Saturday, April 5, 2008

Party like a rockstar

Totally dude!


  1. Does his own mother know our Steve-o? I kind of doubt it. And he is wearing a Deicide T-shirt, that makes him look like an even bigger loser in my opinion.

  2. yet another reason to hate this telentless annoying fuckbag. i want him to die.

  3. it would have been cooler if he was wearing an Exhorder shirt

  4. i think its kinda cool that some guys got a satan metal shirt on in a big time ad,i dont know maybe its just me....

    whats he supposed to do? contact you first about what he should or shouldnt do? seems to me hes havin a good time actin like a idiot,bangin hollywood tail,and gettin paid like a motherfucker....

  5. he's originally from florida, at least i know he spent some time there at clown school (for ringling brothers circus) so maybe he actually knows them. maybe they shared a speed dealer.

  6. rickety motherfucker on the rangeApril 7, 2008 at 1:31 AM

    Who needs speed when you've got Seydon?

  7. I seen this ad a while back, and I was actually on the first episode of his tv show dr steve o.

    it was a pretty lame experience, but It was worth the 750$ pay for 2 days work.

    anywho he told me he picked me when he saw my metal posters on my walls during my interview tape.

    could have been full of shit but i guess ill give him the benefit of the doubt.

    oh yeah and we smoked bowls out of a red bull can.