Monday, March 3, 2008

"I've worked on some of the stuff you guys told me to, like the screeches"

Last month we posted this video of a fine young man practicing his death metal vocals. With the help of substantial youtube feedback he has practiced, fine tuned, and is now back with an improved offering.

Based on the decor that can be seen behind him, I'm guessing he's doing this at his mom's house. I feel so bad for her. Can you imagine having to put up with your retarded son practicing his "mid and low-range growls"? "Mom, I need to put in like ten more minutes into my screeches and then I'll go to bed." The woman is a saint.


  1. i'm glad you posted this. i thought the original video was one of the most tremendously stupid things i've ever seen, and this is even worse.

  2. worrying.

    plus, the kid SUCKS.

  3. From the comments:
    Q: your vocals are sick man
    im only 14 and mine are decent
    you think theyll get better as i get older?

    A:Yeah, they probably will, as long as you're doing it right and avoiding drinking/smoking.

    Keep it brutal indeed...

  4. have people no shame to post such embarrassing shit on youtube?

  5. this is so embarassingly awkward i can barely watch it!

  6. Where the hell is he practicing? A well-decorated cave? That room has some sick reverb for some reason.

  7. that was even worse than that tone deaf chick from brooklyn trying to do deicide and king diamond. i told her how bad she sucked on haha she got rather upset