Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Retroview: MOD - "USA For MOD"

Usually when I do these retroviews, I cover a band's entire discography, a whole scene, genre, or other broad range of albums. But sometimes you come across an album that needs to be dissected in detail, every note examined piece by piece. "USA For MOD" is just such an album, and we'll cover it in excruciating detail below!

The poor man's SOD
Clearly I am a huge fan of SOD. When I got "Stormtroopers of Death" in 8th grade, it was like a whole new world unfolded before my eyes. An ignorant, hateful, angry world full of thrash parts and mosh riffs, a world that felt like home to this young boy. I don't remember how, but somehow or another I learned that there was another band that had the same singer as SOD, and their name was... MOD?! From the name to the cover art, everything MOD did on this record was a somewhat shittier version of SOD. Yet despite being incredibly derivative, it has a certain charm that earns it a special place in my heart. It's also pretty remarkable that it's still quite offensive 22 years after being released. Not too many records can make that claim! What that in mind, I will share my thoughts on each and every track on the album.

"Aren't You Hungry?" – 3:25
They certainly started things off with a bang! I'm not sure it was the best idea to drop the n-bomb, but apparently Billy Milano did, and Megaforce thought it was a good idea to release the album. In any case, this is one of the most mean-spirited songs ever written, which makes it pretty great in my book. It's also the strongest song on the album musically. But mostly I just like it because of the line, "They want the food to grow on what they call home land. But don't you know you can't grow food in sand."

"Get a Real Job" – 2:10
Long-time readers know that here at Metal Inquisition, we love kicking people when they're down. So does Billy Milano: after picking on starving third-world kids, he focused his attention on people with shitty jobs. I used to think it was about bums, which made me like it even more. I worked next door to a homeless shelter for two years and it pretty much made me feel like the best way to deal with the homeless is to grind them into high-end food for purebred dogs. Mostly because they have a hard time controlling their bowels. For example, when I got out of my car in the morning and stepped right into a puddle of alcoholic bum shit (it was cold shit, by the way). Or when I saw a fat homeless lady pull down her pants and shit on the sidewalk in broad daylight (this was on the corner of 9th & Stewart in Seattle, a very busy downtown intersection).

"I Executioner" – 2:31
I like to think about Billy belting this one out in the studio, straining so hard that his face turns red, beads of sweat appearing on his pasty skin, clutching the microphone with his pudgy, sausage-like fingers as though it was made of solid gold. I'm guessing that he couldn't think of any more SOD songs to rip off, so he stole an idea from Anthrax and wrote a song about Judge Dredd.

It's hard to even know where to start LOLing... there's so much to work with that it's kind of overwhelming!!

"Don't Feed the Bears" – 1:03
A lot of people like this one, it doesn't do much for me. Just a kind of boring and unremarkable novelty tune (did I just describe Billy Milano's career?).

"Ballad of Dio" – 0:11
Oh I get it, it's funny because the song is so short and the lyrics are mean!! Just like "Ballad of Jimi Hendrix!" Ha ha ha!! Man, these guys don't take anything seriously, do they?! What a bunch of characters!

"Thrash or be Thrashed" – 0:51
Add this one to the thrash metal checklist: Song about moshing. Specifically, a warning to new jacks about the potential dangers associated with moshing.

"Let Me Out" – 1:39
Dumb. Nobody cares about Billy Milano's feelings. Boring song.

"Bubble Butt" – 0:43
After a few not-so-good songs, here comes this fucking gem!! Of course I must point out of the obvious absurdity of a tubby little man like Billy Milano criticizing anybody's physique, but that's beside the point. What makes this song so great is that it's a simple chant that you and your friends can get into whenever you see a fat chick. Like when Skullkrusher and I were at the mall once and I saw a fattie, I just said "Bubble butt, bubble butt!" and he finished with "She's so fat!" and we had a good laugh. Another time I was at the mall with some of my friends, and some girl walked past us (we could only see her back). He said, "Hey, what's up?" She turned around and had a hideous face, so he laughed and said "Never mind!" He ended up being in one of the later incarnations of Integrity.

"You're Beat" – 2:15
This song is dumb, too. Like a boring, uncatchy version of "Kill Yourself."

"Bushwackateas" – 0:19
I still have no idea what this song is about! It sounds vaguely racist, but the lyrics are so cryptic that I really can't be sure. But I used to think about this turd named Ryan Matlock that was a Brother's Keeper groupie every time I heard the line, "Nice ears, you look like an elf." You see, he had big ears. I can only hope that the people at whatever menial job he has now call him "Radar."

