Wednesday, January 16, 2008

David Vincent. The Man. The Myth. The Muffin Top.

Men are often mocked for the things they will do for women. It would be easy to blame David Vincent's wife (and Genitorturers singer) for making him go from being a regular-strength idiot during his early years in Morbid Angel, to the raging douchebag he is now that he plays for the Genitorturers (and dresses like a fat girl who shops at Hot Topic). In case you're wondering, yes that really is a picture of him up there. This poor fool is holding down two jobs, now that he's back in Morbid Angel, because the payments on the Corolla aren't making themselves, and his damn wife keeps wanting to buy new rubber body suits with pentagrams on them. Look, the guy was always a dope (remember when he wore an SS uniform during the tour with Kreator and Paradise Lost?) but this is getting out of control. On a fashion note....David, wearing a leotard is far from evil, and it's not flattering to your figure. Come on brother, just like your mom, your weight goes right to your mid-section. You know that!

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