Monday, May 26, 2008

Metal Inquisition Video Vault: Napalm Death Band Members Discuss The Validity And Specifics Of Double Bass

The debate regarding the validity of double bass, as well as the specifics of its use is as old as time itself. More often than not, however, this debate is in the hands of amateurs with little to no real metal pedigree.

So what happens when members of Napalm Death gather to discuss this very subject while at Morrisound Studios (home of the typewriter bass drum sound)? History is made, that's what happens! Notice that Pete Sandoval's double bass abilities get mocked as being used "for the sake of it." After all, Mick believes that double bass should only be used for power.

Pete always looks like he's about to puke, or melt into a puddle of grease. Or both.

As you watch this, keep in mind that this was recorded as Napalm Death mixed their album "Harmony Corruption." Also note the bickering between Mick and Mitch towards the end. It was this volatile relationship that made the Defecation album so good. Lastly, please check out Scott Burns in the background, rocking some sweet denim shorts.

No one better give me any lip about the fact that the picture above is of a double bass pedal, rather than two single pedals. I couldn't find a proper shot with two Axis pedals in one shot. Deal with it.


  1. I thought this stuff was shelved in some CIA archive. How did you find it?!

  2. You are right, this tape was held up for years in the courts, and held by the CIA until Barney's citizenship hearings were over. Through a contact at the CIA, we got a hold of it. As we have stated before, the Metal Inquisition vault can be found miles under the surface, thus protecting footage like this from the elements. There are tons and tons of gems like this in there, which we will post from time to time. Oh, the amazing things that live in those VHS tapes.

  3. "for the sake of it."

    congrats on understanding any of it. to me it sounds like a bunch of speech-impaired winos mumbling.

  4. amen chris!

    barny and mick talking are as unintelligeable as wattie from the exploited. i have no idea how people in birmingham and edinburgh conduct business on a daily basis if all that comes out of their mouths are vowels. maybe if they threw a consonant in there, once in a while we might be able to catch a word or two.

  5. Yup, their language is completely unintelligible. However, I expected some sudden trumpet noises by Mick Harris in this video...the CIA clearly deleted most of the originally featured stuff! ;-(