Thursday, January 17, 2008 a dead animal on the side of the road...

Do a search for “Glen Benton between song banter” and strike a vein of rich comedy gold that seems to run deeper than anything your mind could imagine. I feel foolish that I never knew this existed, but here it is. I am amazed, I am delighted and I am tickled a brutal blood red. I couldn’t even decide if I should post one section or all. So I bring you all 11:44 minutes of this treat from 1992!

To empty threats made by Benton to a man of god.

To the ramblings of a death metal front man that sounds like your drunk grandpa.

To Benton make fart sounds into the phone in an attempt to replicate a demon growl.

To AM talk radio!!!

The crucial time in all of this is at about 10:31. Listen and find out how to accent the punchline to a good joke.


Background Detail:

"Glen Benton Vs. Bob Larson" by Comedy Gold!

Heated phone calls between Glen Benton of Satanic death metal group Deicide and Xtian radio and television evangelist Bob Larson. Originally broadcast for free to the general public, live over the AM airwaves on Larson's "Talk Back" show, sometime in 1992.

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