Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Nocturnus + Syd Mead = magic

Naturally, Dan Seagrave is the first person you think of when it comes to 90s death metal album covers, but can't you imagine Nocturnus and legendary futurist illustrator Syd Mead collaborating on something?? Read the lyrics to "Droid Sector" aloud while you project this painting on your wall. It will blow your mind, I promise!

Enter the droids
Cybernetic crafts approaching
Through skies lit with fusion discharge
Androids from the gamma quadrant
Moving at the speed of death
Now the human race is sovulnerable
Invasion set for attack
"Enter the Droids"
Three-From-Their sun
Caught within my tractor beam
Bringing the craft to me
Disable the robot for my own use
to aid my escape
Fleets of ships are now arriving,overtaking
Physical evasion is my only demise
Left to me for my survival
Gaining data from their system, overriding
To complete my invention,the time machine
Only question is "will it function"?


  1. i've heard of the speed of light...but "the speed of death"? Mike Browning was a visionary!

  2. you didn't need to post the lyrics to droid sector, brah. i know that shit like i know every song on unleashed's where life dwells.


  3. Mike Browning is an underrated genius!

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