Friday, April 3, 2009

You're not my real dad: An interview with 16

With the possible exception of Lucho Metales, all of us here at Metal Inquisition are sad, broken men. It should come as no surprise, then, that we are also big fans of 16. I have been listening to 16 since I was in high school, but the older I get, the more I like them. This is because the more life crushes my spirit, shatters my dreams, destroys my ambition, and generally fills me with a pervasive sense of regret, self-loathing, and disappointment, the more I relate to 16's lyrics. If you have never heard them, they play sludgy shit along the lines of Cavity, Eyehategod, and Fudge Tunnel. Some of them were also in Despise You and Crom (which is why I asked so many questions about them). Please buy their shit from Relapse.

You are now on Relapse. How is that working out? In the contract, does it say you have to grow a beard, purchase a pair of rapist glasses, and beat off to anime tentacle-rape snuff porn in your parents' basement to fit in with all their mouth-breathing fans?

Jason: I wrote the "Agreement" as it's called in the business world. It is a small 237 page document that actually has a specific "Grooming Clause" that outlines specifically what each member of 16 MUST do on a daily basis and an amendment for "Show Grooming" tips. Relapse had some issues with the testicle shaving and pubic hair removal or dye requirements as they didn't want to spend the $50 a month for my Brazilian Waxing and olive green dye I use for the nether region. They didn't have any real issues with our sunglasses as they know we are going to be so hugely famous and they expect us to entirely reshape their existing fan base. We are not allowed to "beat-off" ourselves anymore (it's in the Agreement) but we are allowed a 2 minute "reach around" which can be administered by any band member and only one Sunday a month. Things are working our great with Relapse but I will submit an amendment to the existing agreement this week that will outline Spring and Summer wardrobe requests from the band. I follow fashion and really need the latest leather studded boxers with matching leather dog mask from "The Gauntlet" sex shop for our Summer shows.

Bobby: Relapse has contracts? I don't remember signing anything. Ask my bank because my signature is fucking worthless and I never read anything; I just sign it and never do what the stupid piece of paper told me to do in the first place. In California we do not have basements to beat off in. We usually take longer showers to rub one out while we live in a car outside of our parent's house so we can pursue our "dreams".

I also got a Meat Shits Discharge cover dedicated to me at a bar once. I walked outside to smoke so I would not hear it.

We are all big Meat Shits fans. I know it's hard, but if you had to pick just one thing that makes them great, what would it be? And you can't say "their painstaking approach to song craft and crystal-clear production."

Jason: I have no real time to discuss any other band right now as I am negotiating an endorsement for 16 with UGG boots.

Bobby: Meat Shits "Sniper at the fag parade" is a cd I got as a gift from a guy who later killed himself. True story. I've never listened to it. I also got a Meat Shits Discharge cover dedicated to me at a bar once. I walked outside to smoke so I would not hear it. My friend Max was the DJ and there were some sketchy skinheads there. I will continue to ignore this band because based on past history if I get into it something very bad will happen to me.

Tony: The only thing i can remember about them is the cover of one of their records. It was a picture of a girl who's sucking...wait. i'll keep it clean. let's just say it's a picture of a girl who's "snappin' into a slim jim."

Who needs HG Wells when you've got Mike Browning??

If I had access to the Nocturnus time machine, I would go back and uncover the secret identities of the mysterious Despise You. Especially that girl "Leticia." What would you do with it??

Jason: H.G. Wells made a better time machine so straight-up fuck Nocturnus. I already know the Despise You identities. I wouldn't even get into the time machine though. I'd get airsick and the past is the past. The less I know the better. Knowing me I'd get into some gunfights, become a drug kingpin and get stuck in prison wishing I wouldn't have left my couch watching "Gangland" and "Lockup."

Bobby: Despise You are bigger in LA than Fishbone or Mary's Danish ever were. It's really a testament to capitalism. Hmm, Time Machine, I would go back and live my life exactly like I have except I would not be bummed because I would know exactly how it all turns out and would not be continually surprised at how shitty it all really is.

Anyway, back to the time machine. I'd travel back to that one day in 4th grade, only this time, I'd refuse to go into that creepy bike shop owner's apartment with my best friend Dudley.

Tony: I actually do know the real identity of the elusive (original recordings) "Leticia." That's not her real name of course, but she was in fact a smokin' hot Latina. That was a long time ago. She was probably 19 years old back then. She must be in her early thirties now. Total granny. Anyway, back to the time machine. I'd travel back to that one day in 4th grade, only this time, I'd refuse to go into that creepy bike shop owner's apartment with my best friend Dudley.

This logo means "quality"!

You might be surprised to learn that even though some of us at Metal Inquisition were on the Wild Rags street team, we never actually met Richard C. Being from Southern California, have you? If so, what did he smell like?

