Wednesday, March 5, 2008

My Dinner with Anthrax

Ok, I admit it, I was very jealous of Bud. Anthrax didn't come to Chicago for a show, but to rock Bud’s house. Amazing.

They pull out all the comedy stops. They address Marcy as sir. They have snappy comebacks. Marcy gets horny and they again refer to her as sir. Anthrax thrashes to their cd and trashes the place.

I don’t want to ruin it, so I leave it to all, but sometimes I wonder why we don’t see more metal in today’s programming. Imagine Anal Bleeding on “How I Met Your Mother” and how awesome that could be.

and as a bonus, Al surveys the damage.


  1. one of the greatest moments in television history!

  2. I fully second that. I flipped out over this when I was a kid. They were my all time favorite band at the time and "In My World" was my favorite song, too. Totally classic.

  3. hell yeah! this episode was awesome! 2 things to note:
    1. frank is wearing a rip magazine shirt. 'member that magazine?
    2. the guitar that ends up in the wall is not the guitar that eighter scott or danny were playing...

  4. i want to see G'Anx make an appearance on Family Matters

  5. The shot where Christina Applegate strums Dan's guitar is one of Freudian splendor. He's gently whispering in her ear 'yeah, that's right. You're doing great.'