Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Girl bands I like

I'm not really big on chicks starting bands, because usually they're just crappy versions of a dude band and even though they try hard, they're never really that good. Sort of like the WNBA, or when a woman is your boss. That said, there are a few chick bands that don't disappoint.

The first time I heard 13 was on "Cry Now, Cry Later" almost 15 years ago, but they released a few records, all of which were excellent and predated the current "stoner" trend by over a decade. I had no idea until the other day that the singer for 13 is now apparently in Electric Wizard (if they are still a band), and pretty hot to boot.

The one on the right could be an American Apparel model.

Man, people joke about this band, but I think they were great. They were brutal as fuck, like a way more sludgy, downtuned version of Winter or something. I seriously think they were an awesome band, although no matter what I say this will probably sound sarcastic since nobody takes them seriously. And you know what? I don't want to live in a world where Mythic is a joke! Fuck this place.

Anyway rather than describe them myself, I'll use the words of Anus.com:
Post-apocalyptic misery metal crafted from simple chromatic scales of power chords and rumbling basic drumbeats, rubbery bass distorting the rest in an avalanche of distorted scalatures reverberating between polar counterpoints of foundation to the interval space of chromatic gesture that form the harmonic basis to each song.
I couldn't have said it better myself! That guy is a genius!!

Nuclear Death
Like most everybody reading this blog, I have listened to some pretty fucked up music in my day, but I honestly don't think anything compares to Nuclear Death. Lots of bands try hard to be shocking (yawn), but Nuclear Death's lyrics had the weird, unhinged quality that only the truly insane can create.

What's a bit disappointing is that Lori Bravo has several YouTube videos that are not very brutal, and I am no longer sure how much I like Nuclear Death. For example, in this one she pets her kitten and talks about Wal-Mart, getting a new social security card, and making dioramas. Also she does acoustic covers of Cat Power and John Frusciante... oh how the mighty have fallen!! Making dioramas?! Come on!!


  1. I wonder if the writers at ANUS share the same thesaurus with Tom G. Warrior.

  2. aughhhh, anus.com...they make me feel my English sucks (it's not my native language). I always end up wondering if the reviewer liked the reviewed album or not. Go straight to the point and stop with your poetry to review a metal album!

  3. I second the Nuclear Death opinion. I love them. Yes, bands were more shocking...but they were trying. There's something so disturbing about the lyrics, you have to love them. The productions is amazing, and well suited for the music. Too bad about the YouTube videos. Not very brutal.

  4. How bout chick fronted metal bands that rule...Sinergy anyone?

  5. what? no mention of Sacrilege UK ?

  6. No mention of DERKETA???

  7. there was a band called tomsk-7, they only did one split with boris. some of the most insane chick vocals ever.

    the mystic chicks are hot as fuck! i'm 'a check 'em out.

  8. Tomsk-7 are the shit. What about Doughnuts?

  9. Mythic was cool, same vein as Winter but their songs were shorter and a little catchier.

    I like Grey, even though there are about 500 bands that sound exactly the same...

    Ludicra fuckin' rocks balls. Big time.

  10. Doughnuts- good call!!

  11. 13! One of those girls is the girlfriend of/married to Mike Williams, singer for Eyehategod. They threw down some nasty sludge back in the day.

    I was shocked when I bought Realm Of Chaos and saw Jo Bench in the band photo. That was some of the heaviest shit ever, and there was a woman! in the band.

  12. "Sort of like the WNBA, or when a woman is your boss."


  13. derketa anyone? i'd hit it again and again. also their riffs are hard.

  14. Cycle Sluts From Hell when I was 14 watching headbangers ball. Their smash hit "wish you were a beer" is an anthem!

  15. It's not the singer of 13 in Electric Wizard, it's the guitarist Liz who was also in Sourvien before Wizard.

    She looks smoking hot on the Witchcult Today Album cover.

  16. Can't say that I'm much of a fan, but I picked up a 13 7" back in the day. Recently I gave it a listen and was as disappointed as I was when I bought it. Check it out for yourself.

  17. That f'd up tuning & rubbery bass sound is bc it was mastered at the wrong speed. Not sure if this was "Fixed" on the relapse singles series CD.

    Also I had no idea ppl make fun of this band, do they do that to demonstrate that they have no taste in death metal?

  18. i have to admit that i was not familiar with nuclear death...sure, i had read the name occasionally but i had never heard them. when reading this post, the comment about the lyrics made me curious so i did some research. all i can say is...wow. that were really by far the most insane song lyrics i ever read. it really is true that all wannabe evil gore-death metal and satanic black metal pussies can go fuck themselves. these lyrics CAN NOT be topped. and they were really written by a girl? i am amazed. i would say that these lyrics are to metal what the lyrics of the g.e.t.o. boys´debut are to hip hop.

  19. @ dthrasher:
    Sinergy fucking suck.

    And about Lori from Nuclear Death being a little crazy, word has it she does a shitload of meth, which is sort of a big problem in Arizona.

  20. @Chris
    I'm way late to the party, but Tomsk 7 had at the very least 1 more album, which was a split with Idamin. It's not as good as the split with Boris though.

    Some of the Tomsk 7 members went on to do Burn Victim, which is sort of a middle of the road goregrind/death metal band.

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