"Man of Your Dreams" – 3:40
I had to look this one up, because even though it's one of the longest songs on the album, I didn't remember it at all. Then I remembered it was a song about Freddy Krueger. How original!! I imagine Scott Ian feeling like the older brother does when the younger brother copies everything he does. Like if you get a skateboard, and your little bro makes his own out of an ironing board and rollerskate wheels and follows you around all over the place. Not only does he get it all wrong, it's embarrassing for everybody involved, but you don't tell him to stop because you know how bad it would hurt his feelings. But you know Scott must have been like, "Dude... you gotta find your own voice... we already did the Freddy thing. At least write about Jason."

"That Noise" – 0:13
Funny when SOD did it, lame when MOD did it (I know, you might as well say that about Billy Milano's entire career after "Stormtroopers of Death"). I'm sure Alex Perialis was tickled to death.

"Dead Men/Most/Captain Crunch" – 3:30
Yet another example of Billy Milano mercilessly flogging SOD's material. "Milk" was mildly amusing, but the joke was over after that. Apparently he didn't notice, though, and chose to trot it out again. Ha ha, isn't it funny that a thrash band wrote a song about cereal?! How whimsical! What an ironic contrast to the angry, aggressive nature of their music!

"Jim Gordon" – 2:39
Never got into this one, but I was never really into the whole obsession with serial killers and stuff. Probably because my dad worked in a prison for 25 years and we talked about murder and arson over dinner since as long as I can remember, so the novelty factor wasn't there.

"Imported Society" – 1:46
I think they should have called this song "Speak English or Die." Oh wait! How about, "Stealing Scott Ian's Ideas, A Book By Billy Milano?"

"Spandex Enormity" – 5:27
If we can put aside for a moment the absurdity of MOD groupies, much less the idea that some of them would not be disgusting blobs, this song is one of the best on the album. "Don't talk to me, talk to Nick!" "You fucking fat bitch, I've had enough of you!" Great song, but does it really need to be five-and-a-half fucking minutes long?!

"Short But Sweet" – 0:06
File under "Recycled, stale SOD material."

"Parents" – 1:39
Boring, don't care. Liked the Descendents song "Parents" better.

"Confusion"/"You're X'ed" – 2:48 (written by The Faith)
Boring, don't care part II.

"A.I.D.S." – 2:00
Possibly even more ignorant and shocking than "Aren't You Hungry" because unlike the title track, which I'm sure is a joke, there's a good possibility this one is sincere. Either way, it still manages to be pretty fucking offensive in the 2K9, which is no mean feat.

"Ruptured Nuptuals" – 0:13
I love this one! It's so simple yet it says so much: "You broke your vows, you dirty bitch, I'll kick you in your cunt!" It has that kind of hard-hitting directness that makes me love Death Threat so much: "I know no other way to take the pain. Instead of trying to make things better, I get fucked up everyday." Or when Dismember called their album "Death Metal." You don't know what else to do but shrug and nod as if to say, "Well, yeah, that's death metal all right..."

"Ode to Harry" – 1:31
Another novelty song. Mildly amusing, xenophobic lyrics, but not good enough to make me like the song. Whew, I'm getting fucking sick of writing about this band! Why are there so many goddamn songs on this record? I'm never doing another retroview like this.

"Hate Tank" – 2:20
When you see it coming, the shit runs down your leg! Good way to finish the album strong, especially after a stinker like "Ode to Harry." Also, any song with a reference to The Love Boat is OK in my book. I would be really excited if any readers can point to examples of thrash songs about some of my other favorite shows like Riptide, Simon & Simon, 21 Jump Street and CHiPs. For some reason I feel like Stikky had a song about CHiPs, but I may be wrong. Do kids under 25 or so know what CHiPs is? If not, it's a sad day for humanity. I love that show! I used to get up at 7AM on my summer vacation when I was 15 or 16 to watch reruns of it and Charlie's Angels every morning. And by the way, Skullkrusher looks and acts a lot like Officer Francis Llewelyn "Ponch" Poncharello.

This is the worst thing that has ever happened in the history of the universe. They invented the Nocturnus time machine specifically to destroy everything associated with this video!