Jason: What the fuck was "Wild Rags?" Who? My personal trainer is here and I have to tan. Be back in a bit.

Bobby: Since Wild Rags was on Whittier blvd. he probably smelled like carne asada and horchata. I liked that store and actually purchase a few choice items from it. When you bought something he would give you a bunch of free crappy promo shit so I thought he was a righteous dude back then. I went there high on methamphetamine and looked through the whole used cd selection for like 2 hours and only purchases one item. No wonder that place was auctioned by a bank and ran out of business.

Tony: Is he the Wild Rags guy? I only went there twice, and i think i held my breath both times. Sorry about that. I made eye contact with him, though.

Chris Elder is angry because someone talked him into putting out a Fishsticks song

Former Pessimiser CEO Chris Elder is one of my favorite human beings of all time, and he has the best handwriting ever. But I feel bad for him because he's so angry. What's up with that? Is it just because he's short? Who the hell were Fishsticks, and why did he put them on Cry Now, Cry Later Vol I?

Jason: Ahhh, my skin is a golden brown and I just did 2 hours of Yoga. Where was I... Oh yeah, Elder's penmanship is quite an art-form. It should be a mandatory font for computers. I have saved all my Birthday cards, Easter cards, death threats, Christmas cards, etc that he gave me since I got jumped into the Pessimiser Fan Club. He is far from angry, just misunderstood. He just knows the truth. If you call him short" ever again in my presence I will send Vin Diesel to your house and he will kick your ass. Time to "check yo' self before you wreck yo' self." Fishsticks, ha! That sucked didn't it. That was the ONLY song NEVER played from that 2X7". When I put the CD version in my iTunes I deleted that song. My Dad played the Stapled Shut song so much he ruined the record. He told me stories of hanging with those guys and getting kicked out of Disneyland for shoplifting.

Bobby: You know I was always impressed with Elder's handwriting too. It's backhand gangster style. I don't know if he's all that angry, he more of a genius humorist for our time. Like a modern day Will Rogers. Try being white and growing up in Inglewood, that guy is a survivor that's for sure.

We're very open-minded here at Metal Inquisition. I mean, we'll listen to anything from Bloodcum to Wasted Youth, or from Scatterbrain to Mordred. What stuff in your record collection would surprise people?

Jason: Trick Trick, Sade, Ca$his, Julie London, Active Member, Compton's Most Wanted, Obie Trice, Komis X, and Pink.

Bobby: Kidz Bop Volume 9 and Mindfunk. My kid really likes Kelly Clarkson too.

Tony: Sam Cooke, and the mighty H&O.

You're all old and bitter, so I'm sure you are confused and frightened by new developments in youth culture. What do you make of new genres like wigger slam, screamo crunk, and wigger black metalcore?

Jason: Those are all solid examples of why I own numerous firearms and weapons. Chances are if I leave the house to go anywhere douche bags like that congregate, I'll kill someone or multiple "people" (term used loosely). Bobby did call me a "White N-word" on tour last month and I have toyed with the idea of creating "Wigger Sludgecore." I'd probably be the richest fucker on the planet with that one... Time to take my meds. I weep for the future.

Bobby: This all just confirms the apocalypse is near and restores my faith in what we as -16- do. I say let them combines everything until it's all beige. "Extreme" music will become a perfect palatable combination of styles where everyone can grab onto something but as a whole it lacks anything innovative other than the fact that they combined musical feces to create more well more feces. A glorious stew of shit.

Tony: I'm speechless, dawg.

"Maybe funk grind or better yet funk funeral doom will be the next craptacular trend."

Bands like Municipal Waste have been raping Anthrax/DRI-style "thrash" for a while now, with mixed results. Why don't they copy cooler thrash bands like Annihilator, Meliah Rage and Toxik? When will they start incorporating Mordred-style slap bass?

Jason: I saw Anthrax when Lamb of God "opened" for them and boy did Anthrax suck. I am not familiar with any of the "cooler" thrash bands you mentioned. Don't slap bass, slap bitches instead.

Bobby: It is all cyclical but just wait until Body Count comes back in vogue. Funk metal is about due for a comeback as well. Maybe funk grind or better yet funk funeral doom will be the next craptacular trend.

Tony: I'm just glad they haven't imitated Gothic Slam yet. I'm in the process of biting that sound. Keep that under your hat, if you don't mind.

The clothes on the floor are my still-unpacked suitcase from the 2009 Metal Inquisition Mid-Atlantic Innovation Retreat at Lucho Metales' compound/ranch last weekend. The couch is from Ikea.

Like I said before, when I was in high school I jocked Chris Elder like nobody's business. I even have a "Cry Now, Cry Later" tattoo! Anyway, I knew he liked Beowulf so I tried really, really hard to get into them, but I never could because they are fucking terrible. Along the same lines, I remember in the late 90s a lot of kids started pretending to like Hirax because Max Ward from Spazz was hyping them. Other than being on Chris' dick like I was, is there a reason to appreciate either of these awful bands that I'm missing?

