Saturday, January 26, 2008

Glenn Danzig shares his "various books on death" with you

I can't believe we've had this blog up for weeks already without posting the entire Danzig Lucifuge home video. It has probably the highest density of retardedness per inch of tape of any piece of recorded media ever made. I want to savor each of Glenn, John, and Chuck's incredibly stupid comments, so I'll just post this for now. But there will be many, many more Danzig-related posts to come.

This is one of my favorite clips of all time. Some parts I like the most are how the stories about werewolves are "all documented, all true" and his selection of "various books on death." Also, that he has his shirt off.


  1. ha ha ha the way he treated the apocrypha was hilarious

  2. you beat me to posting this! damn.

    note the light reflections on his shirtless body. the "effect", if you want to call it that, is done by putting a mirror under a shallow bucket of water and shinning a light on it. the fact that they did that "effect" for him to talk about his various "books about death" just amazing. also, i'm making fun of him...but due to this video, right when it came out, i went to the public library and checked out "the lost books of the bible"

  3. This is actually from the first Danzig home video, not the Lucifuge one.

  4. dammit. i was writing one for the wolverine segment. still am. post later.

    god i hate/love this video.

  5. You guys are so witty! Danzig (an entertainer)has sold millions of records and your claim to fame is what? A shitty website? THAT is funny! You guys really are clever!!