that one makes up for everything else.

    @Lucho seen him same year when he toured Europe. Better times for everyone. When the third album came out I already knew they were ended forever.

  19. His facial hair makes him like Sheriff Douche in Douch-a-town. Argh. I can't stand neither Benton nor Deicide.

  20. dude great post!! it's much more rambling, incoherent and sloppy than your usual writing, i love it! if i didn't know better i'd say you had a drink beforehand to loosen up. i am thinking of coming out to visit you guys soon, you should start drinking again while i'm in town. it will be fun, i promise!!

  21. With all this talk about benton's insane babblings in his youth, and how he's a decent guy now makes me feel that:

    in regards to his ludicrous babblings, he seems to have a sort of benjamin button thing going on in regards to his senility.

    Picture this, a baby born WITH the senility of a 70 year old man and WITHOUT the wisdom that comes from age which compensates for the senility at least a bit.

    This guy would run along the lines of the people who think flouride is added to teh water supply by the freemasons or la-lu-li-la-lo or whatever global conspiracy you can think of.

    That could seemingly be responsible for his insane ramblings in his youth, as well as his cognitive coherence in wisdom he now has.

    I came to this because in reading an interview he told his attourney that if his wife would try to present ANYTHING that had to do with his band, or its music or its merchandise, he would get the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) involved to make sure it would not fly in court.

    That, to me seems like the reasoning of a intelligent man, not a guy who promised to off himself at 33. Hey if he won custody from his ex wife while having an inverted cross in his forhead.

    P.S. I'm surprised theres no mentioning of Varg getting his parole granted, and Gaahl and King losing the copyright for gorgoroth. I mean glen benton seems to have some more sense than those two. (Gaahl is the third vocalist, king the six bassist, trying to copyright the band name against a guy who has been the guitarist since the bands conception is really retarded).

  22. i'm glad that my incoherent writing style is praised by one of my heroes (the sarge). what can i's not that i was drunk...but perhaps i was rushing? either way, i can now claim i did it on purpose and that i've invented a new style in writing. i shall call this style "incoherent rambling". should anyone need any such writings for their magazine, get in line.

  23. Oh and regarding his facial hair, maybe he should use the Goatee Saver:

  24. I like to imagine Glen Benton telling his kid to do his homework, take out the trash, etc. in that double-tracked growling/screaming style he used on at least the first couple of albums.

  25. I myself still dig the first two Deicide releases and their newer stuff as well. The inbetween releases do nothing for me though. Anyways, I met Benton at the Milwaukee Metalfest in '92 when you can say the "evil act" was in full swing. He was actually a pretty cool guy and seemed kinda blown away that we traveled a 1000 miles to check out the fest. The way I look at it, we were all a little more dumb when we were younger. How many of us had the denim vest or jacket filled with shitty band patches. When I see those old photos of myself I think I look fucking retarded. Of course...I can always take off the vest where as that stupid inverted cross is permanent. Oh well..he's the Seal of the death metal world.

  26. Nothing about his day job as a horticulturist? FOR SHAME!

  27. Glen never said he'd kill himself. He said he dreamt of dying at the age of 33.

  28. i had some friends who were in a christian metal band that played a few shows opening for deicide in the early 90's. they said that glen would do his usual evil schtick but at one show when the crowd was giving the christian band a whole lot of shit during their set glen came out onstage and told everyone to chill and they were his buds and not to fuck with them.
    of course, these guys also told me that their van threw a rod and they gathered around and prayed and god "healed" the van and they were able to finish the take what they say with a grain of salt.

  29. maybe glen should have killed himself after "once upon the cross"....

    that being said, its colourful wierdos like mr. benton that make metal so awesome. the man has some of the best on-stage banter in the universe too which makes him a winner in my book. plus the first few albums slayed.

    go satan!

  30. I saw Deicide play back in 1991, it was one of the best fucking gigs I'd seen at that point. Even the bomb threats made it all great fun. I then saw the fat aging Benton play in Dublin a few years ago. He dedicated the song 'Kill the Christians' to 'your moms, dads and Grandmas.'

    My parents are atheists, my Grandmother is dead. Thanks Glenn.

