Thursday, May 15, 2008

Metal Inquisition Video Vault: The State Of Metal—1991

1991, at least according to this piece of footage, was a tough year for metal. Listen to Tom Araya, Lars Ulrich and Kirk Hammett weigh in on this very important subject. Lars was as annoying then as he is now. Jesus, does he ever stop? The man has been annoying since birth. I think he probably came out of his mother talking about his theories on NWOBHM.

The report concludes that the trouble with metal comes down to nomenclature, watch and laugh. Slow start, but hang in there.

Please note:

1. Kirk Hammett's weird teeth and his tiny bicycle skid mustache.
2. Tom Araya's name, misspelled. He drops some knowledge.
3. Ozzy telling us about washing machine metal (my favorite part)
4. Lars drops knowledge too, and he refers to Guns N Roses as "the Guns guys"


  1. lars says U2 is putting out a new record in the "rock" category.....mmmmyeah.
    also note the preponderance of the use of "you know" by ozzy and tom. always a great segue.

    did this come out around the same time as the genius lon friend things on the ball?

    can you guys also do a bit on how iann robinson was a toolbag along with kurt loder?

  2. God that MTV/Kurt Loder piece was retarded. At that time the best rock/metal stuff went to or was stuck in indie labels because major labels stunk as far as censoring and generally screwing the bands alltogether.

  3. "Arayo" is by far the singlemost funny thing about this.

  4. "And the bands that were well known put out albums that...weren't AS good."

    You mean like your band, Kirk?

  5. I wonder how many time i have used the term "washing machine metal"... at least once or twice a month since I saw that in '91. so, what, 300 - 320 times? thanx ozzy!!

    the part that puzzles me is how or why having a lot of "metals" would hurt rock as a whole? also what exactly was pop metal?

  6. Why is "thrash", according to their little list, the only type of "metal" that does not need to be followed by the word "metal"? And why is Tom "Arayo" sooooooooo laaaaaaidback and chiiiiiillin', bro?

  7. interesting to see that ozzy actually used to be somewhat intelligible. fuck 'im, tho.

    i'm with sweatloaf on "arayo". and lars should fall on a cymbal.

  8. We should have known Metallica was over when they considered themselves about as rockin' as U2.

  9. In 1991, Metallica was still taken seriously, I guess..."The black album" was seen as "an accident" instead of the last semi-good thing they recorded.
    And, Jesus, I agree: Larz' mouth was, and probably still is, bigger than him. See the "1 year & 1/2 in the life of" or "One" VHSs...absolutely annoying and uninteresting, the best if you wanna quickly fall asleep!

  10. rapidly aging gentMay 16, 2008 at 6:01 AM

    Ozzy is still intelligible these days so long as you don't watch that horrible reality show where they edit him into a fumbling fool.

    I'm amazed they managed to get "thrash" right at all, there's currently 700,000 Google hits for "trash metal." Also, it is interesting to see how MTV was infinitely better in 1991 even though they were beyond ridiculous.


    I love how Tom Araya comes off as such a laid back, mellow, well-mannered dude. You'd never guess he was the lead singer for fucking SLAYER!!!!!!!!!!!!