Wednesday, January 16, 2008

The Germans Have Time Travel Technology!

Some people think time travel is impossible. I disagree. Time travel is not only possible, its also cheap. Buy a plane ticket to almost any European country, and only minutes after your arrival you will probably see people everywhere wearing Manowar, Piledriver, Tankard, and Laaz Rockit shirts. If you're lucky, while visiting Poland you may even see a car full of teens blasting Overkill out of their Lada, singing I did my last time in Poland. How can you explain the fact that Manowar can fill arenas in Europe, but could only get 80 people at a free show that was being taped for a video in Columbus, Ohio (which I was there for by the way)? The answer? For many Europeans, the year right now is 1987. This video is the proof.


  1. Jesus! where to start? the fact that they made the video is crazy enough. Don't get me wrong I LOVE this song. It's one of my favorite ManOwar tunes.
    Let's start from the beginning:

    1. Put some shirts on, you are creeping me out!

    2. Is that a bagel rolling by? (0:43)

    3. a log is NOT a drumset and a chainsaw is NOT a guitar.

    4. the dude with the sword by the "drummer" is great!

    5. PLEASE put a shirt on!

    6. Chainsaw lightsaber duels are fucking retarded! their "choreography" is so slow it's just pathetic. The back-up dancers are cool, tho.

    7. Put a damn shirt on! What if grandma drives by? Actually what if ANYONE drives by?

    8. If you are so metal, why use the poser with short hair as the singer??

    9. Umm, that’s a heart made of fire that you are playing in. A HEART, dude... Hearts aren’t metal!

    10. The guitar amp you are “playing” thru is a practice amp! NOT METAL AT ALL! The size of that amp is an INSULT to ManOwar!!!!

  2. Overkill is the greatest. I must go to Poland.
    EEE - limination!

  3. a homoerotic manowar fan video? SHOCKING!

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