  31. About Benton's ex-wife: she must really be evil/batshit crazy if a judge in conservative Florida gives child custody to the guy with the upside down cross burned on his forehead...---->Is not true, I know Glen Benton's son, Daemon and he lives with his mom..........As for Daemon, he is a very awesome guy. His dad is a fat piece of shit.

  32. Benton rules, your a dumb fuck just like that faggot larson.. if anyone took what he said literally your a fuckin douche bag.. the doings of the devil are an act of secrecy, major law when it comes to satanism.. has he done anything in worship of lucifer, no one would ever really know!

    Deicide 4 life.. haters 4 death

    1. You just showed how fucking stupid you are.

  33. I've just found this but...I love it. You have just made my day.

    The only cool thing about Deicide is Steve Asheim who is a top musician and likes to smoke some weed. The rest, meh. I can take or leave. Glen? The bowl of fruit sums it up nicely and to be honest if only Glen were gay because he'd be a zillion times cooler and all this would make sense after years of death metal roaring, heaving and posing.

    Well played Metal Inquisition, well played.

  34. Glen Benton is a try hard loser like a 40 something year old living at home with his mom. What kind of idiot call's himself a Satanist and then pulls the tail end legs of a helpless lizard, Benton you sad fuck, just what example are you trying to set. Fact is, you are afraid of Christian's, that's why you obsess so much singing about them so much. I never knew anything of Christianity even though I was born one until I met someone like him, a brain cancer infected live at home with mommy layabout who would just not shut up about how much he hated christians, explaining their beliefs to me.

  35. Where Glen Benton becomes an idiot is when he introduces songs and talks between them at concerts. As if the lyrics are not enough, and good they are, but when he talks he comes across as an idiot loser because he thinks he is so cool swearing. Just sing the songs you dick head. He should have a big L branded on his forehead for LOSER, pulling limbs from a helpless lizard. I'm going to get rid of all my Deicide cd's now. I am really pissed off that money from cd's I have purchased have gone to Benton. Who is the other fucking idiot in the band on the as london burns dvd with all the guns ? They film it to look like he is shooting in his house, it's just editing between his house and a shooting range. In the driveway there is a Corvette I think with a car cover, too precious to show us eh ? So we just have to be satisfied seeing Benton's Harley. Damn white trash king show me your corvette. These guy's did not make enough money like other metal bands because Benton is a fuckwitt and people don't want to deal with him because he is like a foul mouthed kid that never grew up, talented singer yes, but you need to be somewhat normal these days when it is called for to do business.

    1. First of all, nobody was confused that the gun range was in his house. Second, who gives a shit about a corvette? You really wanted to see it? It's a fucking car. Who cares?

  36. ^it only dropped its tail, lizards will drop their tail when trying to escape, he didn't rip its limbs off, lizards grow new tails.

  37. let me tell you something. to those of us who are respestfull persons that follow satan, you can go die in a fire. i belive that satan is the one punishing the wcked, and if your mad at him for stabing the guy who raped your family then your ignorant. satanism , yes may be about hate revenge destruction and other unliked things , but without it you would have no light. i get pissed off at happy people and happy music, where as others get pissed at my music. its all about choice. we choose the dark, and you choose the light. if you dont like it then turn your fucking bedlights on and watch movies. il drink whiskey and blare metal til the sun comes up. or you can bring your pussy christian ass to my land and ill show you what pain is. im no fucking youg peice of shit kid . im a fucked adult that hates bible bumping fucks like you and WILL back it up. DRINK FIGHT FUCK HEAD BUTT WHAT. if you dont agree with the music dont listen. if you want to fight it fight me

    1. I'll take you up on that fight. Learn how to spell and use grammar, moron.

  38. Jeff;
    I would like to atest to what deicide tells us is the absolute
    truth of the christ. He was born to rape this world. He passed judgement against us all saying we
    were all sinners and unworthy of
    God's love accept through him. This
    lie was made so we would always feel like shit about ourselves therefore casting his judgements
    to everyone through our own self-
    rightiousness to others. This is the reason we find all the evil we
    see in this world today. When we show hate for the Christ he eats it up just like candy. This gives the self-rightious man a way to prove his point. I once had the evil of the Christ enter into me.
    I remained sick for over 20 years. He seemed to be invincable. I found the way to defeat the Crist though.This was to tell him that I knew of all the evil he brought to this earth, and that I still loved and forgave him anyhow. The Christ being the coured he was got mad and just ran away. The altimate truth is that we were all born with God's love inside each of us
    so I cant understand why this world cant see this judgemental
    deciever for who he is and stop living his lie. We should all be
    proud of who we are and refuse to
    acceot the lies of him and others.

