Wednesday, April 29, 2009

What will they think of next: Gut invents Electro pornogrind

I pretty much hate "grindcore" these days, but back in the day I used to listen to a lot of it, especially sleazy gore/pornogrind like Hemdale, Last Days of Humanity, Meat Shits, Dead, and of course the masters of the genre, Gut. I have mentioned them in previous posts, but I think it's time for us to have a more in-depth discussion about their unique brand of grindcore.

Gut were always pretty gross and over the top, never failing to shock with things like the cover of "Fistful of Sperm," which featured a dude's hand holding his cummy dick (lucky for you, I couldn't find a picture). But let's be honest, we've all seen a million gnarly porn and gore covers, so at this point it's pretty hard for that sort of thing to elicit much more than a disinterested yawn. True to form, though, Gut managed to find a new way to shock: inventing ELECTRO PORNOGRIND!

I will assume that most Metal Inquisition readers are familiar with pornogrind. If not, I will direct you to this older MI post on pornogrind that will tell you everything you need to know. Gut is often credited with inventing the genre, which is distinguished from regular grindcore by it's emphasis on mid-paced groove riffs rather than blasting. If you are interested in exploring more bands in this genre like Vulvectomy, Cock and Ball Torture, etc, check out this blog.

Another trademark is many, many porn samples used as intros. Very, very long intros. If you have ever listened to Mortician you know what I'm talking about, only instead of 70s horror movies they're German porn flicks or whatever. I obviously have no fucking idea what they're saying if they're not in English, although I did once ask the German lady I worked with to translate a Gut intro for me. I gave her my headphones, and she listened intently for a few seconds. Then she got pale and said something like, "He wants her to act like a pig??" and gave them back.

Anyway, Gut wasn't content to sit back and rest on their laurels, basking in the adulation of critics who fawn over them for inventing this nearly universally-loved genre. They drew from another rich genre, electro, for inspiration.

OG electro pioneers Sleaze Boys' ode to, uh, Robocop? I'd buy that for a dollar!

I'm far from an expert on it, but I listen to a lot of dance music, especially electro and electrohouse. I don't really care about any specific artists or whatever because usually I only listen to it when I'm getting drunk with a girl. There's really nothing like it for putting them in the mood. It's like the Chappel Show sketch where as soon as a white person hears a guitar, they start dancing, only in this case as soon as hipster girls hears a rubbery synth line, her skinny jeans and American Apparel tube top melt right off her body. With Gut being huge creeps who watch too much porn, it makes perfect sense that they would also be big fans of the genre.

The soundtrack to getting fucked up and making out with hipster girls

Electro + Pornogrind = The Cumback
I love mash culture, don't you? Like when your friend from work or whatever is like "Dude yuo have to check out this new Radiohead/Simon Cowell yodeling in the bathtub mashup!!" and forces you to listen to every second of the excruciatingly long and dull extended version? "Fuck," you think, "where is my copy of 'Load'? I would rather snap the CD in half and jam one of the jagged pieces into my jugular vein than endure another second of this." But you don't, you just smile and nod politely and suffer through it. Then he asks you if you've ever seen this funny song about jizzing in your pants and you tell him you have to get back to work.

I am equal parts confused and aroused by this combination of imagery

In any case, electro pornogrind is like one of those mashups, only instead of being suicide-inducingly dorky, it's 100% awesome. Gut disappeared for a while, probably because one of the guys was busy living in his van and avoiding indecent exposure charges or something. We all figured they were gone, but they came back in 2006 with a new LP entitled "The Cumback," which also brought electro pornogrind into the world. Here are a few tracks from the album...

Pimps of Gore

This is a good place to start with electro pornogrind. It combines a beat guaranteed to get you on the dance floor (not unlike the plague that makes your booty move) with guttural goregrind vocals and a dope synth line! All it needs is a bangin' donk and it would be perfect. Oh, and they could get rid of the minute-long intro sample.

The Making of "The Cumback"

Would you like to throw away 9 minutes of your life? It doesn't seem like much, but I bet if someone put a gun in your mouth and asked what you would do to have 9 minutes more to live, you would do all kinds of fucked up shit to extend your life by the length of approximately 100 early Anal Cunt songs. But if you don't give a fuck and want to piss away 9 minutes, you can watch this video of Gut recording "The Cumback." I did. Twice.


