Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Metal Inquisition Video Vault: Napalm Death's Mick Harris. The Man. The Myth. The Trumpet Noises.

Within the world of metal, Mick Harris has always been considered to be a pioneer. Often credited with inventing the "blast beat", Mick was an integral part of Napalm Death during the band's early years.

That's one side of this man. But there is another side. The side that makes stupid trumpet noises for no reason at all, while embarrassing the hell out of his band mates. How much of this stupidity could you take? What the hell is he talking about? I left my idiot to English dictionary at home.

Notice how uncomfortable Barney seems in the first part of the video. I know he's probably thinking "Benediction was an embarrassment, but this jackass and his creepy trumpet noises really put my old band to shame." In the second part of the video poor Shane Embury is probably thinking to himself "Oh boy, he's gonna do his stupid jumping around, trumpet sound thing....I'll hold the mic for him...God how did I get to this point in my life? I was a musical pioneer, now I'm holding the mic for a spazztic douche while looking like a huge fat mushroom"

Mick Harris doing his stupid trumpet thing


  1. FUCKING CLASSIC. Amazing. Dare I even say "LOL", in that manner, for possibly the first time ever.

  2. i love the first video. barney looks like a soccer mom. i also like the classy french horn poster on the back. this was taped in the morrisound studios lobby by the way. class.

  3. what the fuck is wrong with the english?

  4. odd that such deepshits can produce such brutal noise... oh, wait, that's not odd at all. most brutal noise is produced by serious tools.

  5. He did the same thing during a break throgh songs on the LIVE CORRUPTION" video!
    Frank (Mortal Fungus)

  6. Holy fuck that's hysterical. I wonder if he still does that? Next time I see Napalm live I'm going to be sure and ask.