Closing thoughts
Fuck, that was torturous! What do you guys think of this format? It's a lot of work, but I feel like it does the best job of truly diving into a classic release like "USA For MOD." I definitely don't want to do it for just any album, but for the right record, I think it's worth it. Maybe next time I will do a track-by-track review of Nocturnus "The Key" and/or "Thresholds"? There is certainly plenty of material there! Maybe I can help to explain the finer points of "Enter the Droids" for you simpletons and new jacks.


  1. I'm 24 and I know what CHiPS is, mostly from that movie they made in the 90s. All I remember from it is that they had a short bit where one of them played Doom for about 20 seconds. I've seen it twice now.

    As for the format, not bad, but probably a bit too long unless you've got plenty of jokes for every song. It might be most appropriate for terrible compilations now that I think about it.

  2. Good stuff, though Im a little surprised you didn't mention how undersized and oversized the top hat is on the zombie Uncle Sam. Might be time for a custom fitting.

    There was an obese mouthbreather in my high school who wore this MOD shirt every other day for 2 years straight. I heard he lost weight though. Whats up dude if you're reading this!

  3. 'Whew, I'm getting fucking sick of writing about this band! Why are there so many goddamn songs on this record?' Fried Gold.

    The only thing I know, or want to know about Billy Milano, is from the Lawnmower Deth song 'F.A.T. (Fascist & Tubby)', but having said that I like the review format, jut don't choose albums with so many songs on.

  4. To fully explore the finer points of Nocturnus' compelling prose i feel anything less than an entire post per song wouldn't be doing them artistic justice.

  5. The worst part about this album was it existed in the pre-CD era and only had a few songs that the class metal-clown wanted you to hear over and over during free period or art class. You had to stand there watching him snort-giggle for the few minutes it took him to find the song, wait through the "oh wait no not this one" missteps, then watch him stand there with his body shaking in anticipation, waiting to point at the boombox to indicate the dirty words, then rewind to find the beginning of that song to show you again.

  6. I think the format would work better with more of a personal anecdote attached to the greater meaning. For example, the retrospective on Suicidal Tendencies' discography flowed in a similar format, but was fascinating to read the personal reflections on the cover art for "how will I laugh". You know what I mean?

  7. watch him stand there with his body shaking in anticipation, waiting to point at the boombox to indicate the dirty words


  8. I lived in Ithaca, NY from 1984 to 1991, from 7th grade to a year after I graduated high school. At some point I realized that I lived a block away from Pyramid Sound, where the SOD, MOD and other great bands recorded (

    Being metalheads, my friend Tim and I would always keep an eye out for whoever was recording there at the time, and met a lot of cool bands. And eventually we did a band—well, Tim did. And they recorded their demo at Pyramid.

    So we're in the studio and we're talking to Alex Perialis about music and shit. We were looking at the MOD record cover he had there and he points to all the little people falling through Uncle Sam's hands on the cover and says, "LOOK CLOSELY ... IT'S A BUNCH OF LITTLE NIGGERS!"

    There, that's my MOD story.

    (Even though it's more of an Alex Perialis story)

  9. holllllllllllllllllllllllllly fuck! hahahahaha most amazing story EVER!

  10. I don't know why but this post has made me really want to re-listen to "Gross Misconduct".

  11. "Dead end! This is the E-N-D!
    Dead End! D-E-A-D E-N-D!"

  12. I really like the main riff + videoclip of "True colors"!

    Having said that, I've never listened to other songs from this band, actually I don't care about S.O.D. too, except for a few good songs with kickass riffs ("March...", "Kill yourself" and "Speak...").

  13. I'm pretty sure that Bushwhackateas song is about LAWNMOWER DETH, because that had that one song on their one decent record dissing Billy Milano (and it has similar lyrics as Bushwhackateas but they change all the punchlines to make fun of fat Billy Milano). The only thing is, I'm not sure if that Lawnmower Deth record came out before USA For MOD, so perhaps it's been some longstanding Street BEEF between Lawnmower Deth and Billy Milano.

