Thursday, December 25, 2008

Metal Inquisition wishes all of you a Heavy Christmas

In the words of 220 Volt, we wish you a heavy Christmas. From all of us, to all of you.

We hope baby Jesus brings you all the gifts you asked for. In the case of our beloved Metal Inquisition receptionist Dorothy, that meant a case of Bud Light. Don't drink it all at once Dorothy!

Dorothy, our hard working administrative assistant and receptionist. When you call our 1-800 number, this is the lovely lady that will greet you at the other end of the line.


  1. Thank you very much!
    Same for all you guys - keep the heads rollin!

  2. At least Dorothy got a "bouquet beer" like Bud Light for Christmas... my mom used to give my dad a 12 of Lucky Lagers or Hamms for X-mas. Nothing says love like a 12 pack of $5 beer.

  3. For Christ sakes,(it was his birthday or something like that) I need a new post!!! I be jonesing bad!!! Merry Christmas, Can I stuff your stocking?

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  5. Great thanks for your wishes .