    1. You're insane. "I once had the evil of the Christ enter into me." How big was he?

  39. I was once infeccted by the Christ
    insanity. I found everywhere I turned I found his judgements through others putting me down in
    a hole. I stayed sick and confused
    by this insanity for a very long
    time. I found the truth though I
    learned that the Christ and Satan
    were both the same with just a differnt mask. The lie that we all
    believe is we are not worthy of God's love. This makkes us all either obediants or to
    hate God.This all brings the same
    results for the Christ. Either way
    this gives him the chance to judge
    everyone and this world seems to
    get more evil everyday. The truth is that when Christ deid the lie of
    being sinners and therefore less than was cast upon us all. He was
    born to die for the obediance and
    self-rightiousness of all mankind.
    So love him or hate him we all must
    disrespect others. I found a way out of this. I found that we were all born with God's love in each of
    us and the devine are just jelious.
    So dont believe the lie and die. Instead be proud of who you are and
    stand strong against the hypocracy
    of the Christ. The best way I found to do this was to tell him I
    know of all the evil he brought to this earth and I still love him and
    forgive him. He cant stand the truth through his own games and if
    we can all see it this way one day
    we can all break free from his so
    called sins and accept others without judgements. When his lie is expossed to the world we will
    all see hope and freedom. So be
    strong and stand up to this self-rightious fuck and all his followers wether you worship Satan
    or Christ we are all weak through his eyes. I just pray that one day
    this world will wake the fuck up to
    these lies and learn to live as one.

  40. As I see it jesus never was alive
    because he was never human in first
    place. He was born of the divine
    which is not of this earth. Gabriel
    insertes him in a human named mary.
    This was done to pass judgement agianst all humanity. So if we look
    at it this way we can understand
    why when we all thought he was dead
    his lie would be believed. That is
    that we were all born sinners,reched and depraved. This
    way we could all be seen as incapable of attianing Gods love
    accept through him. This is what
    brought fear and judgements to this earth. If wee can all see through this crooked sceamer we can
    find the truth and not live in fear
    anger.gredd and self-rightiousness
    any longer. All we have to do is to learn the one and only true God
    is one of love and acceptance and
    that we are all equals in his eyes.
    If we loose these chains of fear we
    can see ourselves for who we really
    are and all the self-rightious Christian can burn in thier own hell for all in hell for all I'm
    concerned. We no matter Christians
    or Satanists cant afford to play his fool much longer. No matter what side we are on we can see it all end up as hate and judgement
    to others. This is what he wants so
    we can all be led like sheep to the divine's finial slaughter. So
    everyone should wake the fuck up
    and see this evil for what it truely is. The downfall of man.

  41. eu vou degolar as suas gargantas

  42. I think you're overemphasizing the personal bullshit behind the music of, well, most all bands. I mean, who cares how sincere Benton, or any of the dipshit "satanist" metal bands really are? Look at a band like Mayhem, who really did act out murders and Satanic worship. Their music sucked dirtied asshole. In spite of all their personal stupidity, Deicide has put out some killer releases. If anything, the cheesiness of it all makes it more palatable and entertaining.

  43. dear people.

    How many of you said and did stupid things when you were younger? hmm... strange, otta remember glen was young when he said and did these things. so cut the awesome guy some slack for christ sakes, he was just a kid, trying to create a badass name for himself, and he did. Now i dont wanna see anymore glen benton blasphemers. the only bashing i would except to see is on some hippie liberal douchebag animal lover site. All our heros get older. and so should you. <3

  44. Just saw deicide last night and they were pretty fucking awesome, I got to meet glen benton and steve ashiem and if I could have my way with them, I would do every dirty fantasy I could thinK of. They are pretty cool guys without the Im better than you attitude so to everyone posting all this negative shit, fuck off, I'm sure you wish you could be like them.