  14. This is one of my favorite albums, except for imported society. I saw MOD about a year ago (don't lie, you would go) and it was solid. Sure they played 60% SOD songs, but everyone was diggin it and the place was pretty full. I saw them play in 1996 and there were only 15 or less people there, at the Rat in Boston. bad time for crossover

    Surfin MOD and Gross Misconduct are some of the best party metal records and there are not a lot of those out there... I could go on and write a whole post worth of comments, but I'll give it a rest

  15. nice one sarge, "usa for m.o.d." has always been my favourite m.o.d. album. i got it when i was 14, and when i heard the bass intro to "aren´t you hungry" for the first time, i was hooked. i used to be able to play it on the bass as well! around that time, i heard a lot about what a nazi bastard Milano was supposed to be (i think Extreme Noise Terror had a song that went "fuck off you fat Nazi pig bastard - Milano, you´re dead!"), but having just started to learn English in school, I had no clue what this was about. Only some years ago I checked the lyrics on the Internet, and saw that maybe the critics had a point there...
    PS I always thought that "don´t feed the bears" was a bit weak, too. However, there used to be t-shirts around with a polar bear eating some guy, which I thought was quite funny.
    PPS As a 14-year old, I thought that Tim McMurtrie´s hairstyle was really cool. oh well.....

  16. Guav, amazing story. Did you see my post about Alex and his house in Ithica? If not, check it out.i'm glad to say that if you look him up on google, the third entry is my post (only after his wikipedia entry, and his ithica college page). you can see the post here:

    I always thought it was kinda weird that a band would put out a song about its groupies on its FIRST album. that's like thanking all your fans, during y our first show!

  17. i too saw MOD about a year or so ago, but it was HORRIBLE. Milano would not shut up. he kept using the same material over and over. yes, they played 60% SOD material because MOD fucking SUCK and have no good songs. if you are curious, YES they actually played arent you hungry. when it was time to say nigg*r, he just skipped saying the word. they played the ballad of (insert different names) over and over. it was NOT funny. they played bubble butt over and over multiple times during the night. it was like Milanos stand up comedy.

    has anyone ever heard of Crab Society? basically it is demo recordings of a band that has Milano, scott Iann, and dan lilker. it is TOTALLY racist. they even have a song called "nigg*rs". then all of a sudden they all got "famous" and had to hide their racism. total D-bags. i hate them all.

    besides "speak english or die" anything with billy milano on it SUCKS. total poseur.

  18. that would be Crab Society North. just like MOD is an SOD rip off, crab society North (with members of SOD) came AFTER crab society, which featured Craig from agnostic front and Straight Ahead. Same thing, stupid short songs. i actually found a listing of the song names, but none with the dreaded n word.

  19. @Mike Dikk the 'Oh crikey its... Lawnmower Deth' was released in 1990, the USA for MOD was 87 so the Lawnmower was a cover of MOD with different lyrics.

    Power of the internet, right there.

  20. I still pull my vinyl copy of this record out every 5 years or so. The novelty of MOD has never been enough to keep them fresh in my mind. However, I am still pretty stoked on the vinyl copy of Surfin With MOD that I picked up for 3 dollars about 8 years ago, and is autographed by the entire band.

  21. Lucho, yeah I remember that entry. I was actually going to drop my little anecdote at the time, but never got around to it and forgot. Oh, and I am assuming track #4 of the Crab Society North demo is the droid you're looking for.

    Savage, I doubt they were really all that concerned about "hiding their racism," given the lyrics of "Aren't You Hungry," for example.

  22. a depressing (although well-informed) post, all in all. just glad to see mention of Stikky. That band fekkin REWLZ!!!

  23. ahhhh...track #4, i missed that. oops.
    god, if i ever get it together, i will have to do a "where are they now" on all these guys. I already have some good information on some of them. the drummer on this album has always been tough to place due to his name being so common.

    i like that they credit someone as being a "project coordinator". some projects at NASA and Boeing have probably been completed without the need of a coordinator, but bringing this album to fruition...that was a huge, huge task.

  24. What's more depressing than this post is the fact that I know now more about MOD, SOD, Billy Milano, Crab Society and Crab Society North than I ever wanted wanted to in an entire lifetime...

    Thanks MI.

  25. twin earth,
    at the age of 13 or 14 i actually wore my hair in that faux-devilock under the cap with the flipped up bill style except my bill said "NOT"...oh the humanity.

  26. Listening to the Ballad of Billy Milano by Sore Throat, in honor of His Fat Monstrosity's over-extended stay on Earth.

  27. Nice review format. Especially with such enthusiasm in the beginning: "...I will share my thoughts on each and every track on the album." To its inevitable, exhausted end.

  28. MOD = April Fools?

  29. str8ev,
    if you had gone to my school, i would have had a non-gay man-crush on you. for reals. you would have been my hero!!!
    oh yeah, if anyone has info about these guys (drummer in particular) for my "where are they now" expose, please share

  30. "waiting to point at the boombox to indicate the dirty words, then rewind to find the beginning of that song to show you again."

    oh god, that was me. and, in retrospect, i am so sorry.

