Thursday, January 17, 2008

80s thrash meme: Heavy metal musicians as guerrilla outlaws

In the 1980s, heavy metal musicians thought of themselves as martyrs, as warriors in a world half Mad Max and half Ayn Rand. They constructed elaborate narratives in which they cast themselves as noble soldiers fighting the authoritarian forces that sought to suppress freedom of expression. These fierce fighting men used the only weapon in their arsenal: HEAVY METAL.

Exhibit 1: Keel - The Right To Rock
"America, 1989. Rock has been driven underground. The authorities stalk private broadcasters and their followers. Those who are apprehended suffer the consequences."

Exhibit 2: Queensryche - Queen of the Reich
"In the millenium after the fourth Great War the world was in chaos. An evil adventurer had discovered an ancient computer energized by a crystal so powerful that it enabled her to enslave the world and become Queen... Queen of the Reich! Many tried to destroy the Queen and failed only to be absorbed into her computer shrine. Mankind's last hope was the five freedom fighters..."

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