Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Metal Inquisition logo design contest: we need your help!

Ok, we don't really need your help, we just think it would be funny to pretend we do.

However, here's your chance to make Metal Inquisition history. We are looking for a logo and we think you might have what it takes. Then again, you might not. Either way it'll be fun to post your sad attempts at graphics design. In the words of Strong Bad The Wise: "We want to see your skills of an artist! "

Here are the rules...

1. Media: All logos will have to be produced in the ONLY metal media: #2 pencil and/or ball-point pen. All logos will have to be on the ONLY metal surface: spiral notebook. Blue lines MUST be visible.

2. Criteria: The logo has to be brutal, of course! Pentagrams, up-side-down crosses and knife-like letters are encouraged. You can use some chiaroscuro shading if you want, but NO Trogdor drawings, please!

3. Delivery: All logos must be scanned and emailed to us as jpgs, 700 pixels in width. Also, let us know how you want to be credited. Otherwise, we'll credit you as jizbucket or fucktard. Email your horrible art to: inquisitionofmetal (at)

4. Judging: The MI staff will post all logos and make fun of them and the artists. After that, we'll just pick one. We're too metal to let you losers vote.

5. Prizes: Your shitty logo might grace the MI masthead and you might get your own MI crappy t-shirt with your logo on it.

6. Deadline: April 4th, 2008, so get on it.

7. Legal disclaimer:
We reserve the right to think all the logos are shit and not award anything to anyone. We also reserve the right do whatever we want with the logos submitted. That includes (but does not limit us to) making fun of them, show them to our really mean friends, or printing them out and wiping our dog's barf with them. Matt Camacho of Forbidden is really effeminate. All the logos and art sent will become the property of MI and if you want them back you have to pay us $45.60 for handling charges.


  1. Those are a lot more rules than when we had your design our logo.

    Our ONLY rule was that it had to look rad on the back of a notebook. And it does.

    Praise Satan.

  2. I hope you insist on having an umlaut in that logo. Umlauts make a cool band logo even cooler. Umlauts, dude, umlauts.

  3. ümläuts äre prëtty mëtal, no döubt, büt wë'd lïke tö leäve üp to thë "ärtist's" dïscrëtïön...

  4. i think this discussion of metal fonts can help:

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  6. Do you guys arrange this kind of contest any more now a days???

  7. If you guys arrange this kind of contest in future then i will join with you as its look like so excellent to me.

  8. very impressive idea thanks for sharing.