Thursday, August 28, 2008

Dark Throne's Fenriz shows off his sweet ink

Full translation of the text can be found in the "comments" section of this post.

When you think of pure evil, you think of a guy in a Rightous Pigs shirt putting lotion on his Hanoi Rocks tattoo, or perhaps his tattoo of the Guidance Recordings logo, a techno and electronic music label out of Chicago. Click on the image to see it larger.

While we're on the subject of Fenriz (yet again, but can you blame us?), here are a few more amazing images related to the man himself.

This may not look all that evil to you, but what you don't know is that that there was a sign just off to the right that said "No Diving", and after this picture was taken, Fenriz dove in. Hella' evil.

All of us here at M.I. are big supporters of the arts, but we can only take things so far. I've taken dumps that looked better than this.


  1. I'm surprised these Germans didn't make a bigger fuss out of his Plastikman logo tattoo, considering Mr. Hawtin is such a big name in German tractor techno (even though he's not German.)

  2. Dogbert? Everyone knows Catbert is way more kvlt.

  3. Sense of humour is a sign of intelligence. I don't like Dark Throne, but Fenriz is cool.

  4. >Sense of humour is a sign of intelligence.

    So are good-looking and well-placed tattoos. This is loser humor.

    Fenry should swim a few laps in that lake, maybe he wouldn't look so pitiful then.

  5. I have a translation of the German page. I'll try to post it here sometime soon...

  6. He looks like Kid Rock woth (more) Down's Syndrome. Also, he works in a gas station.

  7. I like how the pencil drawing is trying to make him more frowny and evil. Fenriz doesn't have an evil face, nothing can be done about that (without corpsepaint, at least)

  8. Meh -- Soulside Journey is still good.

  9. It's really hard to hate on Fenriz when he comes off like a pretty cool guy in all the interviews I've read, but it seems like both he and Nocturno Culto (AKA Ted, go figure) are bent on completely dismantling any shred of mystery left regarding Darkthrone. The beach ball sealed it.

    With: Fenriz (Darkthrone)

    Black Metal icon Fenriz does everything differently than the rest of mankind, and of course his tattoos get out of line, too. A good reason for HAMMER to present you his perplexing views.

    "A real Black Metaller seems to need suncream even at daylight: Fenriz of Darkthrone"

    How did your first tattoo look like?
    I got a Grim Reaper in 1990, but I won't show him to you - there's no soul in it. Don't know why it had to be back then, but probably it was somehow "Metal".

    How did your parents react?
    My father was a grim man, and from him I inherited a lot. Accordingly he didn't show any reaction, but my mother was upset. Back then I worked hard as a drummer, and she obviously thought I should leave it at that.

    What would you say, if your (fictitious) 12-year-old son wished to have a dragon tattoo?
    Indeed you mess up a lot in your youth, but I would react like every father: In that age tattoos are out of the question. Above all he probably had arguable reasons for that - for example the wish to be the toughest guy at school. That's not enough.

    Did you ever regret a tattoo?
    Absolutely not! I could never understand these crybabies talking about the nursing home, where you are ashamed of your tattoos. The chance for me to ever get old enough is pretty small. If it still happens, I'll hope my tattoos would become even uglier!

    Why are you fascinated by hideous tattoos?
    For me it started with dowdy pictures and I just carried on. They fit to my concept. Moreover shabby tattoos have more soul for me and they represent that "Fuck off!" attitude.

    Which motives do you dislike?
    Fucking many, but I would never have tribal tattoos. They are soulless and a big trend, which started here in 1994. Designer stuff doesn't mean anything to me. Tattoos must be statements about or for me and be a part of my life.

    Who tattoos you?
    Mostly any Danes delivering a nicely abhorrent work. Actually I should do it myself, for then they would look really poor. But I haven't got the equipment.


    What gets under Fenriz's skin:

    1. "Dilbert's Dog (a cartoon figure), who always does some buckled things while bouncing with his tail. One of my worst tattoos."

    2. "That thing is called 'Guidance' and shows a labyrinth. Guidance is a label from Chicago releasing deep funky house, new dub, and chill out stuff. Not my favorite tattoo."

    3. "Here you can see an emblem of the soccer club from my hometown. I loved to grow up there - and every time I look at it I remember my amazing youth: Bicycling with Anthrax's 'SPREADING THE DISEASE' in my ears. Or strolling through the woods with Kreator's 'PLEASURE TO KILL'."

    4. "I go for Hanoi Rocks, I've got all the albums in my cupboard. The rose goes against the tribal wave. I wanted to see how people would access it. By the way: Paul Stanley has got one of the worst tattoos in the universe: an itsy-bitsy flower on his upper arm."

    5. "The Darkthrone writing results from a small gag, because Immortal's Abbath got an enormous band logo tattoo and boasted about it. He said: 'Hey, Fenriz, you should get a similar one - true big!' Therefore, I did the opposite."

    6. "On my belly you can find my best poem. When I write poetry the results should be that good that I can even wear the verses on my body. Hence only one poem has been finished yet. Sadly, it can't be translated due to the many Norwegian terms. Very crudely simplified it deals with abysmal depressions."

  11. holy black metal, batman! I never thought, in my wildest dreams, that my "swimming isn't metal" tag would ever be used again! Thank you Fenriz! I still don't like dark throne, tho. I like my black metal old school the way the Swiss masters intended it to be. Sorry.

  12. I know this might not be the place to say this, but, fuckin a Obama rocked the house!! That fucker is metal in my book. Go Obama!

  13. there's something inexplicably annoying about fenriz that makes me wanna beat his face in. just look at that lake pic! i know that a lot of people suck this guy's dick, but to me he's always been that harmless loser type who amuses other losers with his loser gags and wouldn't be worth shit if it weren't for his band. but i guess that's the way most metallers are.

  14. ^^^ to chris.

    chill out. you say he matters because of his band duh

  15. Fenriz definitely doesn't work at a gas station, he's a pharmacy clerk on the Norwegian/Swedish border. I know this, as I picked up some globoid from him last time I drove to Sweden with a killing headache.

    Thirty-something Fenriz seems to look more and more like twenty-something Cliff Burton if you ask me (and you fucking did.)

  16. Not a Darkthrone fan at all, but man oh man would I love to kick it at Fenriz' pad and talk about records. Guy's really chill; he has an expansive musical taste and a collection to go with it.

  17. Darkthrone > Wigger slam

  18. dogbert tattoo... amazing!!!

  19. those are some shitty and random tattoos. they look trailer parkish. I guess europe has white trash too!

  20. You guess? Where do you think white people came from, Indiana? Pick up a pair of binoculars and have a look at Austria.

  21. Some dicks here aren't legaly approved to fuck around too much.Fenriz has some nice diversed tatoos. AT least he doesn't have a crappy dragon or trademark tatooed on his ass like other retards.Tatoos are either permanent drawings on the body,or feelings of one's wisdom/sadistic humour exposed to the eye.

    When all of you will have thy bodies tatooed you will have the right to the "free tatoo speech",until then...Fuck off and die!