This track showcases Ollie's microphone skills. It kind of reminds me of the corny MCs from 90s jungle songs that would be like "ALRIGHT YALL DIG THESE FUNKY CHUNES, REWIND SELECTAH!!" I seriously have no idea how I listened to that shit, it's intolerable to my ear now. Electrohouse is so much better, and drum n bass chicks usually had gnarly meth habits (not hot).

Gut on MySpace


  1. if you were wondering what Gut was doing before theire comeback, look at this:

    In other words, they were making money and getting pussy.

  2. The Pimptro reminds me of the intro to Mr. Bungle's demo OU818.

  3. uncle gus, ha! nice, i forgot all about that, there are some pretty great lines in that intro- i like the eazy e references.

  4. Nice to know a bit more about the guys who always showed up when I was looking for some info on the Norwegian G.U.T ( They even seem to have some in common... it looks like if G.U.T was Gut at teatime.

  5. When Gut disbanded around 1995, the remaining members formed new bands.

    One of them was Libido AirbagThey combined gurgled vocals with lots of sampling and beats you can dance to.

    If you're looking for more recent stuff from other bands, you can always try this: Eyetofuk. It's almost like Libido Airbag but with more emphasis on riffs.

  6. I want to snuggle with that girl in the top photo. I can rescue her from the pornogrind dudes and we can hang out and listen to Summoning all day and she can watch me play Final Fantasy with my shirt off.

  7. we made our pc friends listen to the cumback all the way back from whatever MDF it was released near...the gut performance was everything i wanted it to be and nothing the promoters wanted it to be. clap.

    nice blackout crew reference as well...

  8. My favorite part of the Bangin' Donk video is the Donk Machine that the one dude is operating. It has a phone on it, so in case there is a problem he can contact Donk Home Office Tech Support.

  9. man, i'm glad to see people picked up on the Blackout Crew link!! i'm obsessed with that song and trashy european subcultures in general. when is someone going to invent jumpstyle goregrind??

    also, the blackout crew donk machine is right up there with the nocturnus time machine as far as inventions that have the potential to save humanity. A++++ for "donk tech support"!!

  10. yeah like shawn said......i didnt go to the mdf thsi jawn dropped at, but they picked up a copy for me, obvi.
    i bump the G-U-T soundsystem constantly, and been fuckn with black out crew for a bit.

    this is my shit!
    holler at all my e men.

  11. Sleaze Boys are class, I've got the 12" of Robocop.. You into you your Egyptian Lover as well Sergeant?

  12. of course i'm into Egyptian Lover. i'm no expert on electro by any means, but it's hard to go wrong with the classics.

    the best Gut song is "Three Handsome Guys," i listen to that one on the regular.

  13. That Pimps of Gore track is a Kraftwerk sample slowed down, i'm sure. If only they'd ripped it off at the right speed they could have made millions like Coldplay..

  14. DdeJ, the bass player from gut is also in Nunwhore Commando 666, a band that should appeal to Gut fans. And that's Gut's drummer singing in the Liquido video. I'm serious.

    Cock and Ball Torture should appeal to fans of Gut's pre-electro material. It's even disappointing in the same ways.

  15. i love CBT! they are basically a Gut tribute band, but they do it very well.

  16. Infectious Grooves - LOL

  17. Oh boy oh boy oh boy, if there was jumpstyle combined with sick riffs...there wouldn't be any better music. Lord, what an idea!

  18. I was previously unfamiliar with GUT, and I don't feel like I missed out on too much. On a semi-related note, Anal Cunt played my town last week and was sad. First off, there were MAYBE 25 people there on a friday night. Seth's one-trick-pony screech wore tiresome after the first song and his race-baiting seemed thin and phoned in. He seemed so beaten down that he didn't even attempt to fire back at the 3 scenester kids who didn't even bother to leave their spot at the bar in order to heckle him during the mercifully short set. Something is truly wrong with the world when a guy like Seth Putnam is eliciting sympathy.

  19. I believe what you meant to say was, "Something is truly wrong with the world when a guy like Seth Putnam exists"

  20. I was previously unfamiliar with GUT, and I don't feel like I missed out on too much.FAIL

  21. CBT at ohio deathfest back near 2000 was really the most wiggerish porno slam I had been exposed to.

    The singer had college puca beads on, no shirt, baggy cargos and was basically rapping. The trashers in lorain county weren't too thrilled but you can basically get away with anything if you are from Spermany. I need to dig that VHS up...

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