Monday, April 7, 2008

Selling my guitar, but giving away lolz for free

A couple of years ago, I realized that all musicians are stupid. I know what you're thinking: "It took you nearly 30 years to realize that everybody in a band is just a subhuman, sweaty, retard with a guitar in his hand?!" It's a little embarrassing, but yes- it took me a while to catch on, but eventually I realized that self-expression in any form is gay, but especially music.

In any case, I haven't played my guitar even once in over two years, so I figured I might as well sell the thing and get what I can for it. Being a creative guy, though, I took the chance to spice up the listing as much as I could. If I'm going to sell my axe, I'm going to have fun doing it.

My guitar on eBay

There is an active EMG-81 in the bridge position. The neck pickup is the stock Duncan Designed, and is currently not connected. It would be easy for a guitar shop to connect it, but right now only the bridge pickup is connected. But who cares?! Neck pickups are for posers! If you're buying this guitar, you want to shred, and neck pickups have no place in brutal music!


  1. probably not the best guitar if your band sounds like Blues Traveler or whatever

    haha! good luck with the sale, brah... im selling all my death metal CDs and didnt really think about mentioning it here. thanx for the idea!

  2. I love the 'Heavy' tag on the case.

  3. i still have my drums. but i sold my sweet piccolo snare. no more wigger slam for me.

  4. yeah dude, you need a piccolo or even soprano snare for wigger slam. PING PING PING!

  5. the Metal Inquisition marketplace.