Thursday, January 24, 2008

Vio-lence: What IS the deal?

In case you didn't, read the title of this post in your best Seinfeld voice. That way, you'll know how I feel when the topic of Vio-lence comes up (and, you know, it does come up a lot). First of all, I think thrash metal is pretty shitty to begin with, but even within that generally bad genre, Vio-lence were especially crappy.

Basically my feelings about Vio-lence are the same now as the first time I heard them, which was when I saw the video for "World In A World" on Headbanger's Ball in 1991 or something: "These guys would be pretty good if it weren't for the insanely gay vocals." So I really don't understand why people hold Vio-lence in such high regard when there are bands like Believer and Forced Entry out there. Also, the name... is the fucking hyphen really necessary?? That always really bugged me.

And look at Robb Flynn these days. He looks like he should be in that band Saliva that had that "Click Click Boom" song. Sweet sword tattoo on his left arm, though.


  1. Dude, the hyphen is totally necessary. You have to say it like it's TWO WORDS. Vio. (slight pause) Lence. It sounds SO MUCH BRUTALLER that way.

    I like the band, though. And the first two Machine Head albums. Sue me.

    Forced Entry shits all over them, though.

  2. So far I have not disagreed with anything on Metal Inquisition, but I guess there's a first time for everything. Vio-lence are fucking awesome. "Opressing the Masses" in an incredible record. The song "I Profit" is an anthem of metalness! I'm gonna go ahead and call Vio-lence-haters a bunch of posers! For a guy who loves Forced Entry, you sure need to learn a lot about thrashing and shredding!

  3. well,rob flynn might look like a chav and be a part of the whole chav metal scene,but the first Vio-lence album "eternal nightmare" is awesome. and dudes voice was cool enough,at least he wasnt tryin to be all opera and shit.