Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Orion The Hunter brings the American Apparel catalog to life

Thanks to an anonymous reader for the tip on this incredible video! If I didn't know better, I'd think this was some Andy Samberg parody video or something from the latest electro band from Silverlake or Williamsburg. Please do yourself a favor and watch the whole thing, it's incredible. Is it metal? Sure, why not... think of it as metal for your rich yuppie uncle.
(For bonus points, compare this video to "The Speed of Love" for Nike by Justin Harder)

This part isn't really that funny, I just thought this was a pretty cool modernist clock.

You can always tell when an 80s babe means business because she puts on her shades.

Featuring Freddie Mercury on drums.

And Kip from Napoleon Dynamite on guitar.

Belt by Forever 21.

Kip's outta here- he doesn't need this bitch, he's been chatting with babes online all day.


  1. I love how the singer and bass player have curly hair that just got a bottle of baby oil dumped on it. also, at the end his band mates catch up with him in their sweet muscle car...and are all "dude, just let her go...this is not good for you! you've changed!"
    honestly, i would pay like $50 for the original storyboard for this thing.

  2. That's Barry Goudreau from the band Boston!

  3. good call on the kip look-alike!

    yo, that babe is HOT, brah!

    im going to forever21 saturday to pick up that belt for my old lady. damn, i wish she was as caliente as this chick! well, i wish i was as rad as the hombre that stole dude's female.

  4. awesome video! Just a few quick notes about this

    1.) I wish i had a lighter that looked like a futuristic can of sardines

    2.) why that strange hallway connecting the two buildings at 1:18 in the video?

    3.) the blonde dude with the tiny candy cane necktie/scarf deal? His new name, a mix of blonde and hercules, is now Blondicles

    4.) its a shame you don't get this sort of wanton smoke machine abuse anymore

    5.) would the glass in the compact REALLY shatter like that if dropped??

    6.) I would argue the guitarist has more of a gay edward norton sporting a dirtstache thing going on, although I can appreciate the kip comparison

  5. futuristic can of sardines! that's it! i couldn't place it at first. man, what will industrial designers think of next?!

  6. I am happy to see that you are enjoying and analising the video I found (so, I am not "anonymous" anymore!). Keep the comments cuming, I'm interested to see what other details you are going to pick on ;-)

  7. where do you begin? i like how the dude (can you say "ugly"?) throws the glass with all the force of the pope releasing a white dove. which then shatters in gazillion BLACK pieces.