Monday, January 14, 2008

Not everyone can build a time machine!

Q: Do I love Nocturnus?
A: Of course I do. I grew up into metal and I worshipped Earache Records. Plus, my mom also played piano quite a bit so this band was a perfect fit to my musical styles. A little brutality and technical mastery and a little of the ivory ticklin'.

I remember the day I saw this. It was a bit later in life, i believe it was the late teens.

Watch and understand.

00:05 - Does Mike want to wink or did he drop a nug?
00:53 - A promotion for Florida that every ad agency dreams of.
01:31 - An explanation of Nocturnus as a band and as a concept.
01:52 - Important life lesson. Pay attention to it!
02:46 - Hey man, be yourself.

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  1. "if people ask if they should move their band down to florida, i always say it can't hurt!"