Friday, March 28, 2008

Iron Maiden Fans—Impossible to contian by the bounds of musical standards, age, or lack of musical skills

A "manualist" plays Aces High with his, well, his hands. I thought being a "manualist" was something your creepy uncle could be convicted of. Turns out it's just something that creepy Italian men from Jersey (who tell people they were extras in The Sopranos) do when they're home alone, while sitting on their classy camouflage furniture.

This guy's vocal range is about as deep as spit on a rock. He's no Anton Maiden, but still. Much respect.

Who plays the harp? Who the hell plays Maiden on the harp? This guy. What a winner. I'm sure his parents are thrilled that they spent 2 G's on a godamn harp.

I know that Gauchos are now old news, everyone has seen these kids play all the metal jams, but this roundup would not be complete without them. Their sister doing back ups is the best part.


  1. Whoa, I had never seen anything from the "Gauchos" before. Fucking awesome. I love how the little girl does the "über brutal death metal guy hair over the face headbang" thing. Amazing.

  2. it's fun to hit play on all 4 videos at the same time. you get a maiden cornucopia of cacophonic proportions!

  3. here's a sample of my favorite comments left about the harp video:

    i can play the harp with my dick and squirt all over the harp so i can get better effects i bet he can't do that.

    you were great at first but then it transformed into gay song


    the harp is gay and you look gay


    niiiiiice!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Up the IronS!!i followed u with my guitar!, to bad u didnt do the salo cause i was :P

    dude announced he's doing the trooper next...


  4. That’s what happens when you are a hugely successful band. I am sure not many people will ever try to play any Broken Hope riffs in viola or piano ;-)

  5. Video #1: "Amazing... he even manages to squeeze out Bruce Dickinsons vocals, but there's no way he can palm-fart the solo."

    * waits until video reaches 2:12 and dies of laughter*

  6. I've only seen those kids jam out Sepultura before but with the little sister in the mix with what looks like air guitaring that is even more classic

  7. that palm-fart guy's actually got some mad skills. i don't know if i'm laughing from the sheer absurdity of it, or in awe.

  8. Dude, why are none of the comments about how that is totally not "Aces High" in the first vid? Is this some kind of elaborate ruse, where you're dicking with us by thinking we'll just believe whatever you say about the YouTube videos, not watch them, then talk about how great the post was?

    Well it was a great post. But it needs more gum.

  9. Very interesting to see those video clips .