Jason: I listen to NOTHING but grind core, rap, hardcore and drop tuned ghetto metal so I can't offer any reply on the musical stylings of Beowulf or Hirax. Katon from Hirax and I have always had each other‘s back since we hooked up at Rehab in 1982 when I was 12 years old with a serious PCP addiction. He slipped me a shank after being threatened by another patient, one of the Pittsburgh Steelers. After that we rolled deep. I haven't seen him in years since I relapsed and started huffing Freon. Rap City is on, I'll be back...

Bobby: Beowulf is bad ass. I don't know what you're talking about. Welcome to Venice was a high water mark for music in my youth for me. Maybe it's about where we're from. I don't know where Metal Inquisition corporate headquarters is but in California Venice was the toughest skate and music scene ever so whether we really liked the music or not we respected it out of healthy boyhood fear. I actually liked the music though. Call me weird. Hirax I've seen live and they killed it. Raging Violence is bad ass. I must be a trendy fuck or it's a demographic thing. By the late 90's I was already over most things altogether so I missed out on all the kids pretending.

Tony: I'll appreciate Beowulf because they could kick my ass. I don't want them finding out i slagged them, because i'd run the risk of getting beat up. Hirax rules because of Katon, but I'm not a huge fan of the bass player. I was nice enough to let him use my bass rig one time when we opened for them, and he was giving me a fair amount of attitude while i explained the minor problems with my amp. Apparently he thought i worked at the club. Fuck that guy. Actually, don't print that. He could probably kick my ass too.

Rickenbacker basses and Red Hot Chili Peppers shirts?! Not brutal!! At least there is a James Murphy solo.

Obituary caused quite a stir by wearing extremely non-brutal Rollins Band and Red Hot Chili Peppers shirts in the video for "The End Complete." What shirt would you wear in your video if you wanted to rile up 16 fans?

Jason: The "Fashion" clause in our relapse Agreement prevents me from wearing any band shirts in a video or Blockbuster Hollywood movie. I can either wear no shirt or a leather vest. If I could wear a shirt with the intent to "rile up" 16 fans, I would wear a shirt that says "16 Fucks Your Mom The Hardest" in a video.

Bobby: We're getting an official video? All right! If I wear no shirt our "fans" will get riled. Most band shirts are kind of lame anyway, especially if they are totally huge bands. Why would Obituary wear something as lame as a chili peppers shirt? Rollins Band was heavier than most back then so I support that fashion move.

I couldn't find one of their hockey jerseys, but this navy ringer tees screams "crappy mid-90s alt-metal merch" just as loudly

Long ago in a galaxy far away, I spent $65 on a Prong hockey jersey. What is your most questionable metal purchase? Did you ever own Deicide "jams" or an Ugly Kid Joe baja jacket?

Jason: I have never been allowed to "purchase" ANY metal items. I can receive them as gifts. I have always had a Personal Assistant and Manager as I am a huge celebrity and have been since age 7. The gifts are screened by my PA and then passed on to me via private courier daily. I am endorsed currently by Dolce Gabanna and Roberto Cavalli for menswear. I do need to mention that the UGG endorsement is strictly for Tony, our bass player as he has a personal love with their "boots." I did purchase a "metal" ring once that left a green mark on my finger. This had serious repercussions for me and my family as I was the current leading male hand model for Neutrogena hand creams. I was fired and lost hundreds of thousands of dollars as a result. I prefer white gold to metal these days.

Bobby: I actually don't have any because I've always been too broke, too cool, too addicted, or not into any band enough to buy their merchandise. 16 have stress balls now if anyone wants to make a questionable metal purchase of their own. I'd like to make 16 ponchos as well. That's close to a baja jacket and will probably be looked back upon the same in a few years. The Naked Raygun comb has stood the test of time though.

Jason: As an after-note, I will probably catch a ton of shit for this interview as my Manager did not "pre-screen" it. You fags better appreciate it. This one may cost me my career and "Wheaties" endorsement.


  1. Hang onto that Prong Hockey jersey if you still have it; there is just a vague glimmer that it may retain some retail value in the future. Top Shop ‘vintage’ are selling faded, stiff at the arm pit Iron Maiden t shirts for 25 quid. Anyone remember the vogue for painting metal band logo’s on leather jackets with acrylic paint? I saw a Japanese girl buy a stinky old Kays catalogue leather jacket with a fucking terrible Metallica Kill ‘Em All daubing on the back from Camden only last week.

  2. Oh man fishsticks, i have some awful 7" they did with hostile takeover which i got purely on the basis that their comp tracks sucked the most. I bought it for like a penny, which according to xe at the time was 2 cents so i got ripped off.