  45. Benton is such a laughable moron... I remember thinking as a wee li'l kid that he seemed quite stupid - intellectually close to something between a letter box and a boiler wiper - and, later on, I've observed that if he had not made it with his half-witted "band", he would have been lucky to have a career as a meth producer in a trailer park. More likely, he would've been a meth user in a trailer park. Hell, as far as I know, perhaps that's not even far from the current situation - I certainly don't know and couldn't care less.

    1. Thanks for this shit. Very informative.

  46. Yeah it's a Corvette..used to hook up with a girl up Steve's street off 19 in Holiday behind that Japanese grill

  47. I've been thinking about this too; which is why, when I typed in "What ever happened to Glen Benton," it brought me to your blog. I hope you're still writing to this, man. Your style of writing is just the type of wit that a lot of us, here, in the 22st century, love.

    Of course you're not writing this, you'd be dead by now - even with the life extension strain found in 2015. Anyway, keep rocking the 21st century. By the way - yes, she is gay, and no, they didn't ask you to join in. You literally (prematurely) in(e)jectulated yourself into that situation, dude. There will be more of that on June 6, 2013, so don't worry about it for now.

    Adjusting blog stamp, typing up results on HAARP Time-travel log, and I'm out of here.

  48. Glen Benton and Deicide are the Kings of Death Metal, period. I am so glad he never sold out, and I love every single album. Its pathetic how douches like yourselves, who dont really love metal, spend your free time on something you dont care about. Armchair/PC commando pussies who would do little more than shut up in Glens presence. At least he stands for something, so go put on your european shoulder bag(purse), jump on your ten speed and go waste money at starbucks. Real men drink black coffee, beer, eat meat, and ride Harleys. FTW, and you. Oh, and In Torment of Hell is a great album.

    1. Don't forget smoke meth!

  49. Glens satanic latex vagina for lonely evenings (HeavyDutyVersion)July 16, 2013 at 6:37 AM

    "Real men drink black coffee, beer, eat meat, and ride Harleys."

    word, maaan, and most of all, real men dont diss the others like freshman year and post as anonymous and - errm.. oops sorry that would be you in this case, bad example sorry, i be back when i made up a better, united against the "no real men" in this thread we will win, rely on me

  50. Glens satanic latex vagina for lonely evenings (HeavyDutyVersion)July 16, 2013 at 6:39 AM

    "Real men drink black coffee, beer, eat meat, and ride Harleys."

    word, maaan, and most of all, real men dont use the net, diss the others like pre freshman year and post as anonymous and - errm.. oops sorry that would be you in this case, bad example sorry, i be back when i made up a better, united against the "no real men" in this thread we will win, rely on me

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  52. Sounds like the douche who wrote this needs to pull Glen's dick out of his mouth what are you pissed because they didn't sign your little bitty autograph back in the day til this day I'm still a heavy fan of old deicide the first 4 albums though I must admit Eric and Brian Hoffman kicked ass on guitar brutally!!!

    1. Nice run-on sentence. How far did your 4th grade education get you?

  53. I think it helped him getting some fame in the 90's.

  54. Great thanks for sharing this post .

  55. Anybody on here that's trashing glen FUCK YOU ALL let's see you do what he has bunch of fucking haters like you all didn't do stupid shit when you were young I'm 40 and all I can do when I look back on stuff I did is shake my head hats off to you glen keep killing it as long as you can

  56. Dated Daemon Benton briefly, he was living with his insane stripper mom in Palm harbor FL, outside of Tampa Bay.

    He's a tortoured soul who's only joy comes from sex, drugs, snuff flims and metal. I don't know why I expected anything different... Maybe it was growing up going to high school with him.... watching him get expelled over sexual advances and innuendos to my biology teacher at tarpon high And being a miserable misanthrope and goth in my formidable years.
    He was dark and edgy and sexy.

    His dad was never around ever, so the bullshit about his dad being a parent is untrue. Had to comfort many sad nights and tears when Daddy wasn't around.