Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Metal Inquisition Video Vault: Slayer In-Store Appearance

The Metal Inquisition video vault is the pride and joy of all Metal Inquisition staffers. The collection housed within the vault is made up of roughly 100,000,000 hours of footage (in formats ranging from Beta, to DVD, to filmstrip), documenting the world of metal at large. The collection, which has been compiled through years of hard work, has already been accepted in the the permanent collection at the Smithsonian, and includes a substantial amount of rare and unusual content. The M.I. vault is housed within a former limestone mine in the continental US (the exact location remains undisclosed for security reasons.) This climate controlled facility and its contents have until recently only been accessible to Metal Inquisition staffers and close associates. No more. Based on the response that the clip of Lonn Friend received just last week in this very blog, we have chosen to open up some of the vault's contents to our readers. As such, we will from time to time, allow certain small pieces of the collection to be viewed by the masses here at Metal Inquisition.

With all the formalities out of the way we present you with the first Video Vault offering, a report documenting a 1991 Slayer in-store appearance in Greenwich Village's Tower Records (the Broadway location that is now a Toys R Us). Though certainly not one of the more obscure items in the vault, it is nevertheless an enjoyable one.

This report features a few noteworthy items.

1. Slayer band members wearing their usual oversized Oakley sunglasses. Dave Lombardo's are particularly troubling.

2. Listen to the girls with the over the top, almost fake New York/Jersey accents. You know how sometimes people say "oh that guy, he's a real character". Well these two really are characters. They are straight out of a terrible SNL sketch called "New York metal girls". At the risk of insulting our readers in the New York metro area, I have to say that when you hear these two talk you understand why 9-11 happened. I'm not saying you support it...but you kinda understand.

3. Listen to the first guy that talks, the one who says that "once energy is created is cannot be destroyed". Look at that guy. Remember his face. If you see that guy in a parking garage, or lurking in a subway station...do not confront him. Inform the authorities, then duck and cover.


  1. oh man, this video! i'm so glad that you're posting some of these gems from your vault. i used to think you were a huge weirdo for hoarding thousands of hours of obscure metal-related footage from the early 90s, but now i see your master plan. i mean i still think you're a huge weirdo.

    but anyway the "slayer is pure energy!" guy is the best. i believe we sampled him on the DISENGORGMENTIFICATION demo. we need to post that demo, too.

  2. I didn't know Tom Araya is left-handed (he plays a right-handed bass.) Makes him just a bit more metal.

  3. just looking at the mere snapshot of that chick makes you wanna go anal blast on her ass.

  4. man, i thought this post was gonna get crazy amounts of love. no such luck. i think its unbelievable...if only for the two girls. good god. its crazy because at the time that this aired, i remember thinking "that girl is kinda hot, she likes slayer? wow". i really thought that. ugh.