    They should have just glued them all together and made them into some sweet platforms for Chris.

  3. "drop tuned ghetto metal"? that sounds pretty sweet, and very, very wiggerish...

  4. this brought the lols almost TOO hard.

  5. these guys are amazingly burned out and old, i love them. just remembered i saw 16 with Grief in Buffalo back in 97 or 98, it was cold as FUCK. chris elder was on tour with them and i sat on the curb and discussed how expensive heating his apartment was with the singer of grief. he was really, really nice. phil from 16 LOLed at the despise you hoodie i had made at the mall.

  6. "Anyway, back to the time machine. I'd travel back to that one day in 4th grade, only this time, I'd refuse to go into that creepy bike shop owner's apartment with my best friend Dudley."

    ahahahaha... no matter how many drugs you did in your life, diff'rent strokes stays in your mind.
    They should have remembered the episode with Nancy Reagan...
    Good interview Sarge!

  7. My only regret of my power violence career was never getting to be on a Pessimiser compilation. I actually did get to release stuff on Satan's Pimp, Six Weeks, and HG Fact though. Still, something about the power of Chris Elder compels.

  8. -16- = best sludge band ever.

    despise you (oh and infest) = best powerviolence band ever.

    carlos, what band were you in?

  9. a band i was in got offered the chance to put out a record on pessimiser, we decided against it (because they had released meatshits stuff) and chris elder called me on the phone and made me explain to him why i wasn't interested. scariest phone call ever. i think he even told me i was idiotic (which i was, in hindsight). it was like having your dad yell at you.

  10. it was like having your dad yell at you.

    ha! thats totally how i would imagine... hmi being like "dude. what the fuck are you thinking? are you fucking stupid? whatever man, i don't give a fuck." in his deadpan...

  11. Seriously I laughed so hard when I read this interview the asian bitch in the next cubicle asked "was so funny". Like I always say this site and well these bands make the day better.

  12. funny interview(if it's real, although I doubt SGD has the wit to come up with this stuff. About the band itself though... I don't get it, sure their lyrics might be cool in a self esteem goth vibe thing but honestly, I can't understand why they give you a hard on, pretty unremarkable material, but atleast it's better than avril lavigne...

  13. I have never heard 16, or even heard of them until today, but that was one of the best interviews I've ever read...

    Well done.

  14. you know an interview is good when people doubt that its real.

    as far as why the Sarge gives them props, they'be been around for some time, and were involved with an aspect of the metal/punk/whatever scene that many of us were involved in back that plays into it..i'm sure.

  15. Cool...why more people aren't into -16-,I'll never know...Other than Eyehategod no band sums up loathing and depression better...Speaking of which, anyone remember or read the zine Monkeybite back in the mid to late 90's? Only three issues...They coined the term Self-Hate Core...which perfectly describes -16-...I should scan and email some of it along...even had a Chris Elder interview...Other than Slap a Ham no one put out better records than Pessimiser in those days...

  16. WreckognitiveSequenceApril 4, 2009 at 3:47 PM

    your new 16!@SGD

  17. If you like 16, wait for SCORRA's debut, "Il girone della merda": pure loathing, depressing grindcore.
    The problem is, the most of you don't speak italian, so even printing lyrics will be useless!

  18. fortunately for us, Gene Hoglan's Balls can translate. he's in italy right now.

  19. monkeybite zine was totally sweet.

  20. Someone else remembers Monkeybite...I thought it was only me...Best zine from those days...Someone else gets it...Finally

  21. Monkeybite Zine was done by Andrew Orlando of Black Army Jacket (my bandmate at the time) and Gary from Noothgrush.

  22. You were in Black Army Jacket? You guys were good...
    Andrew got me into reading Hubert Selby Jr. from one of his columns in Monkeybite...Sheer punishment is how I think he described his books...
    Noothgrush were one of the best sludge bands ever...

  23. I love all of this stuff. Twice I have been made fun of by Grief's Revere Beach/Chelsea girlfriends while waiting for them to play. My hair turned grey when I was pretty young and one of them actually grabbed a fistful of it as I walked by once. She couldn't believe I had so much grey hair. I think her bangs were teased.

    In that song does he say, "anyway" after "you're not my real dad"? That's how I remember it, and the "anyway" is my favorite part, but I can't remember if I made it up.

    You guys should really give Fudge Tunnel another chance.

  24. Excellent shit, Sarge. I have a "Cry now, cry later" tattoo too, though it does not look as OG as yours.

  25. brilliant interview all round. shame -16- don't sound as good as they read, pretty weak compared to Grief, Noothgrush, EHG, Corrupted etc.

    so is this what you old time PV-er's do now, sit on the internet gossipping? cool.

  26. It was a great interview. Thanks

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