Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Even More Metal Photography From Around The Interweb

Combining metal and magic, what a fantastic idea! For his latest trick, watch him post this picture online and make any sense of dignity he had left disappear.

Here's a little tip: when the top of your pants touches your armpits, it's time to stop pulling them up.

You'd be all angry and chop off your sideburns too if you found out you'd been conceived in the woods behind a supermarket. At least his dad kept it classy and took her to the soggy mattress by the overturned shopping cart.

Grumpy Metaller's Girlfriend:
"Aww, you're all grumpy. How come? Is it a case of the Mondays"

Grumpy Metaller:
"Don't mock me Susan. I'm not grumpy, its just know that if I don't get my eight hours of sleep, I'm a bear in the morning, that's all "

I didn't know that Glamour Shots now offered a Manowar theme to its customers.

I'm glad to see that the BC Rich guitars the UN has been distributing in the third world through their "Axes Around The World" program have reached their intended recipients, without warlords intercepting the shipments.


  1. why do you have to make fun of these people? some of them look perfectly nice. the bc rich guys look like they are just having fun. my fave, however, is the gent with the high leather pants. it takes a real man to wear pants with an 18" zipper.

  2. I don't know, I like that first guy. Looks like he spent more $$$ on that 1986 Geoff Tate leather trench coat (which is far beyond bitchin') than he did on the frankenrig behind him...

    Pointless aside: my verification code is "pwetos", which happens to be my favorite snack too.

  3. does Uncle Fester shit in the woods?

  4. Obviously the Rich crew are bowing their heads to obscure their identities because heavy metal is punishable by death in wherever shit country they 'hail' from, ha ha. Except that dude in the back is too psychotic to give a fuck.

    It's hard to distinguish whether Manowar drum fan is an adjunct professor of philosophy or simply a European. Maybe both. Either way, a Manowar glamour shots theme would be great if it offered a Manowar record cover theme - think about it, if you could get 3 buddies to go in with you, they take photos of you with swords held high and in the resulting photos are doctored up to showcase your heroic gleaming muscles to which large titted Nordic goddesses cling. Hail to photoshop indeed.

  5. The glamorous one is more than hilarious, great selection :_)

  6. Typical racist, unnecessary north american comment on the "third world axes" program.

  7. Joaquim:
    Sorry to break to you pal, but I'm not North American. I'm actually from a "third world" country. This is what we call a joke.

  8. Oh and also, I think it's fair to critique the program, as it has been flawed from the beginning. BC Rich sent mostly lefty Warlock guitars, and lots of leftover Kerry King model cheapo axes with the painted tribal design. If that's not flawed, and doesn't deserve a crituque, i don't know what does. so there.

  9. this a great post and CLASSIC metal inquisition humor. if you dont like it joaquim, bite my balls.