    "spandex enormity" was the first thing i learned to play on guitar, so clearly this album changed lives.

  31. Milano should have a lifetime pass being he was an og NJHC skin and in The Psychos but the middle aged fat offensive dude who makes fart jokes is never cool. Best M.O.D song? The first 15 or so seconds of "Aren't You Hungry" which is just M.O.D playing the intro to the Abused's "Nuclear Threat."

  32. Cool review...but now I expect one for Surfin' MOD. That was an awesome "album". I had it on cassette...thing that sucked though was that one side had the cool "movie" dialogue while the other just had the every other time you listened to it you were hearing the side you didn't want to hear...

  33. Guav~ you are correct about not "hiding" it, but then again look at scott iann....all of a sudden he was "down" with public enemy and living color. it was TOTAL white guilt.

    Lucho~ if you do a retrospective of Crab Society, i will lose my fucking mind.

    OK, i just remembered another MOD will laugh your ass off. ok, surfin' MOD might possibly be the WORST album of all time. if you like this album, you need to see a doctor.

    anyway, i went into the record store in the shitty town i grew up in and i purchased Youth of Today "cant close my eyes" on cassette. when i bought this it was circa 1990 and it had been re-released on Caroline records. i was so excited to jam this beast. i got home, tore it open and inside was a SURFIN' MOD TAPE (also released on Caroline)!!!!

    what a terrible mix-up!!! i was so pissed. the store would not refund my money.

  34. One of my favorite bands in the eighties, together with Cryptic Slaughter, Ludichrist and Septic Death.

  35. Oh well... and Gang Greem and Crumbsuckers, fuck don't get me start this...

  36. Savage....I knew that Caroline's quality control was bad at the time (I mean, the proof is that they released Surfin MOD)...but damn, I would have been so angry! great story! From now on, instead of calling something the "old switcharoo" or "bait and switch", i will simply say "you know, the old Caroline MOD for YOT thing"

  37. i was so fucking pissed. can you imagine of all things to be inside?

  38. you have to hand it to Milano for stretching his minimal talents as far as inhumanely possible... The truth of it is that Arent You Hungry is pretty mediocre, specially compared to Speak English or Die, Surfing M.O.D. is cool no matter what anyone says though, it should be a fucking movie, if only we can get Scorcese to direct. True Colors is a great thrash song too, that's when M.O.D. truly came into form, but then fell flat on their fat asses... great post, if you can review all thrash/crossover albums from 83 to 92 that would be great thanks!!

  39. I gotta agree with that, the fact that Billy Milano has managed to scratch out any kind of "career" in the music business is amazing. He very well may be the least talented, least pleasant & most annoying person. Not merely in the music business, but ever.

    I saw SOD at the old Birch Hill in Jersey once, Milano did a stage dive into the crowd & everyone in the vicinity just moved rather than risk having that fat sweaty tub of goo land on them. He hit the floor hard, got up in a rage & started hysterically cursing out the crowd for not catching him. I thought he was going to cry. It was hilarious.

    I love "Speak English..." but "What's That Noise" always annoyed the shit out of me.

  40. Massengil MercenaryApril 2, 2009 at 10:38 PM

    "But I used to think about this turd named Ryan Matlock that was a Brother's Keeper groupie every time I heard the line, "Nice ears, you look like an elf."

    HaHa you've got to be from Erie,PA...I lived two houses down from "Radar" in the very early 80's and used to be friends with him...the little prick had a ROM action figure and would not let anyone play with it...ever. He and his family moved out of the neighborhood eventually, but before they moved I got to see his mom's boobies up close when she pulled one out after the other to feed his younger brother when I went to Dairy Queen with them. I ran itno him years later at HC shows here and learned over time what a shady little fuckwad he had turned into, not to mention that he just about came in his undies whenever he started talking about Mikeski....Made me feel ill in the guts actually, don't know what became of him, don't care now.

  41. Mike Ski gets mentioned in Metal Inquisition almost as much as Rob Flynn!

  42. This is a great article, I love how it starts out strong and by the end the tedium of reviewing this thing becomes too much to bear!

    What's up with these jewish new york guys being racist?
    I hope there is a Metal Inquisition review of the famous racialist Biohazard demo featuring such hits as "American Nazi Pride"

  43. does anybody remember that Hard 'N Heavy video where dude from M.O.D. pulls down his jeans to reveal a NO FAT CHICKS tattoo? That was M.O.D. right? Did I dream it?

  44. Milano is nothing but a no-talent, fat as fuck, racist piece of shit. I can't believe I actually bought this album.

  45. This album rocks!!!! Milano made an album everyone loves to hate, and hates to love!! I became a nazi skinhead because of this record, and thank Odin every day for that. At least he had the balls to say what so many think. All these cunts who talk about the other bands dissing him...I only have one thing to say, WHO????

    Just read the fucking lyrics...he's a legend and that's why we're still talking about the band today.

  46. "I saw SOD at the old Birch Hill in Jersey once, Milano did a stage dive into the crowd & everyone in the vicinity just moved rather than risk having that fat sweaty tub of goo land on them. He hit the floor hard, got up in a rage & started hysterically cursing out the crowd for not catching him. I thought he was going to cry. It was hilarious.""

    I was at that show & it never happened. You sir are a fucking liar.

  47. Bubble Butt & Bushwackateas are Crab Society North songs. Ode to Harry is about Harry Chapin's death on the Long Island Expressway in his Volkswagon Rabbit.

  48. Billy never took from Scott Ian or S.O.D. as he was in the band and Scott wasn't the only idea guy in the band. S.O.D. had planned to do a second album called "U.S.A. For S.O.D." After Scott inconveniently changed his mind and having already written some songs for U.S.A. for S.O.D., Billy took some those songs and made it into an M.O.D. album. Billy changed the beginning riff for aren't you hungry, Scott took the aren't you hungry riff and put it on an Anthrax song.

    MikeDikk-Bushwackateas was written about long haired teased Poison and Winger hair metal types. That lawnmower deth song came out after. I don't know I guess they never got the memo that Billy was just politically incorrect tongue and cheek and thought he was straight up white power.

    I did hear that at a metal fest in the early 90's in Europe that lawnmower deth played Billy Milano did show up as they were getting ready to play and he didn't even say a word, staring them down and that The L.D. bandmembers became twitchy and nervous about themselves not knowing what to expect. Nothing happened, but they didn't play that song Fascist and Tubby which was dedicated to Billy.

  49. You keep saying retarded shit about Milano stealing Scott's ideas. Hey, fucktard, these are BILLY MILANO'S IDEAS! Isn't that obvious? Why do you think Anthrax writes about Steven King novels and existence and shit, instead of starving children and immigrants. Milano wrote the fucking SOD lyrics. He was IN THAT BAND, you mental midget.

    If they stold anything, it's his riffs, but then again, you know, Ian talks about Milano writing some of the riffs, too. It was a band, not a little brother ripping off his big brother. If you don't know anything, then don't write some long, boring review like you do.

  50. If you don't know anything, then don't create some lengthy, tedious evaluation like you

  51. There was an obese mouthbreather in my high school who wore this MOD shirt every other day for 2 years straight. I heard he lost weight though. Whats up dude if you're reading.
    shemale cams

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  60. Hahaha! You douchebags! We're still selling tons of copies every quarter... what have you done to rival that? At least people are still talking about M.O.D., and buying albums! Hahaha!

  61. Thanks a lot for sharing such post with us guys .

  62. This album was originally supposed to be U.S.A. for S.O.D., and I think a couple of songs were partially written. "Aren't You Hungry" was one of them. But Scott and Charlie were a lot busier with Anthrax and didn't have any more time for the "joke band" S.O.D. (and Lilker was in Nuclear Assault at the time, so he may have been more busy this time around too), so Milano was left with nothing to do but put together a new band. I think Scott actually ended up still being present on this album in a few places. So, if this feels like a sequel to the first S.O.D. album, it's because that's what it was supposed to be. The album cover even features Sargent D (it's not right unless it's spelled wrong... it ain't "Sergeant D") dressed as Uncle Sam.... could it be more obvious? It's still a fun riff-romp of absurdity, but obviously not as good without Scott and Charlie and Lilker around.

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  64. Hail Metal... Destroy Faggotry!December 16, 2018 at 4:14 PM

    You have no taste if you dislike M.O.D.
    Also, Indians is Billy Milano's riff. Clearly you have never been in a band, a band is supposed to be a team of people writing the songs, not just the 1 ideas guy. That's not how anything works.

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