Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Please kill me if I ever stop laughing at Pro-Pain jokes

I remember that I liked this band a lot when I was a kid, although in retrospect I am completely baffled as to why that could ever have been the case. Being a crossover band with rap elements is bad enough, but even within that awful genre, they are a few steps below Mucky Pup and Shootyz Groove on the ladder of credibility.

Years later, I had a friend that was in a band with one of these guys (the bassist, I think). As soon as I found out who he was, I immediately sang the chorus to this song to him. He was a good sport about it.


  1. and to think they were in Crumbsuckers! oh my...long island is a sad, sad place.

  2. PRO-PAIN: Professionals at inflicting pain...with their shitty riffs and crappy outfits.

  3. I re-acquired this album for the first time in god knows how long about two or three months ago, and I can actually still get into some of it, though admittedly it's probably largely nostalgia for being a kid or something. It's pretty fuckin' catchy at times, though that damn "der-ner-ner-ner ner-ner nrauuu" riff in this song is fucking annoying. And the side-to-side head shaking along with it. Yeah. Ouch. I always remembered this song and "The Stench of Piss" for all those years, though